How to Test a Fluorescent Bulb

Fluorescent bulbs have been common in use in the past decades.

The availability of the bulbs and the longevity of it make it more applicable to the use of the people.

But having flickering bulbs or the bulb that does not light up at all can cause problems for the people.

And there is not always enough time to test it by the professionals.

That is why knowing how to test a fluorescent bulb can help you to avoid such inconvenient situations.

how to test a fluorescent bulb

The fluorescent bulb or the tubes come in with an easy mechanism. That is why it is being used so widely around the world.

Besides, the bulb produces bright lights, which reduces the use of a lot of light in one place.

The convenient use of the light attracts the users to choose the fluorescent lights over others.

But getting them ruined can also cause severe problems as there is no other light placed to light up the area.

That is why you need to know the process to test one by yourself to solve your problems instantly.

The testing process can be divided into a few small steps to ensure you the accurate reading of the bulb. The process is given below for you to help.

How to Test a Fluorescent Bulb: Easy Steps to Identity Bulb Damage

To identify if the bulb is okay or not, you need to make sure you do all the steps. There is no exact process to do it.

But it is a combination of different tricks as a whole. Anyone of the tricks failure can lead to defining the test result.

Step 1: Check the electric power supply

The first thing you need to do is to check the electric power flow. Check if the power supply is even or not.

The light flickering can be a reason for the uneven power supply or broken power circuits. Check the circuits to find that up.

If you find any problem there, then you need to call up an electrician to fix it. If not, then look for the problem in the later steps.

Step 2: Remove the bulb and check the glass body and the electrode pins

Next, take off your bulb and look if the corners of the bulb have become dark or not.

If you see that the light has become dark, it means the lifespan of the light is close to its end. If not, look for the two electrode pins on the bulb.

Check if any of the pins are missing or bent or not. If any of them are missing or bent, then the reason for the bulbs flickering is that.

Step 3: Check the light with a tester

You can check the power flow continuity with a multimeter or a tester.

To continue with the process, add a power supply to one pin and check the flow with a tester. If the tester lights up, that means the bulb is okay.

But if it does not, that means you need to change the bulb. Besides, having a good bulb can still not end up having it lighted.

That means you need to check out the other fixtures of the bulb to end up with the result. That includes checking the starter of the light.

The older forms of the light had to attach a starter with it to light up. Getting it spoiled can also stop to light your fluorescent bulb.

There can be a problem in the ballast of the light, which can also prevent you from lighting up your fluorescent bulb.

Whatever the problem raises the bulb you have, there will be one sign of it. And it will make it look like that you have a spoiled fluorescent bulb.

But it is not always true. That is why it is better to test the bulb beforehand to change it for all.

Because having a problem in the ballast can not be solved by changing the bulb only. So, determine the problem first to take action appropriately.

There are so many other things about fluorescent lights to know and handle the lights properly to get the best output of it.

Read the below description to know about them.

How to Test Fluorescent Light Socket?

You can test the fluorescent light socket with a tester or a multimeter.

All you need to do is to set the multimeter to the ohm settings and touch one electrode pin to see if it lights or not.

If it lights up, this means you have a fully functioning fluorescent light socket. And you can also use the light for a long time.

How to Tell When a Fluorescent Bulb is Burned Out?

You can easily tell if a fluorescent bulb is burned or not. The burned fluorescent bulb has a darker end of it.

So, if you see a darker tone on the ends of the bulb or the tube, that means the bulb has been burned off.

And a burned fluorescent bulb can not light up anymore. Or in other words, the lifespan of the fluorescent bulb is over.

How Do You Test a Fluorescent Starter with a Multimeter?

A fluorescent starter can be tested by a multimeter very easily.  For this, you need to turn the power off and then attach the multimeter at the one end of the starter.

This will show the reading of the electric flow in the starter. If the flow shows normal, then you have a completely working starter.

But if the reading shows to have no power flow, then it means you have a ruined starter at your hand.

Besides, you can also use a tester to check if the starter is okay to work with or not.

A fluorescent bulb can be tested and checked if that works properly or not.

But whatever the problems you face, the outcomes will be seen as a flickering light or a dead light that does not light up.

Simply use the techniques above to determine the problems and solve them at any time and anywhere.

And know the basics of fluorescent lights and others to make your life a lot easier for you.


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