How to Restore Dry Leather

Leather is a durable material, and it has a versatile use like in furniture, car seats, widely used accessories-jacket, shoe, bag, and wallet, etc.

Sometimes it gets discolored, dries and cracks. But its durability depends on you. So, how to restore dry leather? There are a few techniques which you can follow.

how to restore dry leather

How to Restore Dry Leather

Clean the leather

For repair, the first essential step is to clean the surface. So, leather restoration also starts with cleaning the surface of it.

If there is any stain or dirt on the surface, remove the stain with any leather cleaning product. Apply the product thinly with a circular motion.

Moisturize the leather

To add flexibility to your leather, you can buy saddle soap which contains beeswax. It helps the leather to be supple while cleaning it.

Dip a sponge into the cleaner and use the damp sponge for cleaning but make sure to squeeze as much as moisture as you can from the sponge before rubbing.

You can go over the surface as many times as you need to clean it correctly but do not leave any soap residue behind.

Dry the leather

After being satisfied with your cleaning dry your leather with a lint-free cloth. Avoid using any heater or blower to quicken up the drying process.

Heat can stiffen up your leather. So just wipe off the excess moisture with a soft clean cloth and air dry your leather.

Reduce dryness of your leather

Your leather can get scratched because of many reasons like- sharp items on bags or cloths, jewelry, pet claws, nails or broken edge of furniture.

Also, for the cause of dryness, it can look cracked.

To improve from that condition, you can use leather honey/ Trinova leather conditioner or any other conditioning brand of your choice to restore the lost moisture.

Restoring the color

Instead of applying it to only some specific areas, use it all over your leather. That’s because applying leather conditioner can darken the spot.

So, if you put it on to some specific areas, it will mismatch the entire surface. After covering the total area, the leathers original color may return over time.

Leather conditioner is also used to repair faded leather. Fading occurs because of exposure to sunlight, usage over time, or dryness.

Leather conditioning is needed not just after realizing that it has lost its moisture and color. It is required regularly to prevent your leather from being damaged.

You can apply it using lint-free cloth, sponge or even with your hands.

Allow the conditioner to be absorbed for at least 2 hours and wipe off any excess conditioner with a soft clean cloth.

These are the basic restoration methods which work on any leather products.

In case of some regularly used products which need your attention as these often get exposed to sunlight or rainwater can become dry and brittle.

The following steps can help you to preserve your valuable item.

5 steps to restore dry leather

Restoration of dry leather car seats

Restoring leather car seats can be very costly if you rely on a professional to do it.

But you can save a lot of money if you do it yourself with some necessary tools and a handsome about of time in hand.

First, clean your seat with a damp rag and allow it to dry before jumping on to the next step.

If your car seat is damaged badly and you can see a cracked open hole with outward curled leather then trim it off.

Also, trim off any hanging threads with the help of a pair of scissors.

Slide a piece of backing cloth into the tear. Put a small amount of leather glue onto the edges of the hole, so it sticks to the fabric.

Allow it to dry completely. Use a palette knife to spread some leather filler on the tear.

Dry each layer and continue the process until the filler slightly overlaps the leather seat.

After it has completely dried then use a fine-grit sanding block to sand down the top layer to match it with the car seat.

Do not sand too much and wipe the area to remove any dust. If your car seat doesn’t have any holes, then you can straight jump into this step after the cleaning part.

Use appropriate colorant onto your cracked area.

Build several layers after each one has dried, if necessary. Apply leather sealant to prevent the colorant from rubbing off with a clean cloth.

Dry it completely before using your seat.

To prevent further damage, you can use an expandable sunshade in your windshield to protect your leather from getting dry.

Restoration of dry leather wallet

A wallet is a thing that you carry around every day, every time you go out, but cleaning it doesn’t come to your mind until it looks filthy and dry.

To clean it, take out your necessary things from the wallet and lay it flat on your table. Use a newspaper underneath it to protect your table from a mess.

Use a leather cleaner and a soft-bristled toothbrush to work on the dirt on your wallets surface.

Once you are done scrubbing then wipe the cleaner off the surface gently with a soft cloth, so you don’t damage your wallet.

Dry it completely then you can move on to the conditioning part to make your wallet shine. You can follow the conditioning method mentioned above.

Restoration of dry leather boots

Your shoes will inevitably get exposed to sunlight, rain, spills, or puddles. Water and heat don’t work well with leather.

But that doesn’t mean you will seldom wear your leather boots. Proper care can make your boots last for long.

First, clean your boot thoroughly with a shoe brush to free it from any dirt. If your boot got soaked in water, then let it completely dry first.

Then use a boot conditioner or Vaseline to restore its lost moisture and soften the leather. Clean any excess with a soft cloth.

Lastly, add boot cream that is of right color; otherwise, it can discolor your boots design. Let the cream absorb into the leather for a while then buff it with your brush.

You do not necessarily have to toss out your dry leather items. With the right products and timely care, you can breathe new life back into your favorite leather items.


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