How To Till A Garden Without A Tiller

Having the perfect and fertilized land or soil to have a healthy and beautiful garden is the most important part of the job.

And to have healthy soil for the garden, tilling is undoubtedly important. But we tend to forget that we do not need to have a tiller all the time to do it.

So, how to till a garden without a tiller brings a huge question mark in the mind of the gardeners.

How To Till A Garden Without A Tiller

Tillers help to break the soil of the garden and uproot the grass and other unwanted weeds.

It also helps to make the soil airy and healthy for the tree to be bowed. But using the electric or the gas-powered tillers may also cause harm to nature.

Earthworms do the job of fertilizing the soil and deconstructs it to be airy and healthy. But using the tiller can kill the warms.

So, it is better to spend a bit of your time and energy to make your soil ready without the help of the tillers.

To do the job, you will be needing is a long handle shovel, A garden fork, a wheelbarrow and a pair of heavy-duty gloves.

Follow the below section to find out the process to till your garden soil without a tiller.

How To Till A Garden Without A Tiller

Step 1: Determine the plot and soil health

For tilling the land of the garden, the first-ever consideration should be the plot location.

Protect your hands wearing the heavy-duty gloves to save you from the blisters caused by the heavy soil pulling using the shovel.

One of the most important part of the job is to determine the health of the soil.

If the land soil is too acidic or there is a high Ph level, then it must be fixed first with lime or peat moss.

These elements cure the soil composition for you to have healthy soil for gardening.

Step 2: Shovel the land to till

Now, as you have determined and cured your soil health of the plot, get your shovel in your hand and dig 8 to 12 inches deep in your soil using it.

Push your shovel handle down to the soil and pull that up. Continue to do the process until you are done with the whole area of the garden.

It is better to do it in the circular motion to avoid your stepping on the already tilled soil. This way you can easily cover up the whole area in no time.

Step 3: Use a wheelbarrow to carry the soil to remove the rocks

Get your wheelbarrow and pick up the soil to remove the small and medium-sized rocks from the soil.

You can use a garden fork to remove the rocks from it. You can also rake the soil to remove the rocks.

Using the reak helps to clean a large amount of soil at a time. But if you do not have any rake with you, you can use the garden fork too.

The garden fork will take a bit of time, but the work will be done in the same way as using the reak.

Step 4: Break the large soil lumps using your hands

You can see a lot of large soil lumps in the tilled soil. You can use your hands to break those large lumps of soil or also can use the head of the rake to break them.

Breaking the soil lumps helps to get the soil aired and loose enough to pass the air through it.

And once you are done with the breaking of the soil chunks, then you are almost ready to plant your trees to your garden.

Step 5: Mix the soil well and fill the area

The last step is to mix the soil you have tilled throughout the time. This will let you have a perfect and balanced mixture of the upper-level soil and the mid-level ones.

You can also get some compost and mix it with the soil to make it more fertilize.

Once you are done with mixing the soil altogether, then you have to fill the whole area with the soil. Now water the bed properly.

Leave your soil for a day and then sow the seeds of the trees or directly plant the trees in your garden.

Tilling the land without the tillers may cause a lot of time and energy drain, but it can assure you the nature safety.

This can help you to have the earthworms living in your garden soil intact, which will help you to plough your land with time naturally.

And when it comes to ploughing, the tilling process may differ from the area you are working with. Follow up the below section to find more about it.

How To Till A Garden By Hand

Tilling a garden only by hand may be a tough job to do. But it is not impossible.

There are many gloves on the market available that are made to do the tilling of the soil. Many gloves come with steel heads on the fingers to remove the soil.

You can get one of them and use them to pull up the soil and till the land. But this takes a lot of time and energy.

So, if you are planting in a pot or in a very small corner of the land, then you can use this process to make the soil airy.

How To Till Soil With A Tractor

Tilling a large area requires a large amount of time and people using shovels. So, for large lands, tractors are being used to till the plot.

Tractors power is measured by horsepower. So, buy your desired tractor and drive it on your land to plough the land for making your garden or farm.

Tractors are designed with large fork at the end, so, when you drive it on your ground, it tills and reaks the soil at the same time to make your land ready for planting.

Whatever method you choose to make your soil healthy, but always keep in mind that do not ever overuse chemical compost.

Chemicals destroy soil health by time. So, keep the compost natural as much as possible to keep the nature safe for us.


  1. There are 4 steps to till a garden without a tiller. Step 1: make sure it’s the right time for digging. Step 2: improve the soil’s quality. Step 3: dig your first row. Step 4: dig your next rows.


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