20 Genius Cleaning Tips to Save Tons of Time

If you are a mother of one or two children, you probably know how hard it is to make time for yourself, let alone cleaning the house.

I work and take care of my kid, which gives me close to a maximum of half an hour every day to clean. Cleaning can be tiresome after so much work.

It is not always possible to be consistent, and I think that is fine. You should give yourself some breaks too.

However, I have a few cleaning tips that will make your life easier and save you a lot of time for yourself. You will not need to spend hours and hours just cleaning a small part of your house.

20 Time Saving Cleaning Tips For Your Home

Use a dust mop to clean your bathroom wall

If you plan to scrub your bathroom walls, don’t. It will take you a lot of time.

To save time, I use a dust mop and wipe the walls of my bathroom thoroughly. It keeps me as well as the method is effective.

Get help from a lint roller to clean your couch

You cannot just spend hours and hours to get out little food particles and crumbs from your couch. Instead, use a lint roller.

A lint roller will thoroughly clean your couch and cushions.

Shine the shower head with vinegar

If your shower head is filled with hard water stains, you probably are planning to scrub it.

I have another idea. Take a plastic bag and make it filled with vinegar. Wrap the bag around your shower head with a rubber band.

Leave it overnight and see the result in the morning.

Wash your kid’s toys in the dishwasher

You cannot spend hours cleaning those small plastic toys of your kid. It will take an immense amount of energy and time.

Place the toys in the dishwasher, and that is it. Run the dishwasher, and the toys will become disinfected and clean.

Remove the grime from microwave with baking soda and vinegar

Here is what you should to do. Make a mixture of baking soda and warm water. Apply the paste inside your microwave.

Wait for 6 hours. Then spray a substantial amount of vinegar on the grime. Scrub with a toothbrush.

All the grime and oily dirt will go away.

Easily wash your kettle with white vinegar and water

Fill up your kettle with white vinegar and water. One part of each ingredient will do. Boil and see the magic.

Your kettle will be new like before.

Clean your sponge as well

It is important to clean the sponges every now and then to make it free from germ and bacteria.

Place the sponge in the over. Rub the oven for 30 seconds and rinse with water.

Clean your baseboard as quickly as possible

Just take a broom and a piece of microfiber cloth. With the help of a rubber band, wrap the piece of cloth around the head of the broom.

Apply some cleaner on the floor and clean thoroughly.

Use coffee filters to clean monitors

You can clean your tv and computer monitor with coffee filters. I will recommend you not to use paper towels as they can put a scratch on the screen.

Gently wipe the coffee filters and see the magic.

Use dryer sheets to clean the burnt stain from pots

You will no longer need to spend hours scrubbing a burnt pot. Place a dryer sheet in the pot and fill the pot with water.

The next morning, clean the pan as the dirt becomes loose overnight.

Clean your blender in 2 minutes

You might find a hard time to clean a dirty blender. Take the blender and fill it halfway with warm water. Then add a few droplets of liquid dish soap.

Turn on the blender, and it will be crystal clear.

Make your sink sparkle with baking soda

At first, run some water in the sink. Then sprinkle a good amount of baking soda in it.

Then, wait for 15-20 minutes. Take a sponge and scrub thoroughly. Your sink will become shiny and clean in minutes.

Clean your kitchen countertop with lemon

If your kitchen countertop is filled with hard stains, you can use lemon. Take a few drops of lemon with the regular dish soap you use.

Apply the mixture and thoroughly wipe the area.

Disinfect your cutting board with lemon and salt in minutes

Before you start to work with your cutting board, add a few drops of lemon and a slight amount of salt on the surface of the cutting board.

Now gently scrub the board and wash.

Try applying baking soda and vinegar in the kitchen tiles

You can sprinkle some baking soda and spray a little amount of baking soda in the tiles of your kitchen. After waiting for a few minutes, use a mop to clean off the dirt.

Clean your kitchen cabinets with baking soda and hydrogen peroxide

Are you looking for a fast method to clean your kitchen cabinets? I have a solution for you.

Make a paste of two ingredients – baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Apply it properly on the cabinets and clean with a sponge.

Remove water stains from the wooden surface in two minutes

Take your hairdryer and run the dryer for one minute at the highest setting. In between one or two minutes, the water stain will be gone.

Use chalks to absorb oil from carpet

If you are panicking about the oil stain on your carpet, stop. Take a few chalk pieces and place it on the stain.

Wait for 15 minutes and wash the area. The chalk pieces will absorb the oil.

Clean the grout with hydrogen peroxide

Apply a small amount of hydrogen peroxide in the space in between your bathroom tiles. Wait for a few minutes.

Take an old piece of toothbrush and scrub the area. You will see the tiles have become clean.

Make your grill grates sparkly with onion

I am sure you have never heard of this before. Cut an onion in half, and with a spatula, run it over the grill grates.

You will see that the burnt grates are becoming clean.

These are the 20 cleaning tips I try to follow. It does not only give me enough time for other chores but also some time for myself.

I hope you will apply some of these tips . Please let me know what you think about the tips.



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