13 Ways To Make Laundry Easier And Save Some Time

I think it is not just only me, but many of us stress over laundry time. You have a face laundry day every week. But don’t let laundry consume all your time and energy.

If you plan your time carefully and keep the laundry room organized, then doing laundry gets easier. In this way, you will not get bored doing laundry but enjoy it.

13 Ways To Make Laundry Easier

Here are 15 ideas on how to make laundry easier-

1. Choose your best time to do laundry

In this super busy life schedule, it difficult to take out some time to do laundry. But you can not run away from doing laundry forever.

So you need to plan earlier which time will suit you to do your laundry. You can set a reminder on your mobile phone so that you don’t forget about it.

2. Divide time according to your laundry type

Don’t sit with a huge pile of laundry that scares you and makes the work time consuming as well as tiring. Break your laundry tasks into smaller routines.

Plan on dividing your laundry time throughout the week. Like- bedsheets on Monday, towels on Tuesday, t-shirts on Wednesday, and so on. This will take the load off from your shoulder.

3. Include other tasks during laundry time

You don’t have to necessarily sit in your laundry room while your machine is doing all its work. You can multitask while doing laundry and make proper use of time.

If you have like half an hour of time for washing one load of clothes, then you can utilize that time by making beds, baking or washing your plates and floor.

4. Sort your laundry separately

You can use a few laundry baskets, or the best option is to have a laundry cart on wheels so that you can move it swiftly. But the main purpose is to sort out and keep your laundry based on types separately.

For example- I Have three linen bags on my movable laundry cart, which are labeled as whites, colors, and delicate. This system will help you to save some valuable time to sort out your laundry from a big pile.

5. Take regular care of your machines

Machines have a life too. The way you take care of every little thing in your life, the same way you have to take care of your machines as well. This will increase their longevity.

Lint from the clothes can jam up your washer and dryer. You can keep a small box just beside your washer and dryer so that after every wash, you can take out the lint and dump it in the small box.

Don’t put too many clothes in your machines which cant be handled by them. Keep it proportionate. These are just two true facts; you have to take care of your machines depending on their brand.

6. Share doing laundry tasks

If your kids are old enough to understand your instructions well, then why not share this laundry chore with them. This will minimize the pressure upon you and also teach your kids to be responsible.

Also, you can alternatively wash and dry clothes with your life partner. This will create a positive environment in the house.

7. Hang a laundry guide

It is very hard to remember what type of clothes need what treatment when you have small kids or office pressure that is driving you crazy.

Hang a printed laundry guide in the front wall of your washer to have the correct information at hand. You can use the clothing label on your dress before putting it to wash.

8. Check the pockets before washing

Always check the pockets before washing because your kids can have crayons or small toys, your husband can have some money or a lighter. It can save the items as well as your machine.

Put a jar in your laundry room so that you can store these pocket items to be found later.

9. Make the stains go away right away

Kids make the deepest of stains on their clothes, so if you don’t wash it right away, it won’t go away. Also, ink stain, dropped tea stain on your clothes can make a strong stain, so you need to wash it right away.

10. Cut short your drying time

When drying jeans or other heavy items, you can cut short the drying time by putting a big dry towel inside the dryer.  The dry towel will absorb extra moisture from the wet cloth.

This trick will save you energy and time both!

11. Dry wet garments faster

After hand-washing garments, they can stay damp for hours. But wringing the water out can leave huge wrinkles on them. You can solve this problem with a rolling pin and two towels.

Place the towels and reside your wet cloth between them. Then roll the rolling pin over the towels numerous times. It will get the water out five times faster than air-drying alone.

12. Have a drying rack in one corner of the laundry room

You can hang a drying rack in one corner from the ceiling of your laundry room. Having a drying rack inside is good for your delicate clothes, which you like to hand wash and not put in a dryer.

If you want to get wrinkle-free dry pants, then hang them by the cuffs at the bottom with the help of a pant hanger. And if you don’t have one then use a simple hanger and two clothespins.

13. Iron and fold the clothes right away

After taking out the clothes from the dryer, don’t leave them piled up on your ironing station. That will create a harder crease on them, which you have a deal with much more difficulty later.

So if you want to save some of your time and energy, please iron and fold your clothes right away.

These little tricks can make your laundry easier and make you an efficient worker than ever before. These simple ideas surely have helped me a lot.

Try these out and make your laundry time enjoyable. Don’t forget to let me know if you have some more easy tricks like these which are helping you.


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