How to Remove Frosted Glass – 2 Easy Methods

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The look of frosted glass adds privacy and prevents windows from being transparent. Sometimes, the frosted glass will fade and starts to look messy.

That’s when you know it’s time to remove frosted glass.

You will want to determine between the frost made by frosted sprays and frosted films, as opposed to frosted glass done by the manufacturer.

You can remove frosted glass easily when homeowners applied the frosting on their own.

As for the manufacturers’ frosted glass, you will need more than home tools to remove completely.

how to remove frosted glass

Frosted glass can be applied with frosted glass spray paint. These can be applied to windows, car windows, bathroom doors, and door glass, sidelights, and more.

Read on to find out how to remove frosted glass.

Pre-Step: How to Remove Frosted Glass

First, you will want to find out whether the frost on the glass is spray paint, frosted film, or manufacturer’s frosted glass.

In a corner, apply a glass cleaner spray or soapy water.

Wait a minute and then use a scraper to scrape the edge. If starts to scrape off easily, it is spray paint. Or you may find that the film starts to slide off, in which case, it will be frosted glass film. If you’re having a hard time getting anything off, it’s glass that is frosted by the manufacturer.

Method 1: How to Remove Frosted Glass Spray Paint

This method works on frosted glass spray paint.

Step 1: Appy the solution

You can use acetone or a lacquer thinner to remove the frosted glass spray paint. You can also do this method with vinegar.

Keep the room ventilated by opening the windows and wear gloves.

Wet a small cloth with acetone. Then apply it to the frosted glass.

Step 2: Wipe Clean

Wait a few seconds and clean with a dry cloth.

Wet a cloth with water and clean off the solvent.

Step 3: Optional, Use Steel Wool

If you have any stray bits left, wipe a piece of fine steel wool over it and the rest will come off.

Method 2: How to Remove Frosted Glass with a Razor Blade

Step 1: Gather the tools

You will need a few handy tools to peel off the frosting.

You will need a glass cleaner, steel wool, two new and sharp scrapers, warm water, a clean soft cloth.

Step 2: Spray the glass cleaner

Always spray the glass with a glass cleaner before starting to peel off the frosting.

If you apply glass cleaner, it will make a layer that will prevent the glass from scratching. You can use any glass cleaner.

Make sure to spray generously on the glass.

Instead of glass cleaner, you can also use regular vinegar in a spray bottle.

Step 3: Use a razor blade to scrape

Using a razor blade is one of the most common methods to scrape off the frosting. Always use a new and sharp razor blade to do the work.

Otherwise, a dull blade could scratch the window glass.

Also, keep an additional blade just in case.

Step 5: Scrape the glass with the razor blade

Now, it is time to scrape the glass and peel off the frosting. Keep the glass cleaner at hand so that you can wet the glass when needed.

After every scrape, if the glass has become dry, apply more glass cleaner so that the cleaning process becomes smooth.

Clean the razor with a soft cloth after each scrape so that there is no leftover frosting on the razor.

Step 6: Scrub with steel wool

As the final step, scrub the glass with steel wool.

Steel wool is a type of fine steel that can be used for buffing and polishing.

The steel wool will remove any excess frosting left on the window or glass.

Step 7: Wipe the glass with a clean cotton rag

After you are done with the scraping and polishing, wipe the window or door glass with a clean soft cloth.

Don’t use any type of harsh cloth that could put a scratch on the glass.

By following these steps mentioned above, you can successfully take off frosting from the glass.

After you are done, check if there are any particles of frosting is left on the glass.

Below, we have given a few more answers to questions related to removing frosting.

How to Remove Frosting from Glass Globes

The method of removing frosting from glass globes is similar to removing frosting from other glass.

Removing frosting will be a bit tougher as the shape of glass globes is round.

Use acetone, lacquer thinner, or vinegar on a soft cloth. In a buffing motion, this will remove frosted glass spray paint.

Another method is to use a razor. You need to be careful while scraping off the frosting to avoid putting a scratch on the glass globe.

Spray the globe with glass cleaner as you go and remove the frosting little by little.

How to Make Frosted Glass Clear Again

You can polish the glass to make the frosted glass clear using a lacquer thinner or vinegar, with a soft cloth.

If you have a manufacturer’s frosted glass panel, you can try removing the front. However, you will likely have to replace the glass panel.

How to Remove Frost from Car Window

The main method is using a good quality ice scraper.

You can use a windshield de-icer to remove frost from your car window. This will melt the frost with any chipping or scraping needed.

To remove frost from the car window, spray the de-icer on the frosted areas. Let the de-icer sit for a few seconds.

After that, wipe away the frosting with the soft side of the ice brush or a cloth.

The de-icer will make the frost easy to remove.

Removing frosting from glass is an easy task. You can get it done with the right tools and techniques.

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