16 Fantastic Ways You Need to Know for Organized Bathroom Drawers

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Are you facing problems when it comes to organizing your bathroom drawers and vanity? You’re not alone!

With so many personal care and accessories making their way into your bathroom and yet your bathroom drawers are not getting any bigger.

Be ready to harness your inner Marie Kondo and figure out the different ways you can organize your bathroom drawers and vanity easily.

Read on to find out 16 fantastic ways to organize your bathroom.

You’ll find them helpful in making your bathroom drawers feel larger and everything is easier to find.

16 Hassle-Free Ways to Organize Bathroom Drawers

1. Place Mini Storage Containers to Make Organized Drawers

Bathroom Drawer Organizers, Clear
Having disorganized bathroom drawers can a total hassle for quick morning routines. In this circumstance, the mini storage containers can be a real lifesaver.

Trying mini storage trays for your bathroom drawers can worth it.

Your drawers will feel clean when you’ve got a spot for all the bits and bobs that you can find things in no time at all.

Organized Bathroom Drawers

2. Create DIY Bathroom Drawer Dividers Using Cardboard

Most of the time, the bathroom drawers do not come with dividers. As a result, things move around all over the place.

That’s especially true for phone chargers and hair accessories.

Placing drawer dividers can help you solve the problem. You can make simple drawer dividers out of cardboard. They are easy to find, like empty cereal boxes. You can decorate them with contact paper for a wood look, or glue on pretty craft paper.

These are quick to make so you can switch them up when they get frayed or dirty.

3. Place Deep Plastic Containers to Organize

Stackable Bathroom Storage Bins

Placing deep plastic containers under the bathroom sink and side cabinets help you store more items in one place.
Choose the stackable kind for more storage options.

4. Use the Dollar Store Containers to Create Small Sections

Many of us have these dollar store containers around the house. Most of the time, we throw them away as we think that they are of no use.

You can keep them because they can turn into bathroom drawer organizers for free.

5. Wedding Ring Saver

Kate Spade Grace Avenue Ring Holder

You know, I always forget to put my engagement ring away before a shower. If you also do the same, you’ll want a cute vanity reminder.
With a pretty ring holder, I’ll know my ring and accessories are safe while I’m busy singing in the shower.

6. Use a Utensil Organizer

Bamboo Silverware Organizer Extra Deep
Utensil inserts for kitchen drawers will fit the bathroom drawers. Measure it and find out!

7. Get the Apothecary jars

Apothecary Jars with Rose Gold Lids, Plastic Set

Apothecary jars are great for sponges, cotton balls, and Qtips. They may be too pretty and decorative that you might want to display them on your countertop than your drawers.
They come in many different sizes to hold your different personal care accessories.

8. Use Magnet Tapes to Organize Bobby Pins

Magnetic Strips with Adhesive Backing

Place magnet tape on the side of your drawer and it becomes the perfect spot for putting away your bobby pins.
Stick the bobby pins on them and it will always be ready when you need them. It’s also easy to put away without getting lost in your drawer.

9. Use Fruit Stands to Create Organized Sections

Modern Fruit Stand

Fruit stands come in many pretty designs and doesn’t have to be stuck with organizing only fruits. The convenient tiered design is also appreciated in the bathroom vanity because of the size.

10. Use Closet Drawer Organizers

24 Cell or 16 Cell Collapsible Closet Organizer
Closet dresser organizers are super handy in the closet and can be used in bathroom drawers, too. They’re just the perfect size for makeup items and small bottles.
Simply measure your drawers to get the right size.

11. Use Liners to Keep Things in Place

Gorilla Grip Liners for Drawers
If you’re tired of things sliding everywhere, it might be time to empty your drawers and put in liners to keep things steady and tidy.
They come in many fun colors and cute designs that will spruce up any drab drawers.
When it comes time to deep clean everything, you will find it’s much easier to clean the liners or replace them.

12. Use Over the Door Hangers

Over Cabinet Door Hair Tools Holder
You will find these metal containers handy for heat items like your hair curler and hairdryer.
It’s also conveniently hanging over the door so you don’t have to reach deep into the cabinet.

13. Use Floating Shelves in Corners to Make Extra Space

Damage-free hanging ledges

Small floating shelves are usually used for walls for display and space.
You can also use them inside your vanity cabinets to get extra shelves.
Attaching floating shelves is easy clean-removing adhesive. No drilling is needed.

14. Get Cord Keepers for Styling Tools

Magnetic Cord Keepers

If you have a problem with keeping the cords organized in the drawer, with the multiple styling tools and random phone chargers.
Then you’ll want to get cord keepers so they don’t get tangled all the time.
The magnetic ones are the most convenient with no pulling or twisting required. Goodness knows we do way too much pulling and twisting all day!

15. Plastic Lunch Boxes Can Help

Have you replaced your plastic lunch boxes and now no longer use them? They’re so easy to buy, many of us end up with a bunch we just don’t use.
You can “upcycle” these things and use them as drawer organizers.
If you’re going to stack them and close the lid, you’ll want to use the clear ones so you will always see what you have put inside them.

16. Label Boxes to Find Things Easily

Waterproof Chalkboard Labels with Pen
One last touch that can help you save time finding things and make your drawers more organized is by labeling the boxes and containers in your cabinet. No one will confuse the bath salts with scrubbing sugar again.

You won’t have to stick to boring ol’ labels when there are cute chalkboard stickers. These are waterproof, so they are bathroom friendly.

Add labels to the boxes and containers you have placed in your cabinet to complete your organization.


And there you have it, some of my best tips when it comes to how to make the bathroom more organized. It starts with how you divvy things up in the drawers and the vanity.
Give them a try when you get the chance and find that it could make your routine feel easier.

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