40 Storage Hacks You Must Know to Make Your Home a Paradise

Organizing – sounds like a tough word, doesn’t it? Organizing can be tough if you don’t know how to do it.

I think the ultimate solution for keeping any house organized is to make full use of the little spaces to store things.

If you have proper space for storing items, the task will become a lot easier. I have a few storage ideas for you that will not only save you money but also will bring out the best in your house.

I will share 40 storage hacks that will help you to keep your house organized all the time.

40 Storage Hacks You Must Know

1. Under the sink space

I am sure you have a lot of space under the sink of your kitchen. Get a small basket. Store all of your cleaning supplies in that basket.

Place it in the space under the sink. That is how you save a lot of space in your cabinet.

2. A bedside caddy

If you are not finding a proper place to store your laptop or headphones, you can use a bedside caddy. Bedside tables are usually cluttered with other items.

That is why I use a bedside caddy to store my laptop and other items.

3. A magnetic board

You can store your makeup products on a magnetic board and save a lot of space. You will need to glue some small magnets in all the makeup products and store them on the board.

4. 3 tiered baskets

Get a 3 tiered basket for your bathroom, if possible. You can store all of your toiletries in one place.

These 3 tiered baskets are big enough to hold toilet paper rolls, an extra towel, soap bars, shampoo, etc.

5. Handbag organizers

You will find different types of handbag organizers in amazon or online stores. These organizers can be hung in your closet, and they have separate compartments for your bags.

It is a great storage hack, and I kept two of them in my closet.

6. Over the door shelve

Mount a shelve over your bathroom door. That particular space is unused most of the time.

You can store a few extra towels or toilet paper rolls on the shelve that will save you a lot of space.

7. Pad organizer

You can get a pad or tampons organizer online. It will fit perfectly in your bathroom drawer. You can store separate ones in separate compartments.

8. Plastic bins

You will never lose a sock from the pair if you store all the socks in a plastic bin. You can keep it in one corner of your closet.

The great thing is these plastic bins are quite cheap.

9. Corner shelves

If you do not have a lot of space in your room for storage, you can try mounting a few corner shelves. These shelves will be perfect for storing a few books and your regular items.

You can also decorate one shelf with a flower vase.

10. Fabric storage bags

This hack is particularly for them who do not have a lot of space in their closet. You can use a fabric storage bag to store your regular wears like t-shirts, jeans, etc.

11. Storage for hairdressing tools

Get a wired basket and hang it in your bathroom. Use it to store all the hairdressing tools.

It is a great storage hack as I find all my hairdressing tools always in one place.

12. A shoe organizer

If you are out of organizers, you can use a shoe organizer to store your makeup products.

Hang a shoe organizer behind your bathroom door. Store the makeup products by dividing them into categories.

13. A wall cabinet

How about installing a wall cabinet in your bathroom? An extra cabinet will let you store a lot of things in one place.

You can also hang a shower rod underneath the cabinet to hang your towels.

14. Makeup organizers

If you are a makeup lover like me, I will suggest you buy a makeup organizer. There are different types of makeup organizers available.

You can find a few fancy ones as well as cheaper alternatives. These makeup organizers will let you store a lot of makeup products in one place.

15. A wine rack as a towel holder

If you have an old wine rack that is sitting idle in your storeroom, use it as a towel holder. Mount it in your bathroom wall and store the towels by rolling them up.

16. Toilet paper rolls as organizers

You can use toilet paper rolls to organize your cords. It will help you to organize all the mess your cords create.

Label them and store them in a drawer.

17. Vertical dish holder

I will suggest you get some vertical dish holders. These dish holders will let you store your plates vertically and save a lot of space.

18. A magnetic spice rack

You can mount a magnetic spice rack in your kitchen that will store all of your spices in one place. They come with magnetic containers so that you can store each item and hang them in the wall.

19. A wooden spice rack

Another simple storage idea for your racks is a wooden spice rack. You can simply mount it in your kitchen wall and store all the herbs and spices in one place.

20. A wire Rack for cutting boards

I am sure you have been searching for a perfect spot to store cutting boards. Get a wire rack and install it in one of the kitchen cabinet doors.

Store your cutting boards in the rack and save space.

21. Magazine holder for aluminum foil

You can use a magazine holder for storing aluminum foils. As the foil papers are long in size, they will probably not fit in the cabinet.

Instead, use a magazine holder and mount it in one of the cabinets.

22. Plastic containers for spoons and forks

Get a few small plastic containers from the dollar store and store your spoons and forks in them. Place them in the cabinet drawer, and they will never become messy.

23. Hang pans and pots

Do not keep the pans and pots in your kitchen cabinet. Install a shower rod in your kitchen wall. Get a few S-shaped hooks and hang all your pans and pots in one place.

24. A rolling cart for craft items

If you do not have a separate crafting room, you can use a rolling cart. Place all of your crafting items in a rolling cart and save a lot of space.

25. Mason jars

Store your cotton swabs in mason jars and keep them in the bathroom countertop. You can also store your nail polishes in the mason jars.

26. File folders for paperwork

If you are not finding any place to store all of your paper works, you can use file folders to store and organize them.

Use a separate file folder for the sperate type of paperwork.

27. Baskets for an extra towel

Place a small basket in your bathroom and store a few extra towels in them. There is no need to fill your cabinet space with the towels; a small basket will do the work.

28. A shower caddy

Get a shower caddy if you do not have one already. A shower caddy will let you store your shampoo, conditioner, soap bars, etc. in the right place.

29. Small jars for bobby pins

Get a small jar and store all of your bobby pins in one place. You can also store your hair bands as well in the small jars.

30. Pan organizer

If you can’t find a place to organize your pans, purchase a pan organizer. You will find vertical pan organizers in amazon that will

31. Vertical knife storage

You can store your knives vertically by installing a vertical knife hanger in your kitchen wall. This storage will store at least 6-7 knives at a time.

32. Mug as a pen holder

If you do not have a pen holder, you can use an old mug to store all of your pens and pencils. I use a cute that one of my friends got me years ago.

33. Mail organizer

You can hang a small basket in front of your front door to store your mails. Do not make a mess in your house with mails and other paperwork.

34. Magazine holders

Store all of your favorite magazines in a magazine holder. You will find cheap magazine holders in the dollar store.

Place it in one corner of your living room.

35. File folder for recipes

If you love cooking, I am sure you have lots of old recipes. Use a small file folder to store all of your recipes in one place and keep the dollar in the kitchen.

36. Mason jars for spatulas

If you are not finding the right way to store your spatulas and other kitchen utensils, you can use a few mason jars. I use two mason jars – one for the spatulas and another one for the tongs.

37. Storage bins

I think there is no alternative to using storage bins. You can store any item in these bins.

For example, store a few extra towels in your bathroom by keeping them in the storage bins.

38. Under the bed space

I use the space underneath my bed to store my shoes. I use small plastic bins that are transparent to store all of my shoes in one place.

It saves me a lot of space in my cabinet.

39. An ottoman

You can also use an ottoman that has storage in it. These ottoman will be the perfect place to store your blankets and cushions.

40. Pegboards for jewelry

You can install a small pegboard in one corner of your bedroom and hang the regular jewelry items that you wear.

You can also use the pegboard to hang your car keys and other accessories.

There you go! I hope these hacks don’t look difficult to you. Make your house look neat and organized with these storage hacks and let me know what you think of these hacks.


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