How to Stop Necklaces From Tangling – 2 Easy Methods

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Imagine that you’ve just put on your best dress while you are getting ready for a hot date. Or that you are dressing up for that big presentation for work.

Now, you have a few minutes to put on your accessories before you make a dash for the door, and you notice that your necklaces are a tangled mess. It looks like you either have to spend literally forever trying to free them up or skip the idea of wearing your chosen necklace.

If you have been there, you’ll know exactly how bothersome it is to have tangled necklaces right when you’re reaching for them. In this article, you will learn how to stop necklaces from tangling and make ‘getting ready’ a time with less stress.

How to Stop Necklaces From Tangling

How to Stop Necklaces From Tangling

Method 1: Organizing and Storing Them to Stop Necklaces from Getting Tangled

As they say, prevention is always better than cure. Rather than trying to free up tangles when you might be running late, you might as well spend some time in advance to ensure that such a thing never happens to you. And this can be done easily using some simple tricks and hacks.

Before we get into details of how to stop necklaces from tangling, we need to understand what causes them to tangle in the first place. A necklace typically tangles when it crosses over itself or other necklaces.

More often than not, when your necklaces are dumped in one bag or container, this will most likely cause them to tangle. Even if you do not mix a bunch of them, you will see that a single necklace could just get knotted up and tangled with itself. So it’s advisable to keep them separate from each other in such a way that they cannot cross over themselves or with other pieces of jewelry.

A few methods to prevent your necklaces from tangling, as you store them, are as follows.

Key holders

A simple hack is to use a key holder to sort your necklaces and keep them from getting tangled. Instead of hanging the keys from the hooks, you would just hang necklaces on each of them so that there is no room for them to shuffle and cross over themselves or each other.

Cardboard strips or unused business cards

If you have old business cards that you do not use anymore, these could come to your rescue. Plot two holes on either end of the card. String each end of the necklace through each hole and fasten the clasp behind the card so that as you lift the card, you are able to lift the necklace without tangles.

The two ends will always be apart from each other, so they are less likely to tangle. Arrange your necklaces in this manner so that you don’t give them room for contact.

Using a straw or any roll

If you have a paper bubble tea straw or a toilet paper roll these will come in handy to keep your necklaces tangle free. Undo your necklace, put one end of it through the straw’s hole and take it out through the other end. Adjust the length of the straw based on the length of the necklace. Now close the clasp at the top. So now the straw will keep your necklace from becoming a tangled mess around itself.

If you do this for all your necklaces you could even safely put this in your kit and pack your bags for travel. If you do not have a straw or a paper roll, you can make your own DIY roll using a plastic sheet, rolling it around the necklace based on the desired size.

Compartmentalized bags or pouches

This is probably the simplest tip — it is to keep your necklaces apart from each other by just storing them in different bags or pouches. Necklace storage come in varying sizes. You could choose compact ones to store your necklaces — one in each cover and put these in a bag.

This way you restrict movement within the pouch and you also do not have to worry about multiple necklaces crossing each other. This will just require you to invest in multiple zip lock covers.

These are some quick tips on how to stop necklaces from tangling as you store them. Here are a few more tips on how you can stop tangles as you wear them.

Method 2: How to stop necklaces from tangling while wearing them

Use a necklace spacer

As you use layered necklaces, it is likely that they get tangled as you wear them. A commonly used solution is to wear them using a necklace spacer. This is nothing but a small rod that has holes to put the necklaces through — there might be two or three holes spaced away from each other.

So all you have to do is thread each of your necklaces through each hole and the necklaces will join at the clasp behind your neck. This will keep them separate and prevent the layered necklaces from tangling as you wear them around your neck.

Mix and match necklaces

Another easy method to prevent necklaces from tangling as you wear them is to mix and match the kind of necklaces you wear. You can mix and match based on length of the necklace, material, and weight.

You can make a combination of layered necklaces with a choker being a first layer or a short bust-length chain, then something slightly longer and extends a little below your chest. This way, these are not likely to cross each other and hence not tangle.

You can also mix and match based on weight — wear the heaviest close to your neck and the lighter ones away, even if they are of similar length. The heavier ones cannot shuffle much and therefore cannot get tangled with the other lighter necklaces.

Another effective method to keep necklaces from tangling is to pair necklaces made from different materials. If you use an all-metal set of layered necklaces, they are likely to tangle and form knots as they cross each other. Try to pair fabric chokers — bead, rope or cable necklaces. These are not likely to tangle.

These are a few other tips on how to stop necklaces from tangling as you wear them on you. Despite all your efforts, if they still get tangled, you can remove them easily using a needle, or rubbing baby powder or olive oil to loosen the knots and gently remove them.

FAQs on How to Stop Necklaces From Tangling

How do you keep necklaces from tangling?

To store necklaces without getting them to tangle, you can compartmentalize them so they don’t cross themselves or against other necklaces. A simple hack is to use a boba straw through which you would thread one end of the necklace, and clasp it on the top.

The closed clasp must be hanging out of the straw. You can also use a paper roll for this purpose. To keep layered necklaces from tangling as you wear them on you, you could use a spacer.

Why do my necklaces get tangled?

Necklaces get tangled when they cross over themselves or other necklaces, so a good idea would be to not put them together in your kit or cupboard.


If you are wondering how to stop necklaces from tangling as you store them or wear them, here are some pretty good hacks. You can hang them on the hooks of a keyholder. You can thread the necklace through a straw by inserting one end through the hole of the straw and closing it at the clasp on the other.

You can also keep them from tangling as you wear them on you, by using a metal spacer. You can also mix and match layered necklaces based on varying weight, material or length.

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