How Much Mortar Do I Need for Tile

Mortars are the substance that is used to hold up the tiles in the place. They work as the adhesive in between the tiles and the flooring.

It is a compound of water, sand, and cement that comes in a very thick texture. The perfect mixing of the mortar helps to stick the tiles into their place.

And to cover any floors with the tiles, first I need to determine how much mortar do I need for tile to cover a particular room.

And by determining the amount, I can go with the tile covering of the room.

how much mortar do i need for tile

Covering a room with the tiles makes the room look sophisticated. In the early period of time, people also had the use of the tiles.

They used to make the tiles out of the mud and dry it in the sunlight. The first-ever use of the tile was made in the Mesopotamian civilization.

And after that, with time and the development of technology, the tile has got a different look. But the core process is still the same.

And the use of the tiles is also the same. In the early time, they used to decorate the room or the houses with the tile, and till today, we do the same thing.

Just the techniques have been changed. Today we use the ceramic or other types of tile and mortar to place them accurately.

The mortar of the tile needs to be spread evenly to make the tiles to stop the breaking or cracking. Tiles are weight sensitive.

So, if you do not make them even, they are very much prone to breaking. On the other hand, the spades are the tools that help the mortar to spread evenly.

But the different sizes of the tiles calls for the different size of the spade. And choosing them accurately is important to make sure that you make the tile floors even.

Besides, choosing the right amount of the mortar is a must to make the tiles stand out for a long time.

But what is the perfect amount of mortar to make the tiles stick evenly? There are many things to consider to choose the right amount.

Check out the below section to find more about the right amount of mortar tile needs.

How Much Mortar Do I Need for Tile: Calculating The Right Amount

Calculating the mortar amount can go through a process, or you can round up the whole scenario in a method.

Because you can not determine the amount at the very first before going through the previous steps.

So, make sure that you maintain all the steps correctly to get the right amount calculated for the mortar you will be using at your home.

Step 1: Calculating room size

The very first thing that you need to determine before calculating the mortar amount is the area size.

The area of the space will determine the amount of the tiles, and the tiles size and amount will determine the mortar amount.

So, to determine a room size, you need to multiply the size of the longest wall with the size of the shortest wall of the space.

So, if you see that the most extended wall size is around 16 feet and the shortest wall sizes of 12 feet, then the square feet amount will be 16×12 = 192 square feet.

This is the size of the room you will be working on.

Step 2: Determining tile size and amount

After you determine the square feet of the room, now you need to make the decision of the tile size.

The tile size will tell you how much mortar and tiles you are going to need to make the tiles fixed.

So, to cover a space of 192 square feet, if you choose the tiles sizing 12 feet, then the amount will be 192÷12 = 16 tiles.

If you decide to go with the tiles sizing 8 feet, then the amount will be 192÷8 = 24.

This means, just divide the square feet area size with the tile size to get the amount of the tiles to cover the area.

But make sure that you consult the experts to determine the spade size to make the tiles stick to your space.

If you fail to determine the spade size for your work, then the tiles may get ruined or get crack on it due to uneven mortar spreading.

Step 3: Calculating mortar amount

As you have determined the size and amount of the tiles in the previous steps, now you can calculate how much mortar you will be needing to cover up all the area of the room.

The size of your tiles and the spade will dictate you the amount of mortar for the use. The bigger the tile and the spade goes, the larger the amount of mortar becomes.

In short, if you choose the 12 feet tiles, then you need to get more mortar than the amount of choosing the 8 feet tiles.

Because the larger tiles need to have a thick layer of the mortar under it to be even and stable.

A bag of 50-pound mortar can cover up a space of 95 square feet. So divide the area of your room with 95 to determine the number of mortar you will be needing.

As for as you have a room of 192 square feet, then the amount will be 192÷95 = 2.021.

So round up the number to the next even number, which is 3. This means you can cover up your room of 192 square feet using 3 bags of mortar.

But you need to make the number double if you are willing to use the larger tiles for the covering.

This is a simple process to determine your mortar amount for the tiles project. You do not need to start working to determine the amount.

Rather do it with maths to save you a lot of time and keep you safe from the hassles.


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