How to Thicken Latex Paint

Latex paint is famous for painting walls as it contains water. The presence of water in the paint makes the wall easier to clean.

But sometimes the water can make the paint thinner than you want. If you are planning to paint your wall, you should know how to thicken latex paint.

Latex paint comes as a mixture of latex and water. Latex paint dries off very quickly.

And it is also popular because working with latex paint is easier than working with oil-based paint.

how to thicken latex paint

Also, latex paint can be found as basic paints and glossy ones. So, you will have an option to choose based on your preference.

However, as the paint is quite thin, many people want to make the paint thicker. Thicker paint works better for old walls or damaged walls.

Fortunately, there are a few ways you can thicken latex paint. Here is a step by step guide through which you can thicken latex paint.

How to Thicken Latex Paint – Follow 6 Steps

Step 1: Collect the necessary tools

At first, you will need a few tools to thicken latex paint successfully and work with it.

The most common way of thickening latex paint is to use a latex thickening agent. These thickening agents are water-soluble.

It means the agent will easily get dissolved in water. These thickening agents are usually made with hydroxyethyl cellulose.

You can easily find such agents in your nearby home improvement store. Also, wear gloves before using the thickening agent.

Find a place and cover the area with sheets so that you don’t damage your floors or walls with the paint.

You will also need a bucket or a bowl to mix the paint with the thickening agent and a paint stick to stir.

Step 2: Read the instruction written on the thickening agent

As you will be dealing with a chemical component, it is better to read the instructions first.

If the instruction tells you to take any extra measures, do it. You will also find instructions about how to use the thickening agent.

Step 3: Take a bucket and pour the latex paint

Take a large bucket so that you can easily work and mix the paint. Fill the bucket with latex paint and leave a part of the bucket so that it can hold the thickening agent.

You will also need enough room so that you can stir the mixture comfortably.

Step 4: Add the agent with the latex paint

The amount of thickening agent will depend on the amount of paint you will need. You can pour the thickening agent on the bucket.

Alternatively, you can also use a tablespoon or a little mug if you don’t want to take the risk of pouring more than you need.

You need to be careful while doing this. Because, if you pour more thickening agent than you need, you will ruin the whole paint.

So, our suggestion will be to work with small amounts at first. Always remember not to use more than 25% of a thickening agent in the latex paint.

Step 5: Stir the mixture slowly

Then, stir the mixture as you go. Take a paint stick and stir the mixture with it.

Once you become sure of the thickness, stop pouring thickening agent anymore.

Another thing you should keep in mind is to follow the instructions very carefully. You might feel like you need more thickness.

But pouring more will cause the paint to crack or break.

Step 6: Finally, test the latex paint by applying the painting on the wall

If you want to see if the painting has gotten the desired thickness or not, you can choose a small area from your wall and apply the mixture.

Wait for some time so that the paint dries. If you see that the paint has a great consistency and it has no crack, you are good to go.

Thickening a latex paint is not a tough task to do as you will find thickening agents available in the market.

You will have to buy the product and mix it with the right amount. Below, there are a few points which will give you a better idea related to thickening latex paint.

6 steps to thicken latex paint

How to Thicken Enamel Paint?

You can thicken enamel paint by adding a little amount of water. But make sure that you don’t pour large amount of water all at once.

Pouring all at once will prevent the paint from mixing properly. Add a little amount of water and continuously stir as you go.

That is how you will be able to thicken enamel paint. Stop adding water once you feel that you have got the desired thickness.

How to Thicken Oil Paint?

You can thicken oil painting by adding dust and sand. It is the easiest and common method among painters to thicken oil paint.

The con of this process is that the paint loses its shine to some extent after adding sand and dust.

But if you don’t have any issue with this, you will have a nice and thick painting consistency. Also, many painters prefer this texture over the shiner ones.

You can also add beeswax in your painting to make it thicker. The more beeswax you will add, the more thick and transparent the painting will be.

How to Thicken Paint with Flour or Cornstarch?

You can thicken paint with flour or cornstarch. Before adding the flour, you will need to mix it with water.

Take one cup of cold water and add two tablespoons of cornstarch or flour in it. Stir the mixture and put it on a pan.

Then, heat it slowly on the stove. To get a good consistency, you will need to stir the mixture continuously.

After a while, you will get a paste-like texture. Don’t heat for too long, which might make the mixture dry.

Now add the mixture as per your required thickness. Be patient and see if you are getting the right consistency.

You can use any of these above-mentioned methods to thicken paint. All these will work properly if you can maintain the right ingredients with the right proportion.


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