17 Playroom Organization Ideas to Minimize The Chaos

Organizing kids’ toys is a work in vain. Because no matter how hard you work to keep things in place in an organized manner, the next moment, all of it is gone.

Never let this chaos go to your mind and make you outburst on your kid. Let your kid have fun because it is the age to do it.

All you can do is to implement some creative storage ideas so that your kid gets motivated to organize his own things.

17 Playroom Organization Ideas

To help you with that I am sharing with you some playroom organization ideas which I have followed myself-

1. Use kitchen containers for storing puzzle pieces or small toys

Puzzle pieces tend to be missing all the time. And if you have a lego set in the house, then I need not tell you about how I discover little pieces here and there.

To stop losing small items, you can teach your kid to put it back in the small jars you’ve kept in the playroom.

2. Use some floating shelves to keep art and craft supplies

You can fit three floating shelves vertically on the wall to keep your kids’ art and craft supplies organized. You can put the color pencils in a pencil holder, put the paper clips into small boxes.

Showcase the drawing books, coloring books, and other fancy papers.

3. Use a garden stool to store balls

Don’t let yourself or your kids get hurt by rolling over a ball. Manage the balls by putting them all together in a garden stool. A very easy solution to fit all sizes of balls.

4. Keep the dolls collection in a shoe rack

All the Barbie dolls need a perfect home to fit in so that nobody overlaps anyone and ruin each other’s hair or dresses.  A shoe rack is an exact solution for that.

Its size is designed in such a way which will fit the Barbie dolls in a picture-perfect way.

5. Keep a basket or two

Having a basket around will automatically minimize the chaos in the playroom. You can easily collect the leftover toys from the floor after your kid is done paying and stash it in the basket.

6. Keep a separate corner for the stuffed toys

You can put a colorful play matt in one corner of the room and keep all the stuffed toys there for your kid to play with. Put the bigger ones behind and the smaller ones in the front.

7. Install a window seat with storage below

Use the front window space by installing a long window seat with storage underneath. This space can be of great help to you.

You can use dividers and keep separate kinds of toys there. Or just put your kids’ old toys there to keep memories.

8. Use a large plastic container with a lid to store block set

A large plastic container will be able to hold all the building block materials. With a lid on top of it, your kid can build a castle on top of the container and put the blocks away later.

9. Hang a whiteboard

Hang a whiteboard in the playroom so that your kid can show his creativity. Also, you can write down some instructions for him to follow. In this way, your kid can learn to organize from his early childhood.

You can also put some magnetic letters on the whiteboard to teach your kid new words and organize the letter on it.

10. Tie a rope on the wall

To inspire your kid to draw more, enhance his creative imagination, tie a rope on the wall of the playroom. Here you can clip on his best works with clothing pins.

It’s a very good way to show appreciation for his works. Remember to only put the best ones and store the other artworks in a file.

11. Install a few cubbies for easy storing

If your kid has a good collection of cars, then it is better to install a parking lot for them. Use colorful cubbies to give the playroom a cheerful look. The open space of cubbies can store anything easily.

12. Use a hanging shoe organizer for storing doll accessories

It just doesn’t end with giving a home to the Barbie dolls. You have to make a home for the accessories as well. Like Barbie dresses, shoes, bags, hair accessories, etc.

Each Barbie has different styling accessories. You can keep these small items separately in a hanging shoe organizer for your kid to find out easily.

13. Make a back door bookshelf

Motivate your kid to read more storybooks by hanging an organizing shelf rack on the back of the playroom door. This will free some room space and also will show what book collection you have.

It is very helpful for you to know what type of storybooks you need to buy for your kid next

14. Use mesh laundry bag to store water guns or other stuff

Mesh laundry bags can be an easy storage solution. You can put the water guns in even if they are wet, the laundry bag will dry it off or just put other stuff in as you like because it can take up any shape.

15. Use a rolling cart for storing miniature models

I am a big fan of miniature models. Action figures from movies are my favorite, and my kid loves the miniature animal figures.

Sometimes I like to play with the models with my kid on my bed. So keeping them in a rolling cart is the best solution that I could find. The cart can be moved anywhere with the toys safely stored.

There are three levels in the cart I purchased, which I keep in the playroom. The first level is filled with movie characters, the second one animal figures, and the last one cartoon figures.

16. Use clear toy storage bags

Use clear toy storage bags of different sizes. You can use a large bag for storing bowling pins, A smaller one to keep craft stuff or other toys.

17. Label your containers, baskets or bags

You can use your storages for different purposes, but don’t forget to label them. It will make storing stuff easier for you and your kid. This really helps us to be organized.

For example, I keep different puzzles into different jars, and sometimes I find lost puzzle pieces.  So I labeled them all according to their theme and an extra labeled lost jar for storing.

Organizing the playroom will not only make it look beautiful but also make more space for your kid to play around.

Don’t stress over organizing alone. Do the job with your kid and make it a fun habit. This will train your kid to grow up to be an organized person.

I hope these ideas help you just the way it did for me. Happy organizing.


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