22 Clever Ways To Organize The Freezer

A freezer can be your best friend in need. I realized this just recently because of being home quarantined for days and can’t visit stores on a regular basis. So, frozen food can really save your life in this situation.

However, the problem is you can’t just stash things at random empty spaces of your freezer. It will make your freezer cluttered, and you won’t be able to find your desired item quickly.

A cluttered freezer is also a filthy freezer, and you must take care of it like any other machine in your home. Sometimes you need to clean your freezer in order to give it a planned look.

I’ve tried many combinations to keep my freezer organized. Here I’m sharing some of those ideas with you-

22 Clever Ways to Organize the Freeze

1. Freeze your food in usable portions

I felt very lazy before to pack the food in usable portions and just used to put every bit in one bag. But eventually, I realized it made my job harder.

As I had to defrost the whole bag, just to get a little portion out of it. So, make sure that you freeze your food in usable portions to minimize your defrosting time.

2. Use transparent organizers

Freezers have a vast space without any shelving system. I experienced a bad memory of my frozen food bags falling down from the freezer when I opened the door.

To solve this problem immediately, I bought a few transparent organizers for my freezer. It will help you to organize your items; also, finding a single item will get easier.

3. Keep ice creams out of the door

It is said that the freezer door is the warmest place, which has the risk of melting and refreezing your ice cream. So, store your ice cream in another corner and keep nuts or any other items on the door.

4. Know which products to freeze

Not all foods can sustain the freezing process. For example- food items with a high moisturizer like some fruits and vegetables are best not to put in the freezer.

So, be careful about what items you are keeping in your freezer.

5. Invest in a vacuum sealer

Want to make more space in your freezer then invest in a vacuum sealer. It will compress your produce into space-saving packages.

You can also see clearly what you have stored, and you don’t have to wonder about what is inside the frosted bag.

6. Label your organizers or packages

Labeling makes your problem half solved. If you keep similar items in organizers, then label them accordingly so that you can understand them easily later.

If you want to stack separate packages, then label them with a marker so that you do not mix-up between any of your stored food.

7. Use milk crates to make sections

If you have a deep freezer with vast storage, then use milk crates to make separate sections for food items you want to store for a long time.

You can even keep a milk crate on top of one another without any difficulty. This will let you handle your stocks like a pro.

8. Flatten your bags rather than using containers

If you have a small freezer, then how many containers can you fit in there?  I think not many. So the best option for that is to freeze the sauces and dressings in a bag rather than using containers.

Simply put it in a bag, lay it flat, and freeze it. In this way, you can make more space for different sauces.

9. Make sure to seal the bags properly

If you are using zip lock bags, then make sure to seal the ends properly. Otherwise, the freezing process won’t work appropriately.

Also, you need to be careful about spilling anything in the freezer. Because if it gets hard, you will need to work hard to wipe it off.

10. Use magnetic containers

For storing small quantities of food like- nuts, chopped herbs or smashed crumbs use magnetic containers. You can stick these on the sides of the freezer or the door.

It is very helpful in terms of taking your valuable freezer space.

11. Keep separate zones

Plan out to use all the space of your freezer by making separate zones for each category of food. Like-

Keep the veggies in one place, fruits in one, and sauces in another.

In this way, you can easily figure out where to store a new bag and what to take out of where.

12. Use magazine holders to create shelf space.

I know magazine holders do not belong in a freezer, but there’s no harm in keeping one or two. It adds separate storage space in your freezer. You can easily keep your flat packages there.

13. Keep a list of your inventory

Make a list of your inventory so that you won’t have to roam around the shelves unnecessarily. I maintain three columns in my list.

The first one is the item name, the second one is the quantity, and the third one is by which date I need to finish it. This will help you to know what you have and what you need to shop for.

14. There’s no harm in making your freezer full

Unlike your fridge, where too much food, then the capacity can create pressure. On the other hand, You can pack your freezer full so that the cold air can’t escape and make your freezer airtight.

15. Install freezer door shelf

Freezer door shelves that come with the freezer don’t happen to be deep enough to store stuff. A wire basket with a deep space can add extra space to your freezer door.

16. Don’t let your ice cubes smell bad

Have you ever experienced a bad-smelling ice cube from your freezer? I have, and it also tasted horrible. Because I didn’t cover up my ice cubes, it took the circulating smell of my freezer.

So, once your ice cubes are ready, take it out from the tray and put it in an airtight container or freezer bag.

17. Don’t avoid defrosting

Over time ice build up in the freezer, and you should not ignore it. You need to defrost every few months. Don’t leave your freezer door open for much longer once you’ve defrosted.

18. Keep your freezer clean

You can line your freezer shelves with plastic mats for an easy clean. Wipe down immediately if you notice any spillage before it gets frosted. A clean freezer keeps your food well.

19. Don’t forget to wipe the rubber seal

We clean the freezer surface but often forget to wipe the rubber seal area. It is the place where mold grows because of fluctuating temperature.

An unclean rubber seal makes your freezer dirty. Wipe your rubber seal with a damp cloth then dry it off.

20. Throw away the bulky boxes

Most of the frozen food items come in bulky boxes. Get rid of them to make more space in your freezer.

But to remember the food processing instructions, cut that part out of the box and staple it with the frozen food packet you will keep.

21. Reuse milk bottles

Cut your veggies and lay them on a cookie sheet to freeze then put it in a milk bottle for storage. Don’t throw away your milk bottles anymore. Make good use of it.

22. Takedown a shelf

If you need to store vertically and can’t find enough space to do that, then take down your shelf and make space for your items.

Don’t take your freezer for granted and stand to stare at it with an open the door to decide what to take out and cook.

Make up your mind first about what to prepare by checking your freezer list. This will make the open and shut time shorter.

It gives you inner satisfaction when you have a clean and organized freezer instead of a cluttered one. So enjoy organizing your freezer using these ideas.


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