How to Use Bissell Quicksteamer in the Right Way

Bissell Quicksteamer is one of the lightest weighted and efficient carpet cleaners. This carpet cleaner comes with six rows of brushes.

The weight of this machine is around 12 pounds, and it has a self-storing cord. Below, we will show you how to use Bissell Quicksteamer.

You can use this machine to get rid of all dirt from rugs and carpet.

6 Steps to Use Bissell Quicksteamer

To get a better result, you should vacuum thoroughly before going into the cleaning process.

If there is lightweight furniture in your room, you can move them before you start cleaning.

In the following section, there is a step by step guide, which will help you to use Bissell Quicksteamer in the right way.

How to Use Bissell Quicksteamer – 6 Steps to Follow

Step 1: Start with assembling the Bissell Quicksteamer

To assemble, you will need to use screws to place the upper body and lower body. Make sure that the screws are tightened so that they don’t move.

Take the solution tank and place it on the back of the Bissell Quicksteamer.

Step 2: Vacuum the room and move furniture

As told earlier, you will need to vacuum the room thoroughly before cleaning the rugs and carpet with the Bissell Quicksteamer.

Also, move furniture from the room, which is light weighted. Moving furniture helps to make the cleaning process easier.

Step 3: Fill the solution tank with a carpet cleaner

You will need to remove the solution tank from the back of the machine. You will need a screwdriver to unscrew it.

Now, you will need to add hot water and carpet cleaner. If you are not sure about how much carpet cleaner you should use, see the manual.

They will recommend you use a certain amount of carpet cleaner. Then, place the solution tank in the machine.

Step 4: Clean the carpet thoroughly

Now, it is time to clean the carpet. At first, turn on the switch.

To start the handle release switch, you will need to step on it, and thus you can start your cleaning process.

To release the cleaning solution, you can use the spray trigger. After cleaning a specific area, you might need to change the cleaning solution.

You can press the trigger, and the dirt will automatically come off. It is recommended to work with small areas and dispense the dirt before you go to other areas.

Step 5: Clear the solution tank

You will need to carefully remove the solution tank with lifting the handle.

Take the tank in the sink and pour the dirt all the way until the tank is cleaned. Rinse it with clean water.

Step 6: Fill the solution tank with clean water

After you are done cleaning with carpet cleaner and hot water, it is time to rinse the carpet with clean water.

You will need to clear the solution tank and fill it with clean water to rinse.

By following these steps, you will be able to have a clean and dirt-free carpet or rag. The cleaning process is simple, and the machine is also easy to use.


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