How to Repair A Broken Nail – Know These 3 Methods

Having beautiful nails are always a demand for women to look good. But broken nails are the major threat to get that look.

That is why knowing how to repair a broken nail can solve most of that issue for any woman and make them confident about their look.

There are many possible ways to solve the problem. But the easiest and effective procedures are given below to help you out.

how to repair a broken nail

How to Repair A Broken Nail

Repairing With Glue

Broken nails can be fixed with glue. Most of the glue is acrylates based and may cause skin irritations or allergic reactions.

So, it is better to avoid this procedure if possible.

But to work with this method, you just need to add the glue to the broken area and dry it properly to give it a smooth finish.

Repairing With Gel Silk Wrap

Fixing the broken nails with the gel silk wrap method is super easy and effective. It can bind the broken nails like magic.

There are no skin reactions to the silk wrap used in the procedure. All you need is to add the silk wrap around the broken area of the nail and leave it like that.

Add an extra layer of gel nail polish to the whole nail to make the nail firm and strong like natural ones.

Lastly, finish it with your favorite colored nail polish to make the nails look beautiful.

Repairing With Tea Bag Or Paper Coffee Filters

Teabag or coffee filters are a safe method to fix the broken nails. For this process to work perfectly, you need to be very careful.

At the very first, you need to hold the broken nail as close as to the finger. Next, you need to buff the nail to remove any sharp area of the nail.

But make sure that you do not buff too hard to make the nail breakage more lengthy.

Next, add clear polish to the nail and add the required length of the teabag while the polish is still wet.

Let it dry and apply a few more coats of clear polish to give a firm hold. Lastly, add your favorite color of nail polish to finish the look.

Make sure before fixing the broken nail you have removed the nail color.

These methods are super useful in terms of fixing the broken nails. But it should be your choice of which you are going to apply that suits you.


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