How to Stop Couch Cushions from Sliding – 6 Tips You Can Follow

You’re relaxing on your couch, and your cushion is slipping every few minutes. You get up, fix your cushion, and it happens again.

Sounds familiar? Then this post is for you. I faced this before, and I was able to fix the issue with minimal efforts. So, how to stop couch cushions from sliding away?

Well, slipping of cushions from the sofa is one of the most annoying things one can face when you use the sofa for relaxation.

Imagine you are relaxing, maybe watching TV or having a chilled beer with your friends while sitting on your couch after a hard, tiring day and the cushion is annoying you.

Each time you are placing it right, it still slips.

6 Tips to Stop Couch Cushions from Sliding

That may not harm you either way, but relaxation can turn into irritation for this simple issue. This thing has happened several times with all of us.

The size and shape of the cushion and the couch are responsible for repetitive sliding of your couch elegant cushions or pillows.

Old cushions become thin and lose its actual shape and size with time. Loose cushions often move when you do not want them to.

But there is no need to throw them out. You do not need to change your furniture, neither the cushions for this aspect.

There are a few simple processes that can prevent your cushions from slipping away from the sofa.

All you need is just a little knowledge of sewing. But some procedure does not even need that.

So, How do I Stop Couch Cushions from Sliding?

You need some tools before you can start the process.

Before you start, make sure you have a measuring tape, velcro tape, metal ring, non-slip fabric, disc-shaped readymade rubber, needle and thread or a sewing machine, scissors, rubber or vinyl shelf liner near you.

Adding Velcro Tape at the Back of your Cushion

There are couches made of high-quality resources and fabrics. It does not matter how expensive your furniture is; loose cushions keep moving pretty often.

But one or two strips of velcro tape is enough to stop a cushion from unwanted movement.

At first, cut a 10-15cm velcro strip and use it to attach the bottom of the cushion with the couch by sewing into the cushion.

And for the backrest, add a velcro tape at the vertical back of the sofa using a thread.

A strip of velcro tape will be enough for regular-sized cushions; wide cushions might need an extra strip of velcro tape.

A little knowledge of sewing can solve the slipping cushion issue once it for all.

Metal Ring and a Hook

Another method to stop cushions slipping from the couch is using metal Ring and a hook. This process works on both the bottom cushion and the throwing one.

A little knowledge of sewing is required to execute this process.

First, you will need two pieces of non-slipping fabrics, slightly smaller than the cushion’s surface.

Then sew a small piece of fabric into the sofa and another piece into the cushion. You can sew it with a sewing machine or manually with needle and thread.

Then bring a tiny metal ring and sew it with one piece of fabric.

Now sew a small hook with another. After that, attach the ring with the hook which will work as an anchor.

This easy and straightforward process can solve the slipping problem of couch cushions.

Disc Shaped Rubber Pads

This method does not require any sewing skill. All you need is to buy some disc-shaped rubber pads.

Because most of the disc-shaped rubber pads are non-slip and come with an adhesive back. If you’re looking for a cheaper solution, this method is for you.

You can buy rubber pads very cheap from a nearby store. Beside these pads are pretty easy to install and remove.

Couch Cushions from Sliding solution
Couch Cushions from Sliding solution

You need to attach one or two pads in each corner of the bottom with the adhesive rear.

The rubber threads of the pads will dig down the cushion and will stop them from unwanted movement.

These are the primary methods to prevent slipping of couch cushions. But there are more ways you can stop your couch cushions from sliding.

Though these will not be as reliable or unspotted as the procedures above, these may do your job:

Non-Slip Fabric

Just sewing two-pieces of non-slipping fabric with cushion and the bottom of the sofa can prevent them from moving.

The cushion will move less likely for the friction of two non-slip material. Although adding a ring and hook will give a better result, this method also works.

  • Rubber Sheet


If you can not find readymade disc-shaped non-slip rubber pads, you have another option in your hand.

There are more effective methods around as mentioned above, but you can consider this alternative as well to reduce slipping of the cushion.

Sewing is not necessary when you use this method. You can cut a big rubber sheet into pieces. Each piece of rubber will need to be slightly smaller than the cushion. Placing them at the bottom of the couch can improve the slipping situation a little.

Point to be noted; this method is weaker even than the technique of non-slip fabric.

  • Leather Cover


Lastly, an expensive one, a  perfect sized fixed leather cover for a couch can also fix the problem of slipping cushions.

This will cover both your sofa and its cushion tightly from every possible side. But leather cover will block the actual view of your couch.

So buying a stylish cover for couch might help to keep your couch clean and sophisticated.

All the procedures above are to ensure your comfort. You can avoid these hassle by measuring the perfect size for cushion before buying one.

Couch also represent class and aristocracy. Maintaining its look and comfort both are equally important.

A guest sitting on your sofa would not like to be irritated by slipping cushions. Buying a perfect sized cushion is the best solution you can find.

But if you are not willing to spend money right now, using the techniques above can help you stop your sofa cushions from sliding.


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