How to Remove Pop Up Sink Plug – 4 Easy Steps to Follow

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Pop up sink plugs help control the water flow through the sink drain pipes.

Pressing the pop-up plug locks the drain and keeps the water contained in the sink and pressing it one more time opens up the drain.

Sometimes, the pop-up plug gets stuck or stop working. So knowing how to remove pop up sink plug becomes critical.

4 Easy Steps to Remove Pop Up Sink Plug

Pop up sink plugs can be removed and replaced easily. For more complex installations, use an adjustable wrench or wrench.

How to Remove Pop Up Sink Plug – 4 Easy Steps

Step 1: Lift the plug by turning clockwise

Pressing and turning the pop-up plug counter-clockwise can lift up the plug from the sink. Some types of pop-up plugs can be lifted up this way easily.

Others will need extra steps to remove. The other type of pop up plugs need to be removed from under the sink.

Step 2: Find the pop up plug tailpipe

There is a tailpipe under the drain of the pop-up sink plug. The tailpipe of the sink has to be opened for the removal of the pop-up sink plug.

The tailpipe is under the cabinet of the sink, heading straight from the sink bowl to the drainage system.

Step 3: Find the sink tailpipe nut

Go under the sink and find the tailpipe nut in it. The tailpipe nut is connected to the pop-up sink plug extension.

When you have found the nut, then open up the nut with a wrench.

Rotate the nut in the opening direction to open the tailpipe joint and the pop-up sink plug extension.

Step 4: Find and remove the pivot rod

Rotating the nut will allow you to remove the pivot rod under the sink. The pivot rod contains the extension of the pop-up sink plug.

Removing the pivot rod will help you remove the pop-up plug from the sink.

Preventing a clogged drain

Use a sink shroom to help prevent future clogs in a drain.

Simply remove the popup sink plug and replace it with a sink shroom.

Clearing a clogged drain with a popup sink plug

You can use a liquid drain opener that will clear the clog if you can get the popup plug open. Stick with a gel formula that is better at dissolving clogs.

Sometimes, soap and debris get stuck inside the drain and get the plug stuck. Pressing on the plug a bit harder can help you remove some debris.

Besides the above steps, wiggling the pop-up plug clockwise and anticlockwise can also help remove it from the sink. Then you can manually remove the clog.

Those are the steps to help you unclog and remove a pop-up sink plug from your sink and clean your sink easily.

How to Remove Pop Up Sink Plug

How to Fix a Sink Stopper That is Stuck

There are times when there’s a stuck sink stopper in your sink that can lead to a clogged and dirty sink.

Fixing it can be easy. If there is a small knob or handle on the stopper, then try to pull that up. This will help you remove it.

If it does not have a knob on it, use a butter knife to start releasing the edge. Remove the pivot point of the suction cup and use pliers to pull it up.

How Does a Pop Up Sink Plug Work

Maintaining a pop-up sink plug requires knowledge of the mechanism.

The spring element present in the plug helps it to pop up and down. It helps close and release the water in the sink.

There is also a pivot rod that locks the sink stopper under the sink.

Knowing about pop-up plugs and their removal will be useful to deal with issues like clogged drains and broken plugs.

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