17 Easy Under the Kitchen Sink Organization Ideas You Must Know

Organizing can be tough if you are a lazy person, like me. I always try to keep my house organized, but sometimes it’s just too much.

I believe organizing is all about being smart. If you can find the right way to organize your house, the process will be much easier.

Find the little places and spots to organize. For example, you can use the space under the kitchen sink. It is a great spot for keeping your kitchen items organized.

I have a few under the kitchen sink organizing ideas for you should know today.

17 Easy Under the Kitchen Sink Organization Ideas

1. Keep small storage containers under the kitchen sink

Get a few plastic containers and keep them under your kitchen sink. You can use these plastic containers to store any kind of item.

It doesn’t necessarily need to be a kitchen appliance or item. You can store a few craft supplies or something else here.

Feel the space with containers. It will save you a lot of space from the cabinets.

2. Hang the cleaning sprays using a tension rod

Install a tension rod under your kitchen sink. You can use this rod to store all of your cleaning sprays. I also use this rod to hang my oven mitts.

You can easily install a tension rod with the help of a few screws. As it won’t hold any heavy supplies, a few screws should be enough.

3. Install shelves to store items

You can do a little woodwork and install a few shelves underneath the kitchen sink. That is how you will be able to store a lot of things in one place.

You can use any cheap material to make the shelves as you won’t be storing any heavy items here. So, there is no need to invest a lot of money.

4. Use transparent boxes to store things under the kitchen sink

I always prefer transparent storage boxes. The reason behind this is, you will know what you have stored just by getting a glance.

You can store any type of item in the transparent boxes. It will help you to use the space efficiently. If you need, label the containers as well.

5. Store your tissue papers in a basket

If you don’t want to store your regular items under the kitchen sink, you can use the space to store tissue papers.

Get a wired basket and store all of your tissue papers in the basket. It will save you some space in the cabinet, and you will know where all of your tissue papers are.

6. Install a sliding shelf

You can also install a sliding shelf underneath your kitchen sink. If you want something convenient, it is probably the best way.

You can easily install a few sliding shelves with the help of an expert. You can store any kind of item, whether it is your cleaning product or your kitchen supplies.

Pull out the shelf, and everything will be in front of your eyes.

7. Mount a wire basket in the door

If you have a cabinet underneath the kitchen sink, it probably has a door. Mount a wire basket in the cabinet door.

You can store some of your cleaning products here. If you want to keep the harsh and strong chemical products away from your children, it is the perfect spot.

Use the door and make full use out of it.

8. Keep a magazine holder under the sink

You can also keep a magazine holder under the kitchen sink. You can use this magazine holder to store a few extra tissue paper rolls or anything else.

I store extra foil papers in the magazine holder and keep it under the kitchen sink. As foil papers can take a lot of space in the cabinet, I use this method.

9. Store all of your dish soap bars underneath the kitchen sink

I always prefer to get rid of the extra packages. When you keep a dish soap with the container it comes with; the package takes unnecessary space.

I have a large container, and I store all of my dish soap bars in it. I keep the container in the space beneath my kitchen sink.

As a result, whenever I need a dish soap bar, I get one right away.

10. Purchase a few refrigerator bins

Use those refrigerator bins to store items under the kitchen sink. Fortunately, there are many different shapes and sizes available for these bins.

Based on the space, you can purchase a few. You can store all of your cleaning products or other necessary items in these bins.

11. Store untouched spices underneath the kitchen sink

I am sure you have plenty of extra goods and spices that you have purchased.

If you do not have enough space in your storeroom or the cabinets, you can use the space under the kitchen sink to store them.

If there is a cabinet door, hang a spice rack. Or you can use small containers. You can also use a simple basket to store all the packaged goods.

12. Give your pantry a break

Do not overflow your pantry with goods. You might forget what you actually bought if you fill your pantry.

It is a good idea to store a few of the pantry items in the space underneath your kitchen sink.

Get a few containers, store as many items as you can. Reaching out under your sink is quite an inconvenience. As a result, keep the extra items that you don’t use.

13. Store gardening tools under the kitchen sink

If you love gardening, you probably have a lot of gardening tools. If you are not finding the correct space to store them, you can use the space under your kitchen sink.

You can use the space to store all of the small gardening items and tools.

14. Use command hooks to hang items

I have installed a few command hooks under the space of my kitchen sink. I use these command hooks to hang all of my scrub brushes and gloves.

That is how you will find the exact thing you are looking for at the right time.

15. Store trash bags with a shower rod

Install a shower rod under the kitchen sink. Make sure you can remove it when needed. Store, all of you, r trash bags by folding them up.

It will be easy for you to get the trash bags whenever you need them.

16. Use a Lazy Susan

If you do not have one in your house, trust me, you are missing out a lot. You can simply pull out the lazy Susan and grab any item you want.

I love how convenient it is, and it will hold all of your cleaning supplies in one place.

17. Store all the cleaning supplies under the kitchen sink

It is probably under the kitchen organization hack that most people follow. I use a basket to store all of my cleaning supplies.

This particular basket has a handle. As a result, I can take the whole basket with the cleaning supplies whenever I need to clean.

These are the ways how you can use and organize the space under your kitchen sink. It is probably one of the most common spaces that people overlook while organizing.

I think it is a great space if you know how to organize it correctly.

Let me know what you think about these hacks.


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