23 Easy Hacks to Organize Your Small Bedroom Closet

A small bedroom closet can be quite tough to keep organized. When you pile up your clothes and other accessories in a small closet, it is hard to reach one without ruining others.

I have quite a small closet, and I always used to find ways to organize my small bedroom closet. Finally, I have found a few hacks that I applied to, and it worked perfectly.

If you have a small bedroom closet, I am sure these hacks will help you as well. I have 23 hacks to organize a small bedroom closet.

Let’s see what these small bedroom closet organization hacks are.

23 Easy Hacks to Organize Your Small Bedroom Closet

1. Get rid of all the clothes that do not fit you anymore

First things first – do not keep the clothes that do not fit you anymore. Well, you probably will feel a bit overwhelmed to throw away your clothes, but that’s fine.

Donate the clothes or sell them if possible. It will make a lot of space in your closet.

2. Take advantage of the closet door

You should take advantage of your closet door to hang your accessories or shoes. You can install a few command hooks and use them to hang your bags and scarves.

Or install a few rods to store your shoes. You can also hang a small basket to store your hairdressing tools.

3. Install corner shelves in the closet

You can install a few corner shelves in your closet. You can use the bottom part of the corner shelf to hang a few of your shirts or pants.

Keep your accessories in a small basket and place it on the corner shelf.

4. Hang a mirror in the closet

It is always a good idea to place a mirror in the closet. A mirror will let your closet look bigger. You can use the mirror to see yourself while getting ready in front of the closet.

The mirror illusion will let you think that your closet is bigger.

5. Use command hooks to hang jeans and pants

Rather than using a hanger, I will suggest you to use command hooks to hang the pants. It will save you a lot of space in your closet.

Keep one side of your closet wall for the pants.

6. Make a DIY scarf hanger

Get a hanger and add a few bangles with glue. Hang your scarves in each of the bangles. That is how you will be able to store all of your hangers in one place.

7. Get a few wicker baskets

You can use these wicker baskets to store anything you want. You can store the small accessories in these wicker baskets.

And don’t forget to label if you have multiple wicker baskets.

8. Hang a rod and a few shower hooks for handbags

If you are not finding enough space to store your bags, you can install a rod in your closet and hang a few shower hooks.

Use the shower hooks to hang all of your bags.

9. Install cabinets on the upper side of the closet

Use the space above your closet. That place is probably not being used. Use it to store the things that you do not use regularly. For example, store fancy bags and dresses you only wear occasionally.

10. Use the floor of your closet to store shoes

You can purchase a small rack to store your shoes. On the other hand, you can purchase small baskets with compartments to store the shoes.

11. Install a pegboard inside the closet

You need to store your accessories as well. To do that, you can hang a pegboard in the closet. That is how you can use the vertical space in the closet. Use it to hang small accessories.

12. Use baskets to organize clothes

If your closet is really small and you cannot find enough space to hang your clothes, you can use baskets.

For example, use a basket to store all of your t-shirts. I am sure one basket will be enough to store all of your t-shirts.

13. Get an undergarment organizer

If you don’t have one, it is time to purchase one. There are different types of undergarment organizers available, and you can easily organize your undergarments here.

14. Get a fabric door organizer

You can purchase a fabric door organizer as well. I have one in my closet door, and I use it to store my little accessories like jewelry and other things.

15. How about hanging a utility rack?

Well, you can use a utility rack to organize your closet as well. These utility racks come with many compartments that you can use to organize anything.

16. Purchase a few budget-friendly closet drawers

You can purchase a few budget-friendly closet drawers that come with 4-8 drawers. Also, these are quite small in height. As a result, it will not take a lot of space.

17. Take full advantage of the floor of your closet

Do not keep the floor of your closet empty. You can use the floor to store your shoes or other things. You can use small baskets as well.

18. Organize your pants in a basket and keep it aside from your closet

If you can’t find enough space to store the pants, you can keep it beside your closet in a basket. Pants can take a lot of space. So, get a basket and store the pants there.

19. Get a coat rack

You should not pile up your closet with coats. Rather, purchase a coat rack and place It beside your closet. Hang all of your coats there and save the space in the closet.

20. Make full use of the vertical spaces

I am sure you have unused vertical space in your closet. Use this space to hang your bags and other accessories.

I hang all of my bags in the vertical space of my closet.

21. Display your sunglasses in a frame

You can purchase a frame to store your sunglasses. Keep the sunglass frame in one corner of your closet so that you can find them whenever you need them.

22. Get a jewelry organizer

I have a lot of different kinds of jewelry, and I always find it hard to organize them. That’s when I decided to purchase a jewelry organizer.

These organizers have different compartments. As a result, you can store and organize them perfectly.

23. Declutter

Last but not least, I will suggest you declutter your closet. It will help you to save a lot of space in your closet.

Don’t keep the things that you don’t need or use in your closet.

That is how I organize my small bedroom closet. I suffered a little at the beginning to organize my closet, but I eventually was successful.

Let me know what you think about these small bedroom closet organizing hacks and if these were helpful to you.

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