22 Remarkable Ways to Organize Your Kitchen

The kitchen is probably that place in your house that is the most difficult to keep organized. You need proper planning and a good amount of space to organize and store everything.

When it comes to the kitchen, it is all about your convenience. For example, if you keep the oven mitts in the uppermost cabinet, it will be a hassle for you every day.

You need to think for a while how you want to organize your kitchen so that you can enjoy while cooking.

I have a few unique ideas for you that will help you to organize your kitchen in a very short time. Also, you will be able to save a lot of space.

22 Remarkable Ways to Organize Your Kitchen

1. Hang the champagne and wine glasses upside down

I am sure you have seen wine glasses hung upside down in the restaurants. You can do it as well.

Install a “t-molding.” Now, you will be able to store all of your wine glasses there. Also, it keeps the glasses-free of dust.

2. Install a few pull out rolling shelves

You can also use this for your kitchen to keep things organized. Most of the time, I can’t find the things that I keep deep inside my kitchen cabinets.

If you install a pull out rolling shelve, you will be able to pull out the entire cabinet and see what’s inside. t makes the work so much easier.

3. Hang the pots and pans using command hooks

Pots and pans usually take a lot of space in the kitchen cabinets. You can mount a few command hooks in the cabinet doors or the walls.

Now, simply hang the pots and pans in the hooks. You will save a lot of space like this.

4. Hang your coffee mugs in a shower rod

Install a shower rod in your kitchen. Place two command hooks and place the rod. Then use a few S-shaped hooks.

Now you can hang your coffee mugs in the shower rod with S-shaped hooks.

5. Make a coffee station

I love this idea so much. Take one corner from your kitchen and place the coffee maker. Keep two mugs and some sugar in a cute container.

You can also keep a few coffee satchels as well in a small basket. You can decorate a corner with some coffee quotes as well.

6. Use a chalkboard to hang measuring spoons and cups

You can use your empty cabinet door for this. Take chalkboard paint and paint the area. After letting it dry for a while, use liquid chalk pens to write down the measurements.

Also, attach 2 or 3 metal or wooden stripes that will hold the spoons. You can use S-shaped hooks as well.

7. Get a fancy spice organizer that comes with drawers

You will find different types of spice organizers in the market. If you want something fancy, you can purchase a spice organizer that has drawers.

It also comes with labels. As a result, you will be able to pull out one drawer and find what you need in no time.

8. Install a few floating shelves in the corner

If you have a small kitchen, this hack will help you a lot. You can mount a few floating shelves in one corner of your kitchen.

It will help you to store many different things. For example, keep your blender, a few glasses, some decorative items on the shelve.

9. Store potatoes and onions in file holders

You can use the file holders to store and organize not only your important files but also potatoes and onions.

Yes, it is a great storage idea that I have been following for a long time. Keep the folder in one corner of the kitchen.

10. Store canned goods in a magazine holder

Weirdly, most of the canned foods fit perfectly in a magazine holder. If your pantry is filled with canned foods, use a few magazine holders to store them.

Place them vertically, and it will save you a lot of space.

11. Keep a wired basket for the cutting boards

Do not make a mess in your kitchen cabinets with the cutting boards. They will never fit your kitchen cabinets unless you have big ones.

That is why I use a wired basket to hold the cutting boards. I keep the basket beside my cabinet.

12. Store dry food in glass jars

I love to use glass jars to store all kinds of dry foods like nuts, beans, etc. You can purchase a set of glass jars and store these food items.

As they are transparent, you can see and recognize each item easily. Keep them in your pantry or cabinet. Also, do not forget to label.

13. Prevent the spoons and forks from sliding left and right

Get a few plastic organizers from the dollar store. These containers are usually to organize desk drawers, but they work properly in the kitchen as well.

Place a few in the kitchen drawers. Store your spoons, forks, knives, etc. in the separate compartments.

They will never slide anymore once you open the drawer.

14. Do not forget to label your items

I always emphasize on labeling while organizing. For example, when you use little jars to store your spices, you must label them.

Otherwise, it will be difficult to find the right ingredient, just with one look. You can buy a label maker or can just write down names and attach them with glue.

15. Use a lazy Susan turntable to organize spices

You will find turntables that will hold all of your little spices perfectly. As a result, you won’t need to find a particular spice for a long time while cooking.

You can store your sauces and other spices here. It will keep your kitchen look more organized.

16. Install a pull out organizer under the sink

Do not forget that you have unused space under your sink. You can install a pull out organizer there.

I use the space to store all of my cleaning products. Also, I keep extra paper towels in an empty space.

17. Keep your every day cooking ingredients in one place

You can use a cake tray or a small container to keep all of your go-to cooking ingredients in one place.

For example, I keep olive oil, salt, pepper, butter, and a few regular spices near my stovetop. As a result, I don’t need to reach out to my cabinets every time I cook something.

18. Use a magazine holder for foil papers

Install a magazine holder in one of the kitchen cabinet drawers. Use the holder to store aluminum foil and wrap boxes.

It will save you a lot of space. The foil papers and the wrap boxes will always be organized.

19. Install a grocery bag holder

You can find grocery bags that can be installed in any of your kitchen cabinet doors. While unpacking foods and other grocery items, store the bags inside of it.

As a result, you will find the bags right away when you need them.

20. Mount a rod and store paper towels in the wall

You probably use the paper towel frequently while cooking and cleaning your kitchen. Keep it near you.

Install a small rod and place your paper towel there. It will save you a lot of space in your kitchen cabinet.

21. Get a sponge and dish soap caddy

You can try a sponge and dish soap caddy to install in your kitchen sink. It will save you so much work while you do the dishes.

It will never be convenient if you need to look for the sponges or dish soap every time you start cleaning the dishes.

22. Store the oven mitts in a small wired basket

Install a small wired basket in the cabinet door. You can use this area to store your oven mitts.

I will recommend you to keep the oven mitts at the nearest cabinet door because of we usually oven mitts every day.

So, it will never be convenient if you keep the mitts


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