How to Run Conduit through Exterior Wall

You will need to run wires through your house walls every once in a while.

Most of the time you can do this on your own, and it will save you some money as well. You can quickly run these wires through a conduit.

By knowing how to run conduit through exterior wall, you can gain a good experience as well. Also, there is no good at exposing wires through walls.

It will ruin the exterior of your house.

how to run conduit through exterior wall

You will find conduits which are sunlight resistant and will work perfectly.

They come as gray color so that people can differentiate between an electric line and a water line.

Conduits can be a great solution to run wires through them as the conduits usually have enough space.

Below, we have provided a step by step guide to help you to install a conduit through your exterior wall.

How to Run Conduit through Exterior Wall

Step 1: Drill a hole in the wall

The first thing that you will need to do is to drill a hole in the wall. You will need to choose the right size of the drill bit.

The drill bit should be able to hold the PVC conduit. It is better to use a larger PVC conduit. If you need to pull 3 or 4 wires, you will need a PVC conduit of ¾ inches.

Again, you might need to add wires in the future as well. So, it is a good idea to use larger ones.

Step 2: Slide the conduit through the hole

Now you will need to slide the PVC conduit through the wall’s hole. Don’t slide the whole conduit as you will need space for attaching LB lifting.

You will need to make sure that the conduit stays in the right place. You can use silicone caulking.

Also, ensure that there is space between the wall and the conduit. Space should be of at least 1 inch.

While sliding the conduit through the wall, make sure that there is no presence of water.

Step 3: Attach the conduit and the LB lifting

You will need a PVC glue for this. The LB lifting will help you to turn the conduit smoothly.

The back part of the LB lifting will be removable so that you can easily pull in or out easily.

However, if the PVC conduit you are using doesn’t have a sharp age, then make the surface sharp with a utility knife.

Otherwise, it will damage the wires you will insert through the conduit.

Step 4: Dig a trench

Take a shovel and dig a hole for about 25 inches.  Dig well so that you can install the electric device you want to install.

You can contact your local municipality to ask his suggestion about digging the hole. If the municipality asks you to dig more than 25 inches, you will need to dig more.

Step 5: Attach the conduit with the LB lifting

You will need to attach the PVC conduit with the LB lifting you have glued in the first place.

Now you will need to take a measurement from the bottom side of the LB lifting till the trench you dug.

Then, subtract 8 inches from the measurement you took. To cut the PVC conduit, you will need a hacksaw.

After taking the measurement, measure the conduit and cut it accordingly. You can also use a circular saw.

The circular saw will make the cut smoother and burr-free with its metal blade.

Step 6: Attach the PVC pipe and elbow together

You can use glue to attach the pipe and elbow together. Also, use a coupling. At first, attach the elbow with the coupling.

Then, attach the elbow. Make sure they are attached tightly. After applying the glue, wait for a few minutes so that it settles down completely.

Also, the PVC conduit might need to be bend so that it fits perfectly in the trench.

Step 7: Pull the wire through the conduit

It is time for the final step. Now you will need to pull the wire. You can use a fish tape to pull it all the way through the conduit and trench.

You can read the instruction that will come with a PVC conduit so that you know how to do it.

If you follow the steps mentioned above, you will be able to run a conduit through your exterior wall.

If you have the right tools, and if you know the right technique, you will be able to run a conduit through your exterior wall successfully.

How to Install EMT Conduit?

EMT is vastly used to install electrical conduits. The best feature of EMT is that you can bend it as per your need.

You will need to mark the area you want to cover with the conduit. After marking, measure how long EMT conduit you will need.

Use a hacksaw to cut the conduit. If the cut has not been smooth, use a deburring tool to smooth out the corners.

Bend the EMT conduit if it is necessary. You will need to attach fittings which will hold the conduit in its place.

You can use screws and straps. After running the wires, use a fish tape to keep the wires in place.

Do Electrical Wires Need to Be in Conduit?

Yes, electrical wires need to be in conduit. Conduit helps to protect electrical wires from outside forces like sunlight, heat, rain, wind, etc.

You can use any type of conduit made from plastic, metal or fiber as well. Based on your needs, you can choose the rigid ones or flexible ones.

It is always a good idea to conduit electrical wires. As electrical wires can be very sensitive, you will need to protect them.

Also, conduits like PVC conduit, EMT conduit will last for a long time. The wires that are kept in the conduit stay in a more organized way.

If you need to repair or work with the wires, you will easily find all the wires.


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