18 Incredible Ways to Organize Kitchen Countertops

If you want to keep your kitchen organized and clean, you should always focus the most on the kitchen countertops.

When you keep a kitchen countertop clean and organized, it will make your kitchen look better. I do not keep a lot of things on my countertop as it looks cluttered and messy.

I use a few simple organizing hacks to keep my kitchen countertop organized and clutter-free. Let’s see the 18 ways through which you can organize your kitchen countertop.

18 Incredible Ways to Organize Kitchen Countertops

1. Make a coffee station

If you are a coffee lover, it is a must for you. Keep your coffee machine at one corner of the countertop. Hang a few mugs or use a basket to place them.

Add a few frames with coffee quotes and decorate the area. It will make your everyday morning a good one.

2. Keep your regular cooking ingredients in one place

Take a small basket and store the ingredients that you regularly use for cooking. Keep salt, oil, and spices in one place.

Keep the basket beside your stovetop so that you can find everything in one place.

3. Build a baking station

If you regularly bake, you can make a baking station as well. Keep all of your baking pans in a basket.

Keep other baking ingredients like milk, sugar, etc. in one place as well. You can use mason jars to store all these in your baking station.

4. Store all of your kid’s favorite snacks in one place

If you have kids, you can make a snack station for them. Get a small basket and store chips, biscuits, chocolates, etc. in one place.

You can place it on your countertop so that your kid doesn’t make a mess in the cabinets by opening them.

5. Store spatulas and tongs in separate mason jars

I have two separate mason jars that I keep in my kitchen countertop. I store all of my spatulas in one jar, and I use another one to store the tongs.

You can use other things like spoons and forks to store like this as well.

6. Hang mugs in a shower rod

Install a shower rod on the wall above your kitchen countertop. Get a few S-shaped hooks and hang your mugs there.

That is how you will be saving a lot of space in your kitchen countertop.

7. Use hanging baskets to store items

If you have a small kitchen countertop, you can use hanging baskets above the countertop. Install a rod in the wall and hang baskets.

You can store your spices, cleaning products in separate baskets.

8. Get rid of extra decorative items from the countertop

If you have a lot of decorative items in your kitchen countertop, it is time to get rid of a few. Even if you love to decorate, I will suggest you not to keep a lot of things in your countertop.

However, you can keep a small vase with flowers. Don’t waste the space with unnecessary items.

9. Hang the paper towels in the wall

Do not keep your paper towel in the kitchen countertop. You can install a rod and hang your paper towel there.

It will save space from your kitchen countertop.

10. Store ingredients in the pantry instead of the countertop

This hack is especially applicable to those who have small kitchen countertops. Do not keep your cooking ingredients in the kitchen countertop.

Instead, use the pantry by labeling the items.

11. Use a mason jar to store cupcake liners

Get a mason jar and keep all of your cupcake liners in it. They will be perfectly fine as well as your kitchen countertop will look great with a colorful jar filled with cupcake liners.

12. Store cleaning products in a cake stand

Get a cake stand from the dollar store. Keep the stand in your kitchen countertop beside the sink. Use it for storing your cleaning items.

I keep a bottle of dish soap, a sponge, and a hand wash.

13. Use a magazine holder to organize your cookbooks

If you love cooking, I am sure you have a lot of cookbooks. Do not make a mess in your cabinet with these cookbooks.

Get a magazine holder and store all of your cookbooks in one place.

14. Get a magnetic knife holder

If you cannot find the right place to store your knives, I will suggest you get a magnetic knife holder.

You can mount it in the wall above your kitchen countertop. That is how you will not waste any space by placing all of your knives in the kitchen countertop.

15. Get a rolling cart if you have a small kitchen countertop

It is okay to have a small kitchen countertop. If you do not have a lot of space in it, you can purchase a rolling kart.

You can keep your baking items in the rolling cart. Or use the cart as a snack station or coffee station. A rolling cart will add a lot of storage space in your kitchen.

16. Clean your kitchen countertop every day

It might not seem like an important hack to keep your kitchen countertop organized, but it actually is.

If you do not clean your kitchen countertop every day, it will look like a mess, no matter how much you keep it organized.

17. Do not keep your pans in the kitchen countertop

Never keep your pots and pans in the kitchen countertop. It will look messy, and there will be literally no space in your kitchen countertop.

Instead, hang the pots and pans in the walls of your kitchen with command hooks.

18. Don’t forget to declutter

Last but not least, do not forget to declutter. Decluttering will keep your kitchen countertop way more organized than you think.

Do not keep the items you do not use or do not need.

These are my 18 ways to keep a kitchen countertop organized. I love these ideas as they make my kitchen like a professional one.

Let me know if these hacks helped you or not.


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