How to Adjust Hot Water in Shower Moen

Moen showers are very famous in the sense of manufacturing the water faucets that help to avoid skin burning due to the hot water.

And in the time of the season change, it becomes a necessity for all. But how to adjust hot water in shower Moen is a common question for all.

The procedure of the adjustment is still very confusing to many of the people as they do not get to know that in a very systematic format to work along.

how to adjust hot water in shower moen

Moen showers come along with its handle that helps to adjust the temperature of the water according to the need.

But adjusting always can not only be done by just the handle. Adjusting the hot water of the faucet requires to disassemble of the shower Moen.

Disassembling the handle will allow you to limit the hot water flow to the faucet according to your needs.

And that process can be done with a very simple step by step method. Read the following below to know the process to adjust the hot water in your Moen shower.

How to Adjust Hot Water in Shower Moen: A Simple Step by Step Process

The process of the adjustment of the water temperature can be done with a few tools by yourself.

All you will be needing is a thermometer, an Allen wrench, a Phillips-head screwdriver, and the simple steps follow to obtain your goal.

Now, let us jump to the steps.

Step 1: Turn the hot water to the fullest and get temperature reading

At the very beginning, you need to get the reading of the water temperature.

For this, you need to let the cold water pass from the faucet and turn the hot water liver to the fullest.

This will help you to get the reading of the hot water temperature to an accurate level.

Now, hold your thermometer under the water for about one minute to get the reading of the water temperature.

The hot water temperature should not be more than 120 to 130-degree Fahrenheit. The reading is the actual water temperature of your Moen shower.

Step 2: Shut down the water valves and the water supply

Next, you need to turn down your water faucet. Just put the faucet to the off position and hold it there. Shut down the two water valves also.

The water valves supply water to the shower Moen. They are set behind the shower fixture wall.

Turn both of them to shut down the water supply to the faucet.

After you have shut down the water supply, now you need to turn on your faucet one more time to find out if there is still any water reserved in it or not.

If so, let them flow away.

Step 3: Remove the Moen shower handle

Next, you have to remove the Moen shower handle. Just remove the screws of the handle with an Allen wrench or a Philips head screwdriver.

It should be done very easily. Just open the screws to remove the handle of the shower Moen. Pull the handle towards you to remove it entirely.

Step 4: Remove the screw of the cartridge stop key and adjust the temperature

Remove the screws of the cartridge key with a Philips head screwdriver. Pull the stop key away from the cartridge, which is placed on top of it.

Now, remove the ring of the temperature adjustment to adjust the water temperature according to your needs.

The ring can be moved towards clockwise and also anticlockwise. You can adjust the temperature you want your water to be.

Make sure that the change you make is very little. Otherwise, you may have very hot water running out of the faucet.

Step 5: Install the stop key and handle again

Now you can put down the screws to install the stop key to the cartridge and adjust it to the handle once again.

Adjust the water temperature of the faucet according to your needs after you install the handle properly.

Do not forget to check the temperature with a thermometer to avoid any accidents.

If it is not the temperature you wanted, then you can go with the same procedure once again to fix it.

The shower Moen helps to avoid any accidents by controlling the water temperature.

But if you set it to some temperature that is harmful to your skin, then it may not work accordingly.

So, you need to make adjustments to the temperature of the water before you use it directly on your skin.

But there are some features that you need to know before using the hot water for your shower to avoid any accidents.

Follow the description below to find your answers regarding the hot water faucets.

Why is My Hot Water Pressure Low in Shower

Sometimes we face the problem of having low hot water pressure in the shower. That could be the reason for a clogged cap or the rust on it.

The water flows different water ingredients like calcium and others. Which gets clogged in the water cap and makes the water run low.

Cleaning the water tap or the tap cap can solve the problem for you.

Moen Kitchen Faucet Temperature Adjustment

There are Moen kitchen faucets that hold up the hot water supply to the kitchen to work comfortably.

Adjusting the temperature there is as same as the shower ones. Just remove the handle and adjust the stop key to your desired water temperature.

How to Adjust Hot Water in Shower Kohler

Adjusting hot water in shower Kohler is also similar to the Moen shower adjustments.

You need to remove the screws of the handle and set all the adapters and turn the ring to adjust the water for you.

It is as simple as adjusting a temperature knob on the oven. Just make sure you check the water first before using it on the skin.

The hot water faucets are very likely to ease your life. But always keep in mind that you need to check it regularly and fix it well to avoid any unwanted accidents.

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  1. I have it set to 12 oclock as shown and still zero hot water! when I go all the way to the 9 oclock position, it shuts the water off. What is wrong?


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