How to Clean Cloudy Plastic? Clean Plastic From Glasses, Jars, to Cloudy Headlights

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Cloudy plastic looks dull and dirty. It causes a haze in your glasses, headlights and an opaque view through plastic containers. Things at home like mugs, dishes, or jars look unhygienic with the fog in them.

You can clean cloudy plastic glasses with the help of an anti-fog spray and a lint-free wipe that makes it look neat and usable again.

For kitchen items like plastic containers, you can use a dish soap spray to easily get rid of cloudiness that may have accumulated from the dishwasher and hard water. Just spray on it on the cloudy plastic until it is covered, and then rinse off.

There are several ways when it comes to how to get rid of cloudy plastic. The method you need to use depends on how stubborn the fog on your plastic material is. Here are some easy steps to get rid of the fogginess of plastic.

How to clean cloudy plastic headlights

To clean foggy headlights, use a 2-Step headlight restoration kit.

First, clean the headlights with the cleaning solution and the sponge from the kit, to get rid of debris.

Then, dry it with a microfiber cloth.

Next, spray the coating that will get rid of cloudiness, restore the clearness to your headlights. It will prevent your headlights from re-oxidation for up to an entire year.

If you want an alternative natural solution, first start with spraying some dish soap and water in it and then buff with a clean microfiber cloth.

If you can not get rid of foggy plastic after applying the soapy water, then you can go for the mixture of baking soda and vinegar.

Pour some vinegar and baking soda into a bowl. You may find some foamy reaction from the vinegar and soda mixture.

Let the reaction be stable and then dip a cloth in the solution. Now wipe your headlight with the cloth.

After wiping it thoroughly you will see the difference. Dry the headlight with a dry sponge and have a look.

Your plastic headlight is free from cloudiness.

Anti-fog spray:

How to clean cloudy plastic containers?

Clean the cloudy plastic containers by placing them in a bowl filled with 3 cups of vinegar. After waiting for 5 minutes, clean the cloudy plastic containers with a damp cloth. For stubborn fog, treat with a soak of baking soda and water. While cleaning the cloudy plastic, always try to use lukewarm water.

Cleaning Cloudy PlexiGlass and Plexiglass Windows

Plexiglass is made of acrylic, so you will need to use an acrylic cleaner spray.

Simply spray it on the plexiglass and wipe with a dry lint-free cloth made for polishing plastic, such as Sofkloth.

Before it’s completely dry, buff it with another piece of dry Sofkloth.

You will get a shiny smooth plexiglass surface free of cloudiness.

An alternative method of cleaning plexiglass is with warm water and ¼ cup of vinegar.

Place a cloth in it until it soaks the mixture. You can rub the cloudy pixel glass with a lint-free cloth made for polishing plastic.

You can also put the mixture in a spray bottle and use it to clean the glass regularly.

how to make cloudy plastic clear again

How to clean cloudy plastic containers?

1. Soaking in vinegar

Small items like drinking glasses, clear Tupperware, or anything similar to that is easy to clean.

Vinegar is the perfect answer for you. Pour 2 to 3 cups of vinegar into a bowl. Dip the cloudy plastic material inside it.

Now, wait for 5minutes. Pick up the plastic material, and clean it with a damp cloth.

The cloud should disappear, as vinegar can absorb the foggy layer from plastic.

2. Adding baking soda

Sometimes, vinegar alone can not remove stubborn fogs from plastic materials. In case of stubborn fog, add some baking soda to the solution.

You can also sprinkle some baking soda in the vinegar coated plastic. A piece of rag can be used to scrub it well.

The reaction between vinegar and soda dissolves the fog. Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes and then cleanse the plastic with water.

This time you will not find cloud in your plastic material anymore.

3. Vinegar and hot water solution

The solution of hot water and vinegar can be used for many types of cleaning hacks.

It works like magic on cloudy plastic materials too, if you are cleaning more than a few things at a time.

You will need to fill your sink halfway with warm water to make the mixture. Make sure the water is not too hot, which can melt the plastic. That doesn’t apply to otherwise dishwasher safe plastic.

Pour vinegar till the sink is filled. Put all your materials with cloudy plastic in the solution of water and vinegar. You can pick them up an hour later.

Light fog should be disappeared by now.

If anymore cloudiness remains, then you should scrub well with a rag, until there is no evidence of fog remaining.

Cleanse the materials with clean lukewarm water. After that, dry it with a piece of a clean soft cloth.

how to clean cloudy plastic

4. Baking soda solution

In some cases, it may not be possible to soak the plastic in warm water and vinegar. In that case, try using the following tip.

You will need to pour an equal amount of water and baking soda into a bowl to make this solution. It can be used to remove fog from plastic.

Dip two pieces of cloth in the solution and wet them completely.

Pick up the cloth and wrap it over the foggy plastic, on the inside and outside. Leave the materials for half an hour.

While unwrapping, you should see that the fog has disappeared.

If it has not vanished completely, then repeat this method for a better result.

Following the methods above cleanses the fog off of your plastic containers.

The fog appears from repeated use, remaining minerals from everyday washing, and bacteria. Washing them with dish detergent will also disinfect the plastic.

Cleaning foggy Plastic Pitchers

Dipping in vinegar and water solution will quickly help you get rid of the fog from a plastic pitcher.

Plastics are used in our day to day life. These steps will help you to clean your daily usable plastic materials easily so that they are free from fogginess.


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