How to Repair Drywall – Repairing Holes & Cracked Corners

Damages on your drywall can make your beautiful house look messy and awful. There can be small holes or even cracked corners on your drywall.

Knowing how to repair drywall can help you to fix the problems and make your house look beautiful again.

But you need to make sure that you follow the right instructions to solve the issues. Those instructions are given below to help you solve your problem.

how to repair drywall

How to Repair Drywall

Repairing Small Holes On Drywall

Popped out screws or nails can cause you to have a small hole on your drywall. That can be treated very easily.

All you need is a nail set, a new screw, and a joint compound.

At the very beginning, you need to drive the popped nail below the surface with a nail set.

Next, you need to drive in a new screw to the hole that has been created. Make sure that you make it drive a bit lower to the surface.

Lastly, fill the hole with the joint compound and let it dry. Apply a second coat and when it dries up sand it and apply paint to finish the job.

Repairing Cracked Corners On Drywall

Repairing the cracked corners on the drywall is a very easy job to do.

All you will be needing is an anti-cutter, a joint compound, and sandpapers. That all.

In the beginning, you need to cut the cracked corner tape using the anti-cutter. Wear safety gloves while you are using the anti-cutter to make it safe for you.

Otherwise, you may end up cutting your fingers.

After that, you need to apply joint compound to the corner to make it even. Apply a 1/8 inch of layer coat using a tape to cover the edges.

Make sure you hold the tape evenly to make the corners even and smooth. Apply a second and third coat to give a smooth finish.

Lastly, finish it with sanding to smoothen the corners. Let it sit for a while to dry up and paint to wrap up the work.

Repairing the drywalls are easy if you are dealing with the small sections.

But if you are dealing with a more extensive area, then it is advised to take help from the professionals to avoid any accidents.


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