How To Stop Dog From Scratching Door – 10 Methods & Tips

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Your dog is scratching at the door, and you may wonder what you can do to stop that behavior. What you’ll want to consider if your dog destroys the door jambs and doors is what is causing your dog to scratch at the door before you can stop it.

Tip: Install dog door protectors

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If your dog’s habit is just developing, you can try stopping it by installing door protectors so that it’s hard to scratch.

Find out if your dog is scratching at the door as a means of communication. Here are some ways on how to stop dogs from scratching doors to prevent more damage to the house.

How To Stop Dog From Scratching Door

Why Do Dogs Scratch At Doors?

Your pet may scratch at the door while you aren’t home because of multiple reasons. Some of the possible reasons are:

  • He can’t wait to go outdoors and relieve himself.
  • He wants to investigate where a noise is coming from.
  • He’s bored.
  • He’s having a hard time disconnecting from family members.
  • He craves the attention of others.

How To Stop Dog From Scratching Door

Method 1: Prevent the habit from developing

You can install a dog door protector stop this clawing at the door in the first place, when you see it. As a result, there’s no development of the propensity for scratching the door.

Method 2: Train for good behavior

Get out of your room if your dog has a habit of barking and scratching on the front door while you’re in the room. A spot where your dog cannot see you is ideal. When he scratches or barks, let him know that it makes you vanish. Allow him to enter if he is calm and not scratching.

If you want to educate your dog to stop scratching, you may put it in settings where it is more likely to do so. Put him in a room and close the door. Do not disturb him if he begins scratching until he has stopped for a minute. You may then unlock the door. Get into and out of the various doors throughout the day to practice.

When your dog scratches, you’re teaching him that it’s not going to get him anything. To get the prize, the dog must remain silent and keep his paws away from the door.

Method 3: Develop a healthy split between you and the dog

There is a chance that your dog does not want to be apart from you. After teaching your dog a remaining order, you may leave him in his pet bed or at different locations around the yard or home. It’s a goal to reach the point where you can instruct your dog to remain when you leave the yard and return to your house.

Treat your pet when you return! In addition to helping your dog learn self-control, this form of training may also lessen the amount of time he needs to spend in your presence.

Method 4: Remain steadfast and say “No!”

Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to reward dogs for excellent behavior. When it comes to certain dogs, it may be beneficial to use a reprimanding voice. When a dog is doing something you don’t like, voicing your unhappiness may be enough to put a stop to it. However, not all canines will benefit from this method.

You’d be inclined to exclaim “NO!” as soon as your dog begins to scratch at the door. Shaking a jar of coins may also be used to address lousy conduct. For some dogs, he’ll settle down in a matter of seconds.

Method 5: Choose a heavy-duty dog door

Using chew-proof dog doors is a realistic option if you’re ready to let your dog wander about the yard and go anytime he wants. It is simple to set up and waterproof, so they are a great option. If you have a dog door that enables your dog to come and go as they choose, you may no longer have to worry about your pet scratching.

Method 6: Patience

These tactics and strategies need patience and adaptability. Pet training will never be immediate. It might take a while!

Method 7: Use the stay command

The “stay” command might be an excellent approach to teach your dog to follow the order while at home or at other locations as you go, come back, and reward them for their obedience. You’ll be able to let them out for extended periods of time, even when they’d ordinarily scratch the doors.

Make sure to praise your dog with a treat when you return to promote the non-scratching behavior from your dog. Not only will this help calm your dog down when you have to leave them, but it may also help build their self-control.

Method 8: Exercising your pet

Another option you can do to stop scratching is by making sure your dog gets enough walks and runs. But this only works if you realize your dog is drawn to the door to get your attention.

This is a good starting point to rule out scratching due to boredom and excess energy.

Method 9: Professional dog training

If you’ve ever tried to teach your dog, you’ll know that it’s not always an easy task. Their favorite pleasure is now playing this game. It’s possible to stop a dog from scratching at the door by hiring a dog trainer or by teaching yourself how to train the behavior.

Method 10: Alleviate your dog’s stress

Puppies and dogs alike are susceptible to separation anxiety. When you leave for a stroll and return, they aren’t aware of how long you’ll be away. Here are some tips to help calm his anxiety.

1. Before you leave the house, you may give your dog a few minutes of undivided attention. Once inside, wait till he’s calm before approaching him.

2. Give your dog an oversized t-shirt with your fragrance if you’re going to be gone for an extended period of time. Coconut, vanilla ginger, and valerian smells have been reported to reduce anxiety.

3. Every time you leave the house, say the same thing. Whenever you say the word, your dog will know what to do, and you’ll be at home.

4. Try something else if this doesn’t help ease your dog’s anxiety. Leave him in the hands of a dog walker or boarding facility while you are away.

Recommendations for Preventing Damage

It may take some time to get your dog to quit clawing at the door. Some dog breeds quickly learn new abilities and methods, while others may take days or even weeks to do so. It’s better to protect your dog from injuring himself or damaging the door if he’s not a fast learner. These tips can help you:

  • Install a pet door protector.
  • It may be more practical to use baby or pet gates to limit your dog’s access to certain areas of the house
  • To ensure that he may come and go into the yard, install a pet door. There are several options for a sliding door animal door that can be installed quickly and easily.
  • Keep your dog’s nails trimmed regularly.
  • Make sure your dog is not unattended at home.

Door scratching can be dangerous for your dog

Dogs that scratch at the door might be suffering from one or more of the following:

  • Fingernails with holes in them
  • Splinters may be found in their paws, and can cause bleeding
  • Loose dentition
  • Bruised and bleeding gums


It’s common for a dog to scratch at the door, but it doesn’t mean it’s the best option for you. Damage to your door and your pet’s health might result from the scratching. Keeping your pet away from the door is a common concern. To stop him from scratching, you must first try to avoid the situation with a pet door protector or pet gates.

To tackle how to stop dog from scratching door, you must figure out why your dog is scratching at the door. Then, you can train your dog to stop. Teach your dog that the doors will only open when he is quiet and composed. As well, ensure that your door is adequately protected.

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