33 Hacks to Organize on a Budget You Cannot Miss Knowing

If you are planning to organize your house, you have come to the right place. Organizing can be quite expensive if you plan to purchase organizers for each and everything.

Fortunately, there are cheaper ways to organize your entire house. You can purchase organizers and baskets from the dollar store.

On the other hand, you can make your own DIY organizers. I have a lot of small baskets from the dollar store, which serves me great.

I also have purchased a few things from the dollar store. As a result, it didn’t cost me a lot to organize my house.

I will show you a few hacks to organize on budget.

33 Hacks to Organize on a Budget You Cannot Miss Knowing

1. Use milk jugs to store craft items

If you love to paint, you probably have a lot of coloring pencils and acrylic colors. You can store all these items by using the milk jugs.

Cut a portion in the front and store your crafting items there.

2. Use magazine holders to organize books

If there is no space left in your bookshelf, you can use a few magazine holders to store your favorite books.

3. Get those cereal boxes into work

Once you are done, finish eating your cereals, use the boxes for an organization. Cut the boxes in half and use them to make compartments in the drawers.

4. Organize office supplies in mint containers

You can collect mint containers and store different kinds of small office supplies.

For example, I use mint boxes to store rubber bands, paper clips, stapler pins, etc.

5. Make a DIY makeup organizer with paper towel rolls

Get the paper towel rolls and wrap them with colorful papers. Now attach them in cardboard next to each other.

Now you have your own DIY makeup organizer.

6. Use recycled tin cans for storing utensils

If you have tin cans that you are planning to throw away, don’t. Use the tin cans to store utensils. Make separate compartments for the spoons, forks, and knives.

7. Store cotton buds and cotton balls in mason jars

Get a few mason jars and keep them in the countertop of your bathroom. Store the cotton swabs and balls in the Mason jars.

8. Organize your scarves in a hanger

Get a few old bangles that you don’t wear anymore. Attach them to the hanger with glue. Now hang all of your scarves in one place.

9. Store hair stylings tools in a wire basket

Get a wire basket and mount it in your bathroom wall. Use the basket to store your hair straightener, curler, and blow dryer.

10. Use a shower rod in the kitchen to hang mugs

Install a shower rod in your kitchen and use a few S-shaped hooks to hung mugs. You can use another shower rod to store your pans and pots as well.

11. Use a CD rack to store the lids

If you tend to lose your lids every now and then, you can use a CD rack to store all of them in one place. Install it in one of the walls in your kitchen and store the lids in one place.

12. Store extra toilet paper rolls in a magazine holder

Place a magazine holder in your bathroom. Use it to store extra toilet paper rolls so that you can find them just in case.

13. Make an organizer with a water bottle

Cut a large water bottle into half and use it to store your kid’s small plastic toys. You will be saving the environment by recycling plastic and organizing your house at the same time.

14. Purchase a spice rack

You will find spice racks that are only around 1 dollar from the dollar store—purchase one to store all of your spices in one place.

15. Use a basket to store the cleaning supplies

Keep all of your cleaning supplies in one place by using a basket. Keep things like baking soda, a bottle of vinegar, scrub brushes, sponges, glass cleaners, etc. in the basket.

16. Purchase a pan holder from the dollar store

It is quite tough to keep the cookie sheets, baking pans, cutting boards, etc. in the kitchen cabinet. Rather than keeping them in the cabinets, purchase a pan holder from the dollar store.

These pan holders come with different compartments so that you can store all of them in one place.

17. Use a wire basket to store foil papers

Store the foil papers, wax papers, and storage bags in a wire basket. You can install the basket in one of the walls in your kitchen.

18. Store the garbage bags in a plastic container

Get a plastic container and store all of your garbage bags in it. Place the container in the space under your kitchen sink.

19. Use S-shaped hooks to organize your pants

Hanging plants can take a lot of space in your closet. Rather than using hangers, use S-shaped hooks to store the pants.

20. Store toiletries in a wicker basket

Use a wicker basket to store all of your toiletries. For example, keep your conditioner, shampoo, body wash, shower gel, etc. in one wicker basket.

Keep the basket in the countertop of your bathroom. You can keep it in the cabinet as well.

21. Use command hooks to store the oven mitts

Install 2 command hooks in your kitchen cabinet and use it to hang the oven mitts. Make sure to keep the oven mitts near your microwave.

22. Organize your fridge with small baskets

Store different kinds of items of your fridge in small baskets. That is how you can organize all of your food items and increase the space in your fridge.

23. Give your pantry a new look with storage bins

Get a few storage bins and place them in your pantry. Use these bins to store canned foods and packaged items. Make sure to label each of the storage bins.

24. Install corner shelves in your room

Corner shelves can always increase the amount of space in your house. Install a few corner shelves in your bedroom to organize your money bags, keys, and books.

25. Hang a fabric wall organizer in your room

Use a fabric wall organizer to store small items. You can store things that you don’t want your kids to find here as well.

26. Use a pegboard to store jewelry items

Hang a pegboard beside your closet. You can use the pegboard to store your jewelry items and other accessories like keys.

27. Hang a shoe organizer to store makeup kits

You can also use a shoe organizer to store your makeup kits. As these shoe organizers are transparent, you can easily use it as a makeup organizer.

28. Make your own DIY drawer dividers with cardboards

Cut a few cardboards and make compartments in your drawers. For example, you can store your undergarments in a drawer by making separate compartments.

29. Hang your paper towel in a shower rod

Install a shower rod that is removable in your kitchen and store the paper towel there. It will be easier and more convenient for you to use the paper towel from the rod.

30. Store brooms and mops using command hooks

Install a few command hooks in your storeroom. Use the command hooks to hang all of your brooms and mops.

31. Install a sponge holder in your kitchen sink

Get a sponge holder and install it in your kitchen sink. That is how you won’t need to reach out for the sponge every time you do the dishes.

32. Use a cake tray for the handwash and soap

You can get a cake tray from the dollar store and use it in your bathroom. Place it on the countertop to organize your handwash, washcloth, and soap.

33. Store the water bottles in a magazine holder

Do not make a mess in your countertop with the water bottles. Get a magazine holder and store the water bottles in the holder.

You can keep it in the fridge as well.

These are my budget-friendly organization, hacks. You will need to spend some time, and your entire house will be organized.

I never like to spend a lot on the things that I can make myself. You just need to be a little creative. Let me know if these hacks helped you or not.


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