How To Turn a Tire Inside Out – Follow these 4 Steps to Make it Easy

Tires made out of rubber can be harmful to the environment after it is being dumped as useless materials.

Burning the tires also causes heavy smoke that is full of Carbon-di-oxide. Rather than burning the tire, you can turn it inside out to make beautiful things.

But how to turn a tire inside out? This question can pop up in your mind once again and make you consider to dump the tire one more time.

The following section can give you the best idea to use an inside out tire and instruct you how to make that inside out off a tire.

4 Steps To Turn a Tire Inside Out

How To Turn a Tire Inside Out – 4 Steps to Make it Easy

Step 1: Get a heavy-duty knife

Tires are very thick in nature. And cutting the rubber components with a regular knife is kind of impossible.

So getting the perfect category knife is mandatory to get the best cut output needed. Use a big heavy-duty knife to cut your tire.

You can buy a heavy-duty knife from the nearby hardware store. Using the heavy-duty knife cut a slit into the tire.

The full area should be surrounded by the slit of the tire. Keep in mind that the slit should be neat and smooth.

Step 2: Cut slits to the tire and remove a bead

Cutting the slit on the tire will make the tire remove one bead side.

The removed bead side will help you to remove the tire from the present structure to the inside out structure.

Step 3: Grab the tire and try to move the tire to the opposite side

Now try to grab one side of the cut tire to pull it. When you pull the tire up, it will help you to move the tire to the opposite side.

You can place your leg or foot on the other side of the tire which will work as weigh on the tire and help you to pull the tire upside down.

Try to slide your hand on the side and keep moving them to flip the whole tire slowly. The flipping will help you to get to your desired goal.

Step 4: Invert the whole tire

Do not stop pulling the tire as it does not flip or inverts fully.

The pulling will cause you a lot of strength loss, but in the end, you can have an inside out tire ready to be used.

Besides, the process can be done using a shovel or a chained car to pull off the tire inverted.

Whatever you use to invert the tire, you should keep in mind that, the machine you are using should cast an even strength on the tire.

Otherwise, the unbalanced force on the tire can tear it apart. Which means it is always better to use hands than using any machinery to do the job.

Using the technique to inside out the tire of your car can help you create many things like swings for your child, to garden planters.

You can hang up your inside out tire and fill it up with cushions to make you a beautiful swing for your child.

And planters made out of inside out tires have been known for a long time.

Whatever you make or create with an old tire needs to be made followed by the techniques to get the best out of it.

This way, you can make your garden look beautiful while keeping it playful for your kids.

But, turning tires inside out is not all that it needs. The process of making art out of it and ensuring the safety of using those things should be known to all.

The below section will help you to know about those things to make your life beautiful and easier.

How To Turn a Tire Inside Out

How to Make Tire Art?

Making arts out of tires can make your backyard look beautiful, and those can help your child to spend a good time.

Coloring the old tires can help you to make arts out of it. You can use acrylic or any paints to paint that up.

Using spray paint is recommended, as they spread easily. You can draw faces and also can create cartoon characters out of those.

Your child will love to play with them undoubtedly.

How to Make Planters Out of Tires?

Planters made out of inside out tires are very common. Just make the inside out tire and plant your trees in it.

It is ready whenever it is made to be inside out. The inside out tires gets the shape of a vase. And that shape helps to hold up the plant in that.

Just cut a slit in the tire and make it upside down. Clean the whole tire with water and place soil in it. Lastly, plant your trees in it.

You can also color the outside of the planter to look beautiful. If so, you have to color the planter before you plant trees in it.

How to Paint Old Tires for Planters?

Painting the tires for the planters made out of old tires needs to follow only a few steps. First, you need to clean the tire properly and leave to dry.

Then use a primer to it. After that use nontoxic paints to the tire to color it up. And your colored planter out of tire is ready to be used.

Is it Safe to Grow Vegetables in Old Tires?

Growing vegetables in the old tires are perfectly safe as long as you do not color the tires up while there is a vegetable plant in it.

But make sure that you plant your vegetable plant in the tire planter after you washed the tire properly.

Otherwise, there might be a chance to be the vegetables to get contaminated.

Inside out tires used as gardening materials are common nowadays. So, use your ones to make your garden look cool and make your gardening a lot more easy.

Because simple usage of the tires in your backward can keep the environment clean while making your backyard garden look fabulous.


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