How to Tell If Water Heater is Gas or Electric – 5 Ways to Find Out

Heaters are a pretty much important tool in the house. Whenever it gets ruined, it creates a disturbance which we all have gone through it at least once in our life.

But, breaking down of the heater is not the ultimate solution. You need to fix that as soon as possible.

For that, you need to know what kind of heater do you have. But, how to tell if water heater is gas or electric can pop up in your mind right away.

5 Ways to Tell If Water Heater is Gas or Electric

How Can I Identify if My Water Heater is Gas or Electric?

The identification of the type of water heater is very easy. The following instructions will help you to identify what kind of water heaters do you have in your house.

Look for a blue flame pilot light

Gas water heaters have a blue flame pilot light in it. The light indicates that there is the presence of gas in your water heater.

You can remove the access panel of your heater from the side of it and look for the pilot light.

If you see a pilot light presence in the heater, then you have a gas heater in your house. Electric heaters do not come up with such lights.

Look for an electric supply cord

You can look for an electrical cable connecting to your heater. The cable is a thick extension of the heater, and it can be black or grey in color.

If you find a thick cable connecting from the top or the side of your heater, then your heater is electric.

Look for a black or a copper pipe

If you find a 0.5-inch black pipe or a 0.25-inch copper pipe connecting to the bottom of your heater, then your water heater is a gas water heater.

Both the pipes supply gas to the heater to heat the water.

Look for a vent pipe or chimney

Look at your water heater. Does it have a PVC pipe connected to it? Is it around 3 to 4 inch in diameter? If so, your water heater is a gas type.

Usually, the gas water heater has a motor and a fan inside it. And that forces the exhaust created by the gas to come out.

The vent pipe helps water heater to loose up the exhaust out by it. The electric water heaters do not need any chimney, as it does not create any exhaust in it.

So, if you have an exhaust pipe connected to your water heater, then it is undoubtedly a gas water heater.

Look for an electric center break labeled water heater

Usually, the electric water heaters create a break in your electrical load distribution center. The break is marked as the water heater.

So, if you find a break labeling water heater, then your water heater at the house is an electric one.

With these simple instructions, you can easily determine what kind of water heaters do you have in your house.

And for that, you will not need to call an electrician or any plumber to do so. But knowing only the type of water heaters of your home is not enough.

To treat your house a better way, you need to know what is the better type and does all of them requires electricity or not.

Let’s take a look below to find out that information too.

How to Identify Gas and Electric Water Heater

Gas vs. Electric Hot Water Heater: Which One is More Efficient?

Water heaters of both types are common in households. But the question of which one is better always lies in between.

The answer may vary from country to country as the local utility cost varies in different regions.

But on average, the vote may stick to gas water heaters. The consumer reports say that the cost of the gas water heater is half in number than the electric water heaters.

But if you consider the efficiency of the heater, then it might stick along with electric heaters.

Because the electric heaters do not loss heats. It also is less risky to explode as it does not run by fule.

So, depending on the criteria, one has to choose, which one does they need.

Do Gas Water Heaters Use Electricity?

Gas fueled water heaters mainly runs on the gas fuel.

But some of the new models of the gas water heaters may also need electricity to run a few elements in the water heater.

As for, some of the gas water heater models require electric supply to light up the pilot light.

Which means, it is not always true that the gas water heaters only need gas fuel to run. It may also need electricity to run too.

With these basic ideas of a water heater, it would be easier for you to choose and also repair the water heating system of your house.


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