16 Fantastic Ways You Need to Know for Organized Bathroom Drawers

Are you facing problems to organize your bathroom drawers? Well, that might not only you. Almost everyone around the world faces this problem.

Mostly, the problem is faced by the people who live in rental houses like me.

Because, while you live in a rental house, that means you can not alter your furniture to make the bathroom drawers have fixed organized sections.

But with time, I managed to figure out many different ways that helped me to organize my bathroom drawers without getting them altered.

As knowledge is preferred to be shared with all, I would love to share my experience with all of you.

Many of you might find them helpful in making your bathroom drawers be prefect even without alteration.

16 Ways That Can Ease Your Hassel in Organizing Bathroom Drawers

1. Place Mini Storage Containers to Make Organized Drawers

Having the bathroom drawers disorganized can be one of those nightmares for the people who work outside. In this situation, the mini storage containers can be life saviors for all.

I hate it when I see the items in my drawers are running all around the place. This takes me a lot of time to find the required ones.

This reason made me think of ways to fix the issue. And as a result, I tried the mini storage containers to make the drawer organized. Luckily, I found it to be worth the money.

Now, my drawers are so clean that I can look for my things and find them in no time.

2. Create DIY Bathroom Drawer Dividers Using Cardboards

Most of the time, the bathroom drawers do not come along with the dividers. As a result, things keep on moving all around the place. And the wired things get messed.

Placing drawer dividers can help you solve the issue. I made a simple drawer divider out of the cardboard. They are cheap and can be placed and bent according to the needs.

I personally recommend this for the people who need a lot of small sections in their drawers to keep the small items.

3. Place Deep Plastic Drawer Containers to Organize

Placing deep plastic containers in my bathroom drawers has made my life so easy that I can store more of the items in one place. This allows me to save place and make room for the new things.

If you want to keep the large makeup accessories organized, then it is the perfect method you can choose.

4. Use the Dollar Store Containers to Create Small Sections

Many of us have these dollar store containers in our house. Most of the time, we throw them away as we think that those are of no use.

But from the next time, keep them to yourself. Because they can turn out to be very helpful if you want to organize the bathroom drawers with minimal cost.

They can turn out to be the perfect small sections in your drawers to make more space to keep your necessities.

5. Buy Small Plastic Dividers to Create More Space

I have tried to find the perfect shaped small boxes that can have the lid option. So, I can place my small accessories. But mostly I turned out to be disappointed.

But once my friend has recommended me to buy the small plastic boxes from the market. There, I found many size options, along with their different shapes. They are cheap and user friendly.

So, you can surely try to use the small plastic boxes if you want to organize the place immediately and spend only a little after it.

6. Place the Utensil Organizer in Your Bathroom Drawers to Make Organized Space

There are many things available at our house from which we can choose to organize the small drawers. Utensil organizers are one of them.

Since my childhood, I have seen my mother use them as only the utensil organizer. But once, I thought to check them placed in the bathroom drawers if they fit or not.

And I was so happy that I tried. Because they can be fit in your drawer and make you the most effective organized drawer to place your necessities.

7. Get the Acrylic Containers Placed in the Drawer

I have been trying to find as many things as possible to make the disastrous bathroom drawers organized for a very long time.

I tried many things and found out that the left out acrylic containers can also be used as the drawer organizers. In fact, they turn out to be amazing. They are small and comes in different sizes.

So, you can easily place them like a puzzle in your drawer to fill the space and make individual room for your different accessories.

8. Use Magnet Tapes to Organize Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are the things that we need all the time, but they tend to get lost whenever you put them in the drawer.

I can bet on the issue that every woman around the world has faced the problem of not finding them in time.

But organizing them can be one easy thing to do. All you need to do is to place the magnetic tapes on the side of your drawer. Once you are done, stick the bobby pins on them.

And from the next time, you will not have to find them. As they will be near your reach.

9. Use Kitchen Organizing Trays to Create Small Organized Sections

We use different kitchen trays to place the veggies on the assortment box or the regular needs placed. But have you ever thought of using them as organizing tools for your bathroom drawers?

I bet no. But yes, you can use them as dividers to create separate sections in your bathroom drawer. That way, you can easily place your different accessories.

I use this method to place my laundry items. As I have a toddler myself, it is difficult for me to keep them in place while keeping them outside.

10. Use Drawer Organizers Available in the Market

I have a close friend of mine, who hates to spend a lot of time organizing the regular items in her bathroom drawers. And I have seen her using the readymade drawer organizers from the market.

There are many types and sizes of the drawer organizers available in the market.

So, if you do not want to spend time for it to go with the DIY methods, then you can simply measure your drawer and buy the available ones from the market.

This will save you time and will work wonderfully.

11. Place Drawer Liner to Keep Things in Place

There are many times when you cannot make the things be placed in its place. And that might be for the drawer to be empty or very slippery.

For this, you can use the drawer liners to keep things steady in their places. I use them myself as my toddler goes to the drawers and tries to pull the drawer to make things run around.

12. Use Metal Containers for Separate Sections

Getting deep plastic boxes for the organizing purpose of the heating tools can be a difficult job. As they can be melted with heat.

I threw out many plastic boxes as they turn out to be melted with the heat. But the metal containers are quite helpful in this situation.

They can be used to place the hair driers or any other tools that can be heated. That way, you can keep them properly without the box getting melted.

13. Use Small Floating Shelves in Corners to Make Extra Drawer Space

If you are using all these methods already in your drawers to make them organized but still out of space, then you can try to attach the small floating shelves in the sides.

This will allow you to make more space to keep your necessities. I have these in one of my drawers to keep the pins placed as there is no more space left to add one smaller container in the drawers.

14. Use Large Plastic Container to Separate Large Styling Tools

If you have problems with keeping the large styling tools along with their cords in the drawer, then you can use the large plastic containers to keep them.

This way, the cords will not get along with each other and will help you to use them comfortably.

15. Get Plastic Lunch Boxes Placed to Make Required Partition

There are many times when you need instant partition placed in your drawer to keep valuable things like the diamond rings or the expensive items.

In this situation, if you have enough space left in your drawer, then you can surely place the plastic lunch boxes as a separate container for those valuable things.

There have been many times that I forgot where I kept my engagement ring before I went for a shower. That gave me many panic attacks at different times.

And that panic helped me to find this way to solve the issue and place the things properly in my bathroom drawer.

16. Label the Boxes to Find Things Easily

Lastly, one trick that can help you save a lot of time and make your drawer organization perfect is the labels.

Add labels to the boxes, containers, or the partitions you have placed in your drawer to make the organization complete.

I have attached labels saying eye makeup, lip care, and many more according to their type. This will save you time and also will make your drawers look perfect.

I have tried all these myself to make the bathroom drawers come together even there is no fixed alteration made. But all of them work perfectly.

So, try them yourselves and do not forget to share yours too.


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