How to Stop Windscreen Wipers Juddering – 5 Easy Solutions

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Windscreen wipers are meant to let the drivers see better by clearing the rain or snow off their car glass. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for them to judder, which can be incredibly annoying while driving. That is why you should know how to stop windscreen wipers juddering.

Tip: Is it time to replace your wiper blades?

Wiper blades need to be changed surprisingly often. Every 6-12 months is the recommended time to make the switch. Measure the length of your current wiper blades to get the right fit. Most cars use 22-inch wiper blades. As well, check your car’s manual if you need more details.

Windscreen wipers are a very important part of keeping your view clear while driving. However, what happens if you notice that your windscreen wipers are wobbly a bit? Is that a sign that they are going to fail?

This is a potentially dangerous problem that could cause an accident. Don’t ignore it. Instead, see what you can do to stop it promptly. Here are a few ways to stop the juddering of windscreen wipers.

How to Stop Windscreen Wipers Juddering

How to Stop Windscreen Wipers Juddering

Method 1: How to Stop Windscreen Wipers Juddering by Refilling the Fluid in Them

The wiper fluid will run out sometimes. This may cause juddering of your wipers. If this is the culprit, then you should consider refilling the fluid tank.

That may also happen if the brand you use doesn’t provide sufficient moisture to generously lubricate your wiper blades. This may lead to windscreen wipers juddering. Whatever the reason, be sure to check and add the wiper fluid if needed.

Perhaps you’ve never refilled the windshield wiper fluid before. All you need to do is follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Buy the right wiper fluid. You can find it at gas stations and auto parts stores. There’s a range of wiper fluids to choose from. They come with different features. It’s critical to pick one that is suitable for your vehicle.

Step 2: After checking the manual for suggestions and instructions on how to use fluid, securely prop the hood open and locate the fluid container of your wipers. Most models have a brightly colored, big cap with a picture of a windscreen.

Step 3: Once you’ve taken off and placed the lid in a safe spot, use a funnel to fill the container with the liquid. Make sure the fill line is reached.

Step 4: Don’t forget the container cap when you are done. Put it back in place before you close the hood of your car.

Step 5: Lastly, you need to check if your wipers work smoothly now. Sit in your car and press the lever that runs wiper fluid. If it didn’t stop juddering, try other methods.

Method 2: Soften the Rubber to Stop Juddering

The next thing you should try is softening. Check if the rubber of your wipers is flexible. It tends to get stiff and noisy over time, which leads to chattering or juddering when the wipers are gliding against the windshield glass.

If your wipers are old, they probably have stiff blades and it can be difficult or impossible to make them soft again. Your best bet is to replace them to solve the problem.

However, if they are new, then you should try to soften the rubber using a product like the Armor All Protectant. Rubbing alcohol can also do the trick. Simply apply some alcohol over the rubber with a cloth to make it a bit softer.

Method 3: Realign a Wiper Blade

If the previous methods don’t work, some readjusting may help. Juddering can occur whether your wipers are loose or tight. They both make noise. You will need to readjust them either way.

For this job, you will need a regular wrench, flathead screwdriver, pliers, and socket set. The goal is to align wiper arms. In addition to adjusting the tension on the wipers, you may also need to adjust their rubber by moving it around until it feels loose and soft.

Step 1: Before you start the engine, make sure the ignition of your automobile is on.

Step 2: After turning on your wipers, select the park position and lift either blade by hand.

Step 3: Then allow the wiper blade to touch the glass by releasing it, thereby adjusting the tension.

Step 4: Check the park line of the blade. Ensure that the heel is positioned within 0.2 inches (about 5 mm) of the park line.

Step 5: If the blade tip of your wiper strikes the cowl screen too much, reposition the heel so that it’s placed slightly higher than the park line.

Method 4: Inspect Wiper Blades and Replace Them if Needed

Check the condition of wipers every so often. If the blades look or sound slightly worse for wear, you will have to replace them. For instance, they may start to squeak or streak on the windscreen.

Also, if there are splits in your wiper blades, replace them as soon as you can. Do not put it off. It’s advisable to change blades every 8 to 12 months. This will depend on your car usage and the brand of windscreen wipers.

If your wipers take a lot of wear and tear, they will eventually break down. Worn-out blades need replacement without delay. Don’t wait for them to deteriorate over time, as their metal part will be scratching your windshield.

There could be different problems with wipers. Sometimes it is the damaged arm joint, other times it is cracked wiper rubber. Many drivers also face a bent or broken assembly of their wipers. If this happens to you, the best solution is to purchase new wipers.

Method 5: Clean Your Wipers and Windscreen on a Regular Basis

It is important to clean your car regularly, including its windshield glass and wiper blades. That will prevent debris from building up on your wipers, which is one of the most common reasons for juddering.

Blades Cleaning

Regarding the blades, the mixture of rubbing alcohol and hot soapy water is often quite enough. Take a clean rag or sponge as well as a bucket of soapy water. Then lift your wipers and remove any dirt or grease by wiping them thoroughly and slowly.

Be sure to clean the body and hinges as well. It is best to pull up your wipers before cleaning the blades. Once the contaminants are removed completely, your wipers are supposed to be more flexible and more effective at sweeping water off the windshield.

Windscreen Cleaning

When it comes to the windshield, use a strong glass cleaner for the best results. Apply it on a microfiber cloth or rag and lift the dirt off the glass by scrubbing in circular, small motions.

Alternatively, you can clean your windscreen with undiluted white vinegar. Pour the vinegar into a spray bottle for easy application. Be careful! Avoid spraying painted parts of the vehicle to prevent damage.

If your windshield is extremely dirty, baking soda can be an efficient solution. Alcohol wipes can also be very helpful when you are on the road. However, they will not fix the juddering problem for good.

Once the remaining grease or oils have been lifted off, you’ll need to remove everything no matter what cleaning solution is used. Eventually, there should be no oils and waxes on the glass because it could make the wiper rubber stick and cause juddering.

FAQs About How to Stop Windscreen Wipers Juddering

Why Are Windscreen Wipers Juddering?

When installing new blades, many people choose low-quality options or ones that aren’t designed for their vehicles. This results in juddering. The tightness level is also important, as too much or too little tension between the wipers and car glass can cause squeaking and shuddering.

How to Fix a Windshield Wiper Judder?

There are a few different solutions to fix this problem. The most popular fixes involve cleaning the wipers regularly, wiping the edges of wiper blades with rubbing alcohol, and treating them with a rubber or glass sealant. Be sure to change the sealant. Besides, you can use talcum powder to cover the rubber.


The juddering of windscreen wipers is an issue that people often overlook. However, it can be a costly and dangerous problem if it is not fixed in time. Now that you know how to stop windscreen wipers juddering, you will have a quiet, smooth experience while driving and keep yourself safe on the roads.

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