How to Use Bed Risers – Simple Tips & DIY Bed Risers

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When you know how to use bed risers, it can be a quick way to increase the comfort and luxurious feeling of getting a taller bed.

Also, bed risers are a neat trick to increase your bedroom storage. Under bed storage seems to be a bit of a catch-all when it comes to tucking away the less-used items in your home. Unless you are lucky enough to have access to an attic or basement for storage, chances are your bedroom can become the “junk drawer” of the house.

Luckily, we have an easy solution for you and your storage conundrum. Stick around and find out what bed risers are and how to use bed risers.

how to use bed risers

What Are Bed Risers?

It’s as simple as the name: bed risers are a device to raise your bed. Why on earth would we want to raise our bed and how is that going to help our storage difficulties?

Using bed risers to raise your bed even just a few inches can double your under-bed storage in no time. Rather than waste all of that negative space under your bed, they open up that underutilized space and allow for more organized storage solutions.

Are They Safe?

Yes. Bed risers are a safe option for increasing your storage. As you read on and learn how to use bed risers, you will learn that these products are strength tested and often advertise how much weight they can hold.

The basic design of a bed riser is that each one is wider and more stable than the original bed legs, meaning that not only do they provide space but also support.

Who Needs Bed Risers?

Bed risers are for anyone and everyone. They are not only simple but affordable and can be bought in stores or you can do it yourself.

Bed risers are a fantastic storage solution for folks living in apartments, downsizing to smaller spaces, or, most popularly, sending their kids off to college. College students are perhaps the number one user of them due to the increasingly small dorm rooms often shared between two or more students.

How to Use Bed Risers

There are a few ways to use bed risers. You can even make your own DIY risers. But how do you use bed risers? They are quick and easy. You simply take the risers and, following the set instructions, place them underneath all four legs of your bed.

We recommend grabbing a friend (or a new college roommate) to give you a hand – and always place your risers under the bed before placing your box spring and/or mattress on the bed frame. The only step left is to choose the right set of risers for you.

We’ve compiled the best bed risers on the market for those who want the ease and convenience of purchasing bed risers directly from the store. However, we’ve also included a few do-it-yourself riser solutions as well as ways to best utilize your newfound storage space.

The Budget Pick – Plastic Bed Risers

The budget pick of the bunch is the Plastic Bed Risers. These plain black bed risers are made of plastic and are ideal for college students and other folks on a budget. Alternatively, if you make your beds with bed skirts or blankets that hang down, you can easily conceal these budget bed risers without much effort at all.

The Heavy Weight Pick – Aluminum Bed Riser

The winner of the heavyweight championship for bed risers is the Aluminum Bed Riser. Made with strength-tested aluminum, these can withstand just about anything. They have the ability to support 9,000 pounds per leg or a total of 36,000 pounds.

Not just reserved for guest rooms and dorm beds, the Aluminum Bed Risers can be used to raise sofas, tables, and more. All the while, you can rest easy knowing that these heavy-duty metal bed risers are tried and tested to withhold extreme weights.

The Most Popular Bed Riser in the Dorm – Heavy Duty with USB and Electrical Outlets

The star of the college dorm show is the USB Outlet bed riser. These risers are perfect for students because they not only provide ample storage but also include a unique and useful feature: outlets.

These bed risers are equipped with USB and electrical outlets – a convenience for anyone but an absolute necessity for teens and young adults in the dorm rooms or even at home.

The Fashionable Favorite – Natural Wood Bed Risers

Perhaps the most stylish and sleek of the bunch, the Natural Wood Risers are our pick for the fashionable favorite. These risers are available in multiple rich varieties of wood and are sure to blend into your decor or stand out as the stars of the bedroom.

Perhaps the best feature of these risers is the ability to adjust the height and customize the look themselves. As stackable individual units, you can add or take away units to find the perfect height for your bed risers.

Meanwhile, the unique shape of these natural wood risers can liven up even the most basic of beds.

Do-It-Yourself Wooden Bed Risers

While the convenience and ease of purchasing risers are certainly alluring, some folks love to stick to the DIY approach whether it is a hobby, saving a few dollars, or simply have the supplies hanging around.

These do-it-yourself bed risers are shockingly easy to back and just as easy to install.

Tools and Supplies Needed

4”x4” lumber, like Pine or Walnut
Adhesive Furniture Pads
Hole Saw kit
Optional: Carpenter’s wood glue

1. If you cannot cut four even pieces of 4×4 at home, head to your local lumber supplier and have an associate cut a 4×4 into four equal lengths. The length is based on your preference but we recommend 6 inches.

2. Follow the instructions on your hole saw kit and drill a 1”x1” hole in the center of the 4×4 pieces on one side only. This hole is for inserting the feet of your bed frame into the riser. Measure the feet of your bed frame before cutting the hole.

In the most basic sense, you now have bed risers. However, the fun part is decorating them. Grab some paints, a tasteful stain, or a fun foil to wrap your risers before continuing to the next step.

3. Optionally, use carpenter’s wood glue to stick any pieces you need together.

4. On the bottom side (the side without the hole) of each riser, place an adhesive furniture pad. This will prevent any scratching or scuffing on the floor.

5. Now proceed with placing the riser beneath each leg of your bed and you are all set.

The Best Part About Raising Your Bed

For the grand finale, we give you the best part about lifting your bed. This simple storage solution is not complete without a great storage system. Whether you’re one to throw your skis under the bed and forget about them until next season or you regularly use your under-bed storage for clothes or linens, a tidy storage system is the best way to utilize your new storage space.

We recommend grabbing under-bed storage boxes that are set on wheels and designed specifically for efficient under-bed storage. This way you can easily access even the farthest recesses of your bed storage without shimmying under your bed. Alternatively, you can place a rug or mats under your bed with your stored items atop. You can simply slide the rug or mat out from under the bed and bring your goods with it.

Everyone has reached a moment when they realize that they might have run out of storage space. That moment can arrive in any room whether it’s the kitchen, the bathroom, or the bedroom.

With your new knowledge on how to raise your bed, your underbed storage space is about to double.

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