How To Cut Tile With A Dremel

Cutting tiles can call off at many times. Even school projects of your child can call for it. So it is better to know what type of tool is best to do the work.

Dremel is a versatile tool that can help you to cut down different materials. They are very good at cutting tiles also.

So, it is better if you use a Dremel cutter to cut down your tiles.

But how to cut tile with a Dremel requires some basic knowledge before using it to cut one. That is why it is better to know about the tool at first.

how to cut tile with a dremel

Dremel is a tool that comes along with different cutters to deal with different materials.

They use various shaped bits to cut down the different things you want to cut. So knowing the bits first is very important.

And after you have gathered enough knowledge about the tool, now you can proceed with the cutting of your tile.

The cutting process also requires to have some steps followed. Read the below section to find out the easy step by step process to cut tile with a Dremel.

How to Cut Tile With a Dremel – Easy Step By Step Process

Before starting with the process, read the manual guide given with the Dremel tool to find out the perfect bit to cut your tile. Next, you can just follow the steps.

Step 1: Mark the whole area

The very first step is to determine the hole or the cut area on the tile. You can use paper cutouts to quickly draw a mark on the tile you want to cut.

Or even you can use a ruler to mark the straight lines also.

Step 2: Cover the rest of the area

Cover the rest of the area that is free from the cut. You can use plastic to wrap around the area.

The covering is needed because the cutting creates a lot of dust. And covering will help you to save the rest of the area from becoming dusty.

Cover the area around you while cutting the tile. This will minimize your work to clean up the place.

You can use the masking tape to hold up the plastic in place for you. It will help you to save a lot of time.

Step 3: Place the tile on the workbench using clamps

You can use your workbench to hold up the tile in one place for you. Just place the clamps in the right manner to hold up strong to the tile.

This will also help you to cut a certain area of the tile as it will not move from the place and create any jerks for you.

Step 4: Pick the appropriate bit for your cutting

Now depending on what type of cut you want to make on the tile, choose the appropriate bit for you.

The manual guide of the Dremel cutter comes along with the definition of the use of the different bits it has.

After you have chosen the right bit for you, now you need to adjust it to the Dremel cutter.

There is a follow-up guide along with the Dremel cutter, that defines how to install the bit to the tool.

Follow the instruction precisely to get the perfect fixture of the tool to use for.

Step 5: Turn on the power and push the drill into the tile

After you have installed the bit into the driller properly, now turn on the power and check if it rotates accurately or not.

If it rotates accurately, then push the drill through the tile of making a hole in the tile. Make sure that the bit goes off to the other side of the tile straightly.

This will help you get the perfect grip on the tool and cut the right section of the tile. Use safety goggles and gloves while cutting the tile.

Always hold the driller in a 90-degree angle towards the tile to cut in the straight line.

Step 6: Push the driller to cut along the mark

Now push the driller towards the line you have made earlier. Go along with the line slowly. Do not haste while doing so.

It will make the cutting uneven. Give slight pressure on the tool. Otherwise, the bit may wear off, or the tile can get damaged.

Step7: Stop after reaching the corner

Stop when you reach the end side of the cutting mark or the tile. This will help you to prevent any unwanted accidents.

Cutting the tile with a Dremel is very easy if you follow the steps accurately.

But make sure that you practice on another tile before to understand the pressure of the tool to cut a perfect shape on the final tile.

To know more about the usage of the Dremel tool in many other sections, follow the below description.

Can I Use a Dremel to Cut Glass Tile?

Dremel can also be used to cut glass tiles also. It is one type of tool that can control the force and speed to work along with different types of materials.

That is why you can easily get a good grip on the glass tile cutting.

Besides, the tool comes along with a different bit that is designed for the cutting of different materials.

So, next time you want to cut down glass tiles and got confused about what to use, use the Dremel tool to do your job easily.

How Do You Polish With a Dremel Tool?

The Dremel comes along with a soft cottony bit for you to polish your accessories or even your jewelry.

And as you can control the speed of the tool, it is easier for you to polish with it.

Just use the perfect bit that comes along with the Dremel and use it in low speed to polish your favorite jewelry.

Cleaning your home appliances to cutting down different materials, all can be done by Dremel.

So, get to know more about it to use that in the proper way.


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