14 Tips for organizing pots and pans in a clutter freeway

Pots and pans are some of the hardest equipment to store in your kitchen because of their bulky size. But without them, cooking is impossible. So, they need to be stored in the most accessible way.

I didn’t organize my pots and pans before; therefore, they used to take up a lot of space in my kitchen and made the place look cluttered. The lids were another problem because they are so delicate to handle.

My messy organization broke some of my pot lids, and that’s when I decided that I need to do something about it. So, sharing with you the ideas that have helped me to organize my pots and pans-

14 Tips for organizing pots and pans in a clutter freeway

1. Fit hooks in your convenient space

You can fit hooks on your empty wall in the corner, or beside your kitchen cabinet or inside your pantry. Hooks are very easy to fit and make your pots and pans easily reachable.

That’s why I say hooks are my best friends as I hang many things in my home by hooks.

2. Use a wall organizer for lids

Avoid stashing different sizes of lids together in your kitchen drawer. This can only end in an accident of breaking your precious lids.

To avoid that from happening, mount a wall organizer for holding your lids. In this way, you’ll be able to see and find your matching lid easily.

3. Use a pretty handy Pegboard

If you organize a colorful set of pots and pans on a pegboard wall in your kitchen, it will give the space a very artistic look. One solution with two purposes.

You can align your pans or leave them randomly. Whichever way you want your wall to look.

4. Install a towel bar

Utilize your kitchen space to its full potential. Is the side of your lower cabinet empty? Install a towel bar and use that space to hang your pots and pans with the help of some S-shaped hooks.

As that space is limited, so just hang the ones you use regularly. You can also hang the pretty and small ones from your collection there to enhance the beauty of your kitchen.

5. Use deep drawer dividers

You can use pieces of plywood to create separate space in your deep drawer to keep your pots and pans. This will make sure that your things are in place and won’t jumble up when you pull the drawer.

6. Buy a pan organizer

If you want to keep your entire collection in just one place, then buy a pan organizer to store it all. You can keep any size of pots and pans plus store the lids onto separated wire racks.

A sliding pan organizer will help you to see what you’ve kept in the racks easily. It’s better than looking deep in your cabinet to find a pan that you want.

7. Keep an open wire rack in the kitchen

An open wire rack ads extra space to your kitchen. You can use it not only to keep your pots and pans but also other stuff like a small oven, mixer, plates, and mugs, or other utensils.

As it does not has any covered sides so getting your pans out quickly is way easier than taking them out from a cabinet.

8. Use your pantry space

Move the bulky sizes of pots and pans in your pantry as they are not regularly used. Also, you can hang some of your collection in the pantry wall if you have a small kitchen space.

9. Use your kitchen ceiling

If you have a kitchen counter in the middle, then use the upper ceiling by hanging a vintage rack or ladder for keeping your pots and pans.

You can use this idea even when you have a corner kitchen counter.

10. Use tension rods

If you think installing a new organizer is too much of a trouble for you, then simply use tension rods in your kitchen cabinet to store your lids vertically.

11. Fit a pull out organizer

If you have back pain, then bending over to get out a pan all the way down your cabinet is a great problem. An easy solution for this problem is to fit a pull out organizer.

It takes up very little space of your cabinet and makes it super easy to reach all of your pots and pans quickly.

12. Use a counter lid rack

Invest in lid racks that will sit on your kitchen counter with several slots to hold your lids straight. You can organize your lid rack by putting the bigger ones behind and the smaller ones in front.

13. Install indoor cabinet hooks

If you don’t want your lids to show, then install some lid hooks on the back of your cabinet door. In this way, you’ll be able to use the door space plus free other areas from getting cluttered with lids.

14. Only store the ones you use

Sometimes because of heavy use or use for a long time, damages your pots and pans. And you just forget to discard them as they become a part of your life.

So, you put them behind, thinking that you’ll use it someday later. But trust me when I tell you that someday won’t ever come.

You are just wasting your valuable space by keeping them. So I would suggest you discard your damaged pots and pans and make room for your new ones.

Pots and pans are what bring your kitchen in action. These give your kitchen life for the whole day as in the morning; you cook breakfast till you prepare your dinner at night with their help.

I realized this lately and organized the most important things in my kitchen the pots, the pans, and the lids. But it’s never too late to organize anything.

I hope my tips can help you out in your kitchen. Let me know which one is your favorite.


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