15 Mason Jar Organization Hacks You Wish You Knew Earlier

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You don’t have to feel overwhelmed by the bits and bobs hanging around your house. Find out how to use your mason jars to keep all the little things organized in this article. It’s sort of a #homehack with mason jars and a knack for DIY home decor craft.

I love to work with mason jars as it serves two purposes. One is it gives me a chance to organize my stuff, and another one is that it’s a simple way to make the place look pretty.

You can use them anywhere around your house. Customizing mason jars according to your decor choices, is one of the easiest DIY task. So collecting and decorating them became like a hobby to me.

Sometimes I feel like my house might have too many mason jars, but I’m not guilty about it. Keeping things in mason jars makes my life easier.

And if you want to make your life easier, too, follow these mason jar organization ideas mentioned below-

15 Mason Jar Organization Hacks

1. Make your coffee station look appealing

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Don’t put your tea leaves, sugar, creamer, and mini coffee stashes into just any ol’ container.

Store them separately in different mason jars, get some trendy chalkboard labels, and you’ll get a dressed up looking coffee/tee station. The clear glass also helps you know when you need to buy a refill.

2. Use as a spice holder

Mason jars come in different sizes but they’re just perfect for all our spices because they’re stackable.

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This spice organize will fit small mason jars.

If you use small mason jars, you can also store your spices on a spice rack. You can label the jars to know what type of spice is inside and won’t get confused when you quickly grab a jar from the rack.

cyrico Spice Rack Organizer for Countertop, Without jars Detachable Seasoning You can hang your measuring spoons underneath or beside the rack.

3. Store cupcake liners

I love to bake frequently. And I used to stack my cupcake liners in the cabinet, but often they scattered around when I opened my cabinet doors.

For this mason jar is the most simple solution. The cupcake liners fit perfectly into the larger mason jars.

4. Use as a desk organizer

Chalky Chicks Chalk Paint - Chalk Paint for Furniture, Craft Instead of buying a pencil holder for your desk, you can make a pretty one on your own using mason jars and some craft supplies.

You can paint mason jars with indoor-friendly paint made for glass.

Once you painted the mason jars, you can glue on a ribbon. Add funny meme stickers like these:

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And you can put labels on them to specify which items go where. I’ve kept three mason jars on my desk with pens, pencils, and rulers.

5. Use as Utensil organizer

You can keep your baking spatulas or forks & spoons in mason jars to keep your kitchen neat and organized.

Also, if you want to have brunch outside in your lawn or garden table, then taking out your cutleries in mason jars gets much easier.

6. Use as a substitute of flower vase

Mason jar looks good as a flower vase. You can also decorate the bottom of your mason jar.

I’ve put some colorful pebble in one and black and white pebbles in another. Also, you can do glass painting to beautify the jars. It looks really pretty with some fresh flowers.

7. Use it as laundry room jars

Get rid of big boxes of detergents in your laundry. The boxes give your laundry room a cluttered look. Put all the detergent, fabric softener, drying sheets into different mason jars and label them accurately.

It will give you the chance to work with ease when you are doing your laundry.

8. It is a super craft supplies holder

If you are into arts and crafts, then I know how much collection you have of small things which gets pretty messy in your drawer.

Use mason jars to keep your washi tape collection, beads, paper clips, ribbons, etc.

9. Use as a bathroom organizer

I have a lot of small things to keep in my bathroom, and I couldn’t manage them so easily before using mason jars. I’ve installed some clams just beside my mirror wall to hold five mason jars.

I’ve kept cotton balls for removing makeup quickly, cotton buds to help me smudge my eye makeup well, some makeup brushes, my everyday used nude lipstick collection, and some dental floss in them.

10. Use it as a coin keeper

I find changes in the pocket when I take pants to the laundry room to wash. Keep a mason jar in your laundry room to keep the pockets empty.

Also, any time you need changes when you are on the road, so keep a mason jar in your car as well and use it as a coin keeper.

11. It works as a good food container

I like making sauces at home, and I put the extra into a mason jar and store it in the fridge for many days. Mason jars work as a good food container.

So, you can keep any food like homemade jams, dry fruits, marinades, etc. there.

12. Use it as a handy toothpick dispenser

Make a few holes on the lid of a small mason jar, put some toothpicks in it, shut the lid and keep it on your table or nearby. Grab a toothpick easily when you need it.

13. Keep your sewing essentials

Attach a pin cushion on the top of your mason jar and put your pins on it so that you don’t lose one and get hurt. You can keep other sewing essentials inside the jar.

If you have a large jar, then you can fit a small pair of scissors inside as well.

14. Magnetic storage for your garage

Do you have a collection of different sizes of screws, nuts, and bolts? I have, and it did not look great before applying the mason jar hack.

Install some magnets under the hanging shelf in your garage. Put your collection into mason jars separately. Have the lids on and stick them under the shelf. Simple and easy.

15. Don’t forget to label

You can just write things on the body of the mason jars with a marker and put a tape on so that it doesn’t fade away. Another idea is to label your jars on the lids with colorful paper and pen to make it pretty.

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Whatever creative way you choose but do label your mason jar collection to understand what is inside in it better.

15 Mason Jar Organization Hacks

These are the few ideas I use to get creative with my mason jars. Also cleaning mason jar is very simple and easy. You can just wash it or clean it with a soft piece of cloth.

Mason jar is a cheap storage facility that you can find in any dollar store near you. So go on and get creative with your mason jars and let know what you have used it for.


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