The Easiest and Most Effective Way to Clean Your Kitchen Sink

Cleaning the kitchen sink might not be the top in your priority list. It is too tiring to do the dishes, let alone the sink itself.

But cleaning the kitchen sink is as important as cleaning the dishes. A dirty sink is totally unhygienic, and it will smell bad if you don’t keep it clean.

You should clean your kitchen sink at least once a week to keep it germ-free and smell free. Don’t worry; the process is not too long.

With the right cleaning supplies, you will be able to make your kitchen sparkle. I clean my kitchen sink at least once a week because I can’t stand the bad smell.

Below, I have shared the easiest and effective way to clean your kitchen sink.

Effective Way to Clean Your Kitchen Sink

Say goodbye to the bad smell with baking soda

You probably already know how baking soda works perfectly to remove bad odor. Pour a good amount of baking soda in your sink. Then, you will need white vinegar.

Pour some white vinegar in the sink as well. You will see that the sink will start to make bubbles. If you haven’t cleaned your sink for a while, you might need to pour some more white vinegar.

Then run water, and your sink will not smell bad anymore.

Use soft scrub to clean your kitchen sink

I personally prefer to use soft scrub to clean my kitchen sink. You can use any other cleaning product as well.

As soft scrub has a little amount of bleach in it, it works great for the kitchen sink. Apply a small amount of soft scrub in your kitchen sink.

Start scrubbing the sink

Well, you cannot ignore this part. You need to scrub your sink to remove all the dirt. You can use a normal sponge that you use to do the dishes. Make sure to use a circular motion while you clean the sink.

If there is any hard stain in the sink, focus more on that part. After you are done scrubbing the sink, it is time to clean the sink with a washcloth.

Rinse the sink with a washcloth

Get a washcloth and dip it in hot water. Rinse off the excess water and use it to wipe away the soft scrub. Dip the washcloth several times in hot water and repeat the process.

Now that you are done wiping run some hot water in your sink. You will see that your sink has become to sparkle.

Make your sink germ free with bleach

If you haven’t cleaned your sink for a while, you will need a thorough cleaning. Using a normal cleaning product might not be enough here.

You will need something strong to kill all the germs and bacteria. Fill up your sink with hot water. Then, add a little amount of bleach.

Get a sponge and scrub the entire kitchen sink. Wait for around 5-7 minutes and drain the water. After that, run normal water, and your kitchen sink will be sanitized.

Don’t forget about the faucet

Well, the faucet is an important part of your kitchen sink. Most of the faucets become cloudy and get watermarks over time.

You will need to clean your faucet as well. Otherwise, the sink will never look clean from the outside.

To clean the faucet, you will need vinegar and paper towels. Place 4 paper towels around the faucet and pour a good amount of vinegar on the paper towels.

You will see that the paper towels have soaked, and it is staying in one place. Now, you will need to wait for 15 minutes.

Clean the faucet

Now remove the paper towels and get a rag. Soak it in water and wipe the faucet properly so that it becomes clean.

If there is any tough stain that doesn’t want to come off, use a scrub brush to clean. Now take a piece of paper towel and dry the faucet.

You can use another method to clean the faucet. Take a plastic bag and fill it with vinegar. Wrap it around the faucet and tie it with a rubber band.

Leave it overnight and see the magic the next morning. Here, you will not need to scrub or do any extra work. The vinegar will do everything on its own.

Make sure to wipe the faucet well. If there is any hard water stain in the faucet that still hasn’t gone away, apply a few drops of vinegar and scrub properly.

Vinegar works the best in removing any kind of stain or hard water stain. I use the same process to clean my shower head and faucets of my bathroom.

Use salt and lemon to clean kitchen sink made of Porcelain

If your kitchen sink is made of Porcelain, you should probably follow another method to clean it. The porcelain sink is a bit more sensitive, and you should take proper care while cleaning it.

You will need salt, lemon, and dish soap for this process. At first, cut a lemon in half. Then, sprinkle some salt on the lemon and scrub the sink.

Focus on the areas where there are rust and dirt. After you are done scrubbing, wash the Porcelain sink with water. Make sure you add a little amount of dish soap in the water.

Now wipe away the dirt with a piece of microfiber cloth. If you clean your Porcelain sink like this, you will increase the longevity of it.

You should never use any cleaning product which contains harsh chemicals to clean a porcelain sink. It will ruin the material, and your sink will start to fade its color.

That is how you clean and disinfect your kitchen sink. The whole process is quite simple and straightforward.

If you can make a habit of cleaning your kitchen sink, your kitchen sink will never get dirty again. And also, there will be no bad smell in your kitchen.

Let me know what you think about the process.


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