How to Stop Office Chair From Rolling – 9 Easy Ways

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For most of us, sitting at a desk on your office chair is a significant part of your day. Not only is an office chair used for work, it’s also used for recreational time like chatting, reading and video gaming. It can be annoying when these chairs roll as you try to sit still, even though they are quite comfortable.

Tip: Add locking caster brakes to your chair

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The solution could be as simple as replacing the current set of wheels with new ones that have brakes on them. For a how-to guide on how to replace the office chair wheels, check it out below in Method 2.

You can deal with this issue easily with the right solutions. Read on to find out the 9 different methods on how to stop office chair from rolling.

How to Stop Office Chair From Rolling

How to Stop Office Chair From Rolling

Method 1: Use wheel stoppers below the chair

Wheel stoppers are a good solution to stop office chairs from rolling. They come in different shapes and sizes and you can buy them depending on what type or size of the stopper is the right one for you

1. Look out for wheel stoppers of the right size according to your casters and buy the ones you want.

2. Once you get them, place them under each caster. These stoppers act as a wall around the wheels blocking the movement of the wheel and keeping it still.

Method 2: Replace the wheels with a hands-free brake caster

The simplest way to stop office chairs from rolling is to replace the wheels with locking casters. They are super easy to use.

1. Remove the current wheels from your chair. For most office chairs, turn your chair upside down and place it as securely as possible on its side. Take a hold of the old wheels. With force, pull straight out. You may use work gloves to get a better grip.

2. Get the new locking caster wheels and place them into the slot. Give it a firm push. Now that you’ve got the wheels on your office chair and switch them into a locked position.

3. Choose a model of brake caster that will automatically be turned on whenever you sit on it. This way you will have to stand up to roll the chair again.

4. You will need to switch it back to the off position while trying to roll your chair.

5. Another type of locking caster is available that you do adjustment of using your foot, i.e., when you want to move, you unlock the casters with your feet without needing to stand up and move. Then you lock it back after movement, wherever and however it suits you.

5. Try out different types of brake casters to find out the one that suits you the best.

Method 3: Set the chair on a fuzzy rug

Another easy method to stop office chairs from rolling is using a shaggy area rug of any size. A rug will create friction between wheels and itself reducing the movement of the chair.

1. Grab a fuzzy rug and place it under the chair in a way that all wheels are on the rug.

2. The type of rug depends on many factors that include sloped floors, shiny floors, or the wheels of the chair.

3. For a sloped floor, it is suggested to use a rug with longer fibers because fibers help to lodge the wheels in place despite the slope.

4. For a shiny floor, you should use a rug with a wheel pad made of rubber because it will create friction between floor and rug keeping the chair more still.

5. And if it’s due to the wheels of the chair, grab a thick area rug. The thicker it is, the more difficult it will be for the wheels to cause any movement.

Method 4: Remove the casters

Another effective and free way to stop office chairs from rolling is to remove the casters of your chair. This has a drawback that will be revealed at the end of this method.

1. First, you need to know the common types of casters used in office chairs.

2. The most common types of casters used in an office chair are threaded stem casters and grip stem casters.

Threaded stem casters are similar to screw so to get rid of them, you need to unscrew them. Hold the casters firmly and rotate them in a clockwise direction. Ensure that you are rotating the casters, not just wheels.

Grip stem casters are very easy to remove. Turn over the chair and hold the leg of the chair with one hand and the caster with another. And pull the caster out with force. The chair will not be able to bear this force and the caster will be out.

3. Add stationary office chair glides to where the casters used to be.

6. Note that removal of casters might scratch or damage the floor. If you don’t want to replace it with stationary chair feet, make sure to place a piece of soft cloth or rug under each caster to avoid any such damage.

Method 5: Use a chair strap to hold the chair

One more method that could help stop the office chairs from rolling is using a chair strap. It might not result in a completely stationary office chair, but it doesn’t move past the length of the strap, which might be just what you want.

1. Check if your chair has a strap already since some chairs nowadays come with one.

2. If not, you can buy a chair strap.

3. Once, you have it, find a fixed point where you could attach one end of the strap, such as a heavy office table. Then, attach the other end to a part of your chair. This will reduce the rolling of the chair to just the length of the strap.

Method 6: Use the foam below the chair

Using foam and placing it under the chair has also proven to be somewhat helpful in stopping the office chairs from rolling.

1. Cut out the foam in a most preferably square or rectangular shape.

2. Instead of placing it below wheels, you need to keep it under the chair right at the center.

3. If the block has been placed perfectly, you will notice a reduction in the rolling and movement of your chair for sure.


Method 8: Invest in a new chair

If you do not want to perform any of the methods mentioned above, you can simply go and get a new and comfortable chair as per your choice.

1. While purchasing a new chair, make sure to check the wheels and avoid if they are too free.

2. One more thing to keep in mind is the weight of the chair. The lighter chairs are more likely to roll more than the heavy ones so get a chair that is bulky and heavy so that, you will not have to encounter the same problem again.

3. Be economical with buying a chair. Look out for reviews to have a better understanding of a particular chair. Otherwise, you might end up buying an expensive chair with the same problems.

What can I use instead of casters?

If you appreciate the coziness of the chair but wish to make it a stationary chair, you can just replace the casters with office chair gliders.

If you’re tired of casters moving and going over toes with little warning, you can use office chair gliders to convert a wheeled chair into a stationary setup.

Give the wheels a good yank, straight out, to remove the wheels entirely. Use a pair of work gloves if you need extra grip.

Then, you can insert the new stationary gliders. It’s installed when you hear a snap locking sound.

Unlike axles and casters, these are designed to move when you’re actively pushing the chair. The bonus with this method is you have a few choices for the look of your office chair.


How do I stop my caster wheels from rolling?

If you are not comfortable with how your chair moves or you are tired of its excessive movement and you know it that is because of the wheels, you can go for changing the wheels of your chair.

1. Get locking casters from any marketplace of your choice.

2. Locking casters are mind-blowing when it comes to sitting at a still and stationary position. They cancel out any movement with its braking system that occurs unless you want to move the chair yourself.

3. As mentioned previously, remove the already fixed casters and install the locking casters as per the manual.


At times, the excessive rolling of the office chair turns to be a total pain in the neck and causes great inconvenience and irritation. This needs to be looked at and sorted out immediately. But now, we hope that you have gotten a few good solutions for this problem and you will be able to deal with it easily.

So, you can feel relieved that it’s an easy DIY solution. Follow these steps on how to stop the office chair from rolling and you are good to enjoy your working space.

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