How to Tear Down a House Yourself

Fixing your house that has been sloping and sagging for a long time may not be a good idea.

Because those repairing costs a lot of money that is sometimes unbearable. So tearing that house apart to build a new one is a good idea and it is also cheap.

That is why it is essential to know about how to tear down a house yourself.

how to tear down a house yourself

Getting the help of professionals may cost a lot of money. But, with time and patience, you can do the job by yourself.

So why ask someone else to do such things that you can do and why pay them about those work.

Let us find out how to knock down a house in just five simple steps by yourself in the section below.

How to Tear Down a House Yourself: 5 Simple Steps

Before you start your deconstruction of the house, take a few times, and get your house inspected at first.

The professionals may do the inspection. And after you have examined the house, now get your permit to knock down the house and disconnect the existing utility and electric connections.

And with due permission, you can go along with the step by step process to tear down your house.

Step 1: Remove the top-down shingles and underlayment

At the very first, you need to remove all the shingles and the underlayment furnishers in your house.

Work in the top to the downside to keep the pace and also keep you safe from hitting yourself.

Wear safety measures while working with such tools and others.

Once you are done with the roof, you can now concentrate on the floor and pull off the plywood sheet of the floor and other coverings to remove the underlayment.

Step 2: Remove the interior fixtures

The next step is to remove the interior fixtures you have in your house. Such as the doors and the windows.

Make sure that you remove the glass materials first to avoid any type of accident.

Remove the plumbing and electric lines also to maintain the safety of your work. Remove every hardware from the house to complete the step.

Step 3: Remove the drywall and plywood sheeting

Next, you need to remove all the drywall and the plywoods sheet to expose the pillars and the concrete studs.

Do not forget to remove the exterior layer of the plywood and the other staff to expose the concrete pillars and the body of the house.

Step 4: Remove the roof materials and the nondominant walls

After you have exposed the wall studs and others, now it is time to remove the roof layer and cut down the trusses.

Make sure that you do that with proper safety measures. Roof materials have to removed and put to safety so that no one gets hurt or something.

Once you have eliminated the roof, now it is time to remove the nondominant walls. Make sure that you look for the dominant walls and keep them safe.

If you remove them at the first hand, then there could be a massive accident, and you can hurt yourself and others.

Step 5: Remove the remainings of the house

In the last step, remove the leftover walls and the floors of the house. Remove the floor joists to deconstruct the house properly.

Make sure that you dump the garbage in the right place. So that no one gets hurt. Expose any harmful chemicals in the right way to avoid any accidents.

And you are done with the deconstruction of your house.

Tearing down your house can be done within 10 to 12 days if you work with your group of 5 to 8 people.

This little time investing can help you to save a lot of money and also lets you have a good time along with your friends to try something new.

And deconstructing the house enables you to build up a new home according to your taste and desire.

This way, you can start your plan to construct your new home in no time and start working for it.

But knowing only the steps to demolish your house may not be enough for you.

There are some other related queries that you might need to know about demolishing your house. Read the below section to find that out.

How Much Does it Cost to Demolish a House?

Demolishing your house cost will be depending on the size of the house you want to tear down.

The basic cost will be around 5 to 18 dollars per square inch, depending on the area and nearby facilities.

If you can get yourself the proper facilities to do your job easily can cost the minimum for you to demolish your house in no time.

Or you can hire someone to do that work for you.

Do You Need Permission to Demolish a House?

Demolishing your home may not require to have permission all the time.

But if you are living in a house that is too old or comes in other peoples or government property, then you need to take permission for it.

But it is always better to take the precautions to do the job. So, make sure that you take the permission in the first place to avoid any unwanted situation.

What to Salvage Before a Building Demolition?

Before you start your demolition process to knock down your house, there are plenty of things that you want to salvage before they get ruined.

Those things are glass, steel, drywall, wood, asphalt shingles, concrete, brick, and many more.

But if you can save them in the first place, then you might not need to pay a lot when you rebuilt your house.

Because you can reuse the things that you have saved in the first place. Besides, it is better to reuse things to keep our nature from getting polluted.

With this simple knowledge, you can easily demolish your house and build a new one to live in with your beloved family.


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