13 Revolutionary Ideas to Organize Makeup in a Small Bathroom

Organizing makeup can be tiring, especially if you are a makeup lover who has tons of makeup products. I am sure you never think where you will keep a particular makeup product before buying it.

I had quite a small bathroom in my previous apartment. So, I often faced issues with finding places where to keep all my makeup products.

It was eventually a mess in my bathroom. Then, I found a few ideas to organize makeup in a tiny bathroom.

I will share some of these ideas with you so that you can apply these as well. These are great hacks that will save you a lot of space in your bathroom.

13 Revolutionary Ideas to Organize Makeup in a Small Bathroom

1. The most effective method – Use a shoe organizer

It is probably one of the most effective and cheapest methods that I know of. You can use a shoe organizer to store your makeup.

These shoe organizers come with many separate compartments, and they are transparent. As a result, you can see the whole thing from the outside.

Store your brushes, lipstick, glosses, etc. in the organizer and hang it behind the bathroom door.

2. Be smart – Get a rolling cart

If you have a small space in your bathroom, you can also try using a rolling cart. These rolling carts come with three levels where you can store all of your makeup products.

They are of different prizes based on the material. You can also use the compartments to store towels or extra toilet rolls in the bathroom.

Keep it in the corner of your bathroom. You will be able to store a lot of makeup products in one rolling cart.

3. Take full advantage of that empty wall

I am sure the wall beside your mirror is completely empty. You can try installing a few small shelves to store your makeup kits.

You can also purchase wall organizers like nail polish organizer, a spice rack, a wired rack, etc. These racks and shelves will help you to organize all of your makeup kits on the wall.

4. How about purchasing a makeup organizer?

I will suggest you purchase a makeup organizer because these organizers are really handy. There are many different compartments to store your nail polish, mascara, foundation, setting spray, etc.

The great thing is, they are not that expensive. You can get a good one at a reasonable price.

I have a makeup organizer, which I keep on the countertop. I store my everyday go-to makeup products here.

5. Get a potholder to store your makeup kits

Introducing a different and unique idea to store your makeup products, which is using a potholder. You can store your brushes, lipsticks, eyeliner, etc. in separate compartments of the potholder.

These potholders are quite cheap and can be easily placed in your countertop. If you are planning to purchase a potholder for plants, get an extra one for your makeup products.

6. The cheapest method – Get storage bins from the dollar store

Go to your nearby local dollar store and get a few storage bins. You will find different sizes of storage bins that will fit perfectly in your bathroom cabinet drawers.

You can store your makeup products like this. It will help you to be perfectly organized and save you a lot of time.

After all, the products are around one dollar only.

7. Use a mason jar to store makeup remover wipes

If you regularly use makeup, you probably need to use makeup remover wipes almost every day. Get a mason jar and store all of your makeup remover wipes.

Keep the mason jar in your countertop or on one of the shelves. You will be able to effortlessly access the makeup remover wipes when you need them.

8. A revolutionary idea – Store makeup kits in magnetic boards

It is probably one of the most groundbreaking ideas that I have come across. Use a magnetic board to hold your makeup products.

This hack comes handy if you have a small space in your drawers. Get a magnetic board and install it in one of the walls.

Then, take small magnets and attach the magnets in the makeup products with glue. Your makeup kits will be in the right place all the time.

9. Install spice racks in your bathroom to organize makeup kits

I am sure you use a spice rack in your kitchen to store all of your spices. Well, you can do the same for your small bathroom.

Get a spice rack and store your setting spray, foundation, hair spray, other toiletries, in the spice rack. It will save you a lot of space.

The good thing is one spice rack can hold at least 7-9 products.

10. Hang a door shelf in the bathroom door

You will find different types of door shelves that you will be able to hang in your bathroom door. These are usually made of plastic and are quite cheap.

You can store small items and other toiletries in the door shelf. It is a great substitute if you don’t like to use a shoe organizer.

11. Store nail polishes in an old candy jar

If you have a good collection of nail polishes, you can store all of them in an old candy jar. The candy jar should be big enough to hold all of your nail polishes.

I have a good collection of nail polishes, and I store all of my nail polishes in the candy jar. You can decorate the candy jar with different colored ribbons as well if you want to.

12. Use glass containers to organize makeup brushes

Take a glass container or jar and fill it with decorative sand. I use glittery black sand in the glass jar. When you place the makeup brushes, they will be right in the place.

It is a great idea to keep all of your makeup brushes in one place.

13. Another mason jar hack – store those makeup sponges in it

As I said earlier, I love using mason jars when it comes to organizing. I keep all of my makeup sponges – around 6 of them – in a mason jar.

It helps me to find all of them right away and saves me space. Keep it in one corner of the countertop of your bathroom.

That is how I used to organize all of my makeup in my bathroom. I use some of these hacks in my new house as well.

I hope these hacks will help you and let me know if you have any queries.


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