How to Repair Plastic Wicker Furniture – 7 Easy Steps to Fix Wicker

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Outdoor furniture made with plastic wicker is trendy because of the weave design that gives a comfortable lounge experience. The sturdy rattan-like weave adds a refined feel to your garden, patio, and backyard.

Although plastic wicker rattan is weather-resistant, the strips can get frayed or cut. You can repair the furniture by replacing the plastic rattan weave on your own with the right tools.

Read on for how to repair plastic wicker furniture in this step by step guide.

How to Repair Plastic Wicker Furniture

Plastic wicker furniture lasts for a long time because they are durable and weather resistant. If you clean the furniture regularly, it will give you a nice look that outlasts regular wicker furniture.

Another benefit is that it is lightweight, making the furniture, like plastic rattan tables and chairs, easy to move.

You can find many options when it comes to plastic wicker rattan furniture based on color and texture that to match your decor needs.

The step by step guide below will help you to repair your plastic wicker furniture and make it look fresh again.

7 Step Guide on How to Repair Plastic Wicker Furniture

Glue the damaged strips of the wicker furniture with plastic glue. Replace old strips with new plastic wicker strips after cutting them with a scissor. Using a pair of needle-nose pliers, weave the end of the strip in the backside to repair and attach the strips. Optionally, paint the new section to match the color.

Tip: For glue, you can also use a precision heat gun to “melt” and weld the plastic ends together. This option will require you to have practice with spare plastic strips to avoid melting a hole in your furniture.

Another option is using a glue gun, although it requires care to avoid the messy glue gun look.

Step 1: Gather the required tools

First, you need to gather the tools to fix the plastic wicker furniture. You will need scissors, manicure scissors are best for detail, or a box cutter to cut the damaged strips.

Get an acrylic resin to glue the strips, preferable a quick-set plastic epoxy with a precision applicator tip.

To replace sections of the plastic rattan furniture, you will need to new plastic rattan wicker.

Try to match your furniture’s color or you will have to do a touchup with matching paint.

Then, you will need a pair of needle-nose pliers.

For the finishing touch, you will need a paintbrush and a similar colored paint. Spray paint will also do the job to match your color or redo the color of your furniture.

Step 2: Find the right place to do the job

You should find a place to repair your plastic wicker furniture. It is better to do it outside. Because you will need to work with epoxy and paint.

Working indoors might put a stain on your floors and walls. Find a well-ventilated area and keep your kids and pets away while you work.

Step 3: Cut and pull the damaged strips

With the help of sharp manicure scissors, cut the broken end of the resin strip. You can also use a box cutter.

The reason to use these tools is to pull the strips that are damaged from the weave.

Step 4: Replace the old strip with a new one

Now, you will need a new strip to replace the old one. Cut a new resin strip. Measure the strip and make sure it is longer than the one you pulled out before.

Step 5: Insert the new strip into the weave

To insert a new strip, you will need a resin epoxy. Take a small paintbrush and paint the empty space of the pattern.

If you are using a quick set epoxy, you don’t need to do this step.

To insert the new resin strip, start from the back of the furniture. Insert the new strip in the open space by following the original pattern.

Take a pair of needle-nose pliers. In the end, you will need to weave the end of the strip on the backside of the furniture.

Step 6: Connect the new strip with the existing strips

You will need more epoxy to connect the new strip with the older ones. The new strip will be longer. So, cut them after you are done connecting them.

If you don’t want to use more epoxy, you can tuck the ends and put them under the weave. Tucking the ends will make sure that they are not visible from the front.

Step 7: Paint the wicker furniture

Give the epoxy a few minutes to set correctly. It will get harder as time goes on.

You can paint the new section so that it matches with the rest of the body of the furniture.

If the furniture is severely damaged, you might need to do more work and paint the whole thing.

Following the above steps, you will be able to repair your plastic wicker furniture by yourself.

For maintenance, wrap your furniture during the cold winter months.

Ways to Repair Plastic Wicker Furniture at Home

How Can I Repair a Resin Wicker?

To repair your resin wicker furniture, you will need a few tools. You will need new resin wicker strips, manicure scissors or box cutter, and plastic epoxy. Optionally, you will want to match the wicker color with matching paint or spray paint.

Before starting the work, you will need to clean the furniture so that it free from dust and dirt. Rinse the piece of furniture with a gentle cleanser.

If the resin strips are loose, you can reattach them with glue. You can use resin epoxy.

Dip the tip of the strip in the epoxy and hold it in the weave for a few seconds.

If the strips are cut or frayed, you will need to repair them differently. Take a new resin strip that is longer than the older one.

With the help of a paintbrush, apply the epoxy in the empty space and insert the new strip in the weave. Lastly, connect the strips to the epoxy.

To give it a nice look, paint the strips with a matching color.

Guide to Repair Rattan Chairs

Rattan chairs and tables are usually long-lasting and strong. They do not require heavy maintenance. Once a while, the strips of the weave can loosen up or get cut or frayed.

It is easy for you to repair a chair at home by yourself. First, remove the damaged strips. The strips can be long, and you need to pull the whole strip.

Take a new strip and soak it in warm water for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Soaking the strip in the water will make it more flexible.

Insert the new strip in the empty space following the original pattern. Glue the strips with plastic epoxy. Cut or trim if the length of the new strip is too long.

Finally, do a coat of spray paint if you need to new strip to match the color of the chair.

Following these methods, you can repair your plastic wicker patio furniture easily.

Whether the strips are loosened from the weave or they are frayed, by using the right tools and techniques, you can repair them easily.

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