How to Remove Stickers from Wood – 2 Methods to Try

Wooden furniture makes the house look very elegant. But by mistake or by the manufacturer getting stickers on the wood furniture takes away that beauty.

Removing them does not go well as they stick firmly to the wood.

That is why it becomes a necessity to know how to remove stickers from wood to get back that beauty of the wooden furniture of your house.

Check the section below to know more.

how to remove stickers from wood

How to Remove Stickers from Wood

Rubbing Alchohol Method

You can use rubbing alcohol to remove stickers from wooden furniture.

For this method to work, you need to get a cotton ball and get it wet by dipping it in the rubbing alcohol.

Then gently rub the area with the cotton ball to ensure that you safely remove the sticker from the area.

Rubbing the wood with rubbing alcohol may be a bit harsh to the paint layer, but it will remove all the stickers out of the wood.

Once you are done with removing the visible part of the sticker from the wood, now you need to let the place dry off.

For this, use a dry cloth to wipe off the area. Check by pressing the place using your fingers to ensure that there is no left adhesive in the area.

If so, repeat the cotton ball rubbing to the area using the rubbing alcohol.

Make sure to remove all the stickers and adhesive to get the beauty back to your wooden furniture.

Blowdryer Method 

If you have spotted a sticker on your wood furniture and have not touched it or made it wet, then you can try this method.

For this, you will need a blowdryer to make the sticker peel off the place.

First, start with using the blowdryer to one corner of the sticker. The heat will loosen the sticky material to wear off.

Be patient while using this method. This may not work really fast. Once one corner gets heated up, then gently peel off the sticker out of the wood.

Continue this for the full sticker.

The given methods are effective ways to remove the stickers from the wooden surface.

But make sure that you examine the sticker well at the first to choose the right process to work with.


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