How To Fix Gap Between Door And Frame

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When your door has a gap between the frame, you might notice that the door doesn’t shut completely or securely. When it’s hot outside, the door will let cool air out, and when it’s chilly outside, it will allow cold air in. As a result, cooling and heating efficiency will be reduced. And you’ll want to find out how to fix gap between door and frame.

You can seal gaps with a door wedge corner seal. These are easy to install to increase protection from insects, sound, dust, and light. You won’t need special tools because of its strong self adhesive.

Read on to find out more ways that you could fix this door and frame gap. That way, you won’t have to deal with the security and insulations problems that it could cause.

How To Fix Gap Between Door And Frame

How To Fix Gap Between Door And Frame

What You’ll Need

One of the fixes for the gap between door and frame is by following these instructions.

Step 1: Get the door hinges tightened first

Lift the door using the knob to see whether it’s in excellent shape. If it’s easy to raise with a screwdriver, you can ensure that the hinges are correctly tightened. It’s because, in some instances, the hinges are slack, causing a space between the door and the frame.

Check to see if the hinges needs to be replaced.

If the screws are spinning even if the hinges aren’t fully tightened, you’ll need bigger or longer screws that can pierce the part of the wood that hasn’t been chiseled away.

Step 2: Remove and replace old weather-stripping

In the past, have your doors been weather-stripped? Feeling drafts around the door in the gap of the stripping indicates that it has been damaged.

1. Remove the old stripping with a paint scraper from the bottom and top around the edges of the door. Scrub the door’s edge and frame with a wet cloth to remove any buildup.

2. To replace the old stripping materials, you’ll have a choice between wrapped foam or metal. As a result, it is more suited to filling gaps of varying widths and depths. Metal stripping will require drilling and more work to install than stick on adhesive weather stripping.

3. However, the metal stripping with a flexible vinyl flap would be preferable for seasoned door-sealing professionals. Veterans will find it easy to use, providing a solid, airtight closure.

4. Once you’ve purchased weather-stripping, you may discover that the package includes just weather-stripping for the door sides and top. After that, you’ll have to get a door sweep. Flexible door sweeps may be used on any floor or carpet.

Step 3: Take the door’s measurements

Close the door and measure both sides of the frame with the tape measure. You may also measure from the top of the frame to the bottom. Even though it doesn’t begin with the latch itself, the door frame has to be measured to ensure the measurements you collect are accurate.

Measure the bottom of the door using a tape measure after unlocking the door. When completing this measurement, look toward the side of the door that faces the room’s interior. Because this is where the weather-stripping will be applied.

Step 4: Measure the weather-stripping and mark the distances

All of your weather-stripping measurements should be marked using a tape measure and a pen or pencil.

Step 5: Cut the weather-stripping

Cut the weather-stripping with scissors along the lines you drew previously. To ensure that the weather-stripping and the tops of both sides fit together, the ends of each side must be a 45 degree angle. The bottom portion of the stripping does not require an angle.

Step 6: Install the weather-stripping

Nails would be needed to secure metal weather stripping. To prevent splitting, they should be set 2 inches apart.

The stick on weather-stripping can be attached to the door’s sides so that it is flush to the door frame when the door is still closed.

To confirm that your seals are secure, you may shut and open the door after you’ve attached them to each of the door edges to the frame.

Step 7: Securing your door sweep to your door frame

If you purchased a metal door sweep, the door would be equipped with holes. You may use a pencil to indicate the placement of the holes on the bottom of the door. Using a drill bit, boreholes in these areas after marking the holes in the metal sweep first. It is then time to attach a sweep on the door using a screwdriver.

If you’re using a vinyl door sweep, you may position it at the bottom of the door, facing the inside of the room. Follow the product’s instructions to ensure that the weather-stripping is firmly seated in the door’s base.

Step 8: Test the seal

To inspect the weather-stripping, try opening and closing your door a few times to see whether the sweep is flush to the door frame. To ensure you’ve gotten rid of the door gap with good seal, observe if drafts are getting through the door.

How much space does the door have between the frame and the door?

This is often subject to local building laws and regulations. Gaps are calculated depending on the door’s location (a garage door will have a different requirement to a bedroom door), weight, and size, among other design parameters. To allow for measurement error, the door’s frame gap might be anywhere between 4 and 6 millimeters wide.

1. To meet stile clearances, generally the door and door frame have a 1/8 inch clearance.

The bottom clearances vary depending on the kind of door that you have:

  1. Interior doors might have a lower clearance of between 1/2-inch and 3/4-inch, depending on the width of the flooring
  2. The bottom of the external doors should not have a clearance, and there should be no gaps when the doors are closed.

5. A large or too small gap may be eliminated in a variety of ways. When you close a door, particularly an antique and wooden one, you may find that the gap is either too tiny or there are no openings at all. In this case, you’ll want to find out how to fix a sagging door or stop a door from rubbing at the frame.

First, observe whether the gap is caused by the deformation of the frame. If so, you can remove the door from the hinges. Then follow the appropriate procedure to sand the frame to the correct angles. Repaint the door frame, and then reattach the door and hinges.

However, there are doors that had has shrunk in size due to variations in temperature and humidity, and that could cause gaps of more than 6 millimeters between the frame and the door leaf.

In this case, one solution you can do is to move the door hinges or knob locks. Moving the door hinges higher and rearranging the door locks to minimize large gaps around the door. You can also add wooden shims where they’re needed on the hinge side to prevent the gaps that are too wide to solve this issue.


It is possible for air to pass through the gaps between the door and the frame. That reduces the insulation of your house and influence the temperature, leading the higher energy bills.

However, when you know how to fix gap between door and frame, it can be an easy repair. Always determine the source of the air draft and seal it with weather-stripping and door sweep. Weather stripping is often overlooked when it comes to home updates, so replace the old weather stripping when necessary.

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