How to Remove Scuff Marks from Wood Floors – 10 Ways to Shiny Floors

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Wood floors bring a warm and cozy atmosphere to your house. However, they are also high maintenance.

You cannot use scrubbers, harsh cleaners, or brooms directly on the floor as they are susceptible to scratches and can even chip as a result. If you move furniture around, have high traffic, or have pets that run around the house, you may encounter scuff marks frequently. These regular daily things can take a toll on the look of your wooden floors and shorten its life expectancy. So you need to take care of them well.

On that note, if you wish to learn how to remove scuff marks from wood floors easily, then you are at the right place. In this article, you will discover quick, simple, and affordable DIY methods to get rid of scuff marks on wood floors.

how to remove scuff marks from wood floors

How to Remove Scuff Marks from Wood Floors

Before you begin, you’ll have to determine if these scuff marks are scratches on your wooden floors, or if they are stains. That will change the method you use to remove them.

Method 1: Clean with a wood floor polish

You can use a wood floor polish to fill in scratches and restore the shine to your hardwood floors. It contains micro-filling technology to remove scuff marks, as well as form a non-sticky protective scratch-resistant layer for future use. The polish is said to be safe for kids and pets, as well.

This method works best on scuff marks that are scratches on finished or sealed wood floors. Don’t use it on unsealed and unfinished wood floors.

To use the polish, first sweep or vacuum the floors to remove debris.

Then, squeeze the bottle to apply a generous amount of hardwood floor polish. Use a zigzag motion to apply it onto a clean floor.

Use a dry mop to spread the polish around.

Wait 30 minutes for the polish to dry. You will then see a high gloss finish develop on your hardwood floors.

If you want a glossier finish, wait 45-60 minutes before applying a second coat. You can apply up to 3 coats in 24 hours.

To keep up the shine of this polish, use a corresponding hardwood floor cleaner.

Method 2: Use a furniture repair touch up

For deep scuff marks that are deep scratches, you’ll need more than a polish to fix up your wood floors. You’ll know if you’ve used a polish and still see the scuff mark under the new shine.

That’s when you can use a carpenter’s repair kit to fill in these deep scratches. A kit gives you many colors and you can mix the colors to match your wood floor.

Once you match the color, apply it to an inconspicuous area first. Wait for it to dry and then shine a light on it to make sure that you’ve got the right color.

To use the furniture repair touch-up kit, clean and then dry the area thoroughly.

Squeeze a small amount of the wood filler onto the scratched area.

Use a tail scraper to smooth over the scratch.

Use a clean small towel to remove any excess.

For larger areas, apply it with a brush.

Method 3: Microfiber buffing and warm water

This is a simple method for scuff marks on wood floors that are actually stains, and not damage in the wood.

For light scuff marks, all you need to do is dip a dry piece of rug, microfiber buffing cloth, or magic sponge in warm water and rub gently at the mark until it’s gone. Sometimes it’s just as simple as this.

Do not pour water on the floor or leave it wet, as it will damage the wood. Dip the cloth in water, squeeze out excess droplets and use the damp cloth to wipe the scuff mark.

Method 4: Baking soda plus warm water

For scuff marks that are not very light, you may need to make a little more effort.

In a mixing bowl, make a thick paste out of baking soda and warm water. With a spatula, gently apply this paste where there is a scuff mark and scrub it lightly with a microfiber buffing cloth.

Once you are sure that the scuff mark has disappeared, wipe the place with a dry microfiber cloth until it’s clean.

Method 5: Eraser

This is an “old school” method! The standard eraser that is made out of rubber works just fine for most scuff marks. All you need to do is brush aside any dirt or dust off the floor where you have the marks.

First, sweep the area clean of dust and dirt.

Then, with a damp cloth wipe directly over the scuff mark.

With an eraser, gently rub the mark until it disappears.

Then sweep up any eraser shavings afterward.

Method 6: Tennis shoe

If you do not have an eraser at your disposal you can use any rubber-soled shoe – such as a tennis shoe – to get rid of scuff marks.

Put on a shoe and twist it around with your heel on the scuff mark. This works just like the eraser trick.

Avoid dark-soled shoes lest they cause fresh marks on the floor!

Method 7: Tennis ball

This one is an interesting method. A tennis ball might be the last thing to occur to you as you wonder how to remove scuff marks from wood floors, but it sure seems like a most frequently used trick.

You can make your own scuff mark remover at home using a tennis ball. With a sharp razor blade cut out a small X into the ball and scoop it out. Now fix one end of a broomstick into the X-shaped spot so that it fits well into the ball.

Now flip the stick in such a way that the tennis ball comes in contact with the wood floor. There you go. Your makeshift scuff mark remover is ready.

With the broom handle apply gentle pressure such that the ball erases the scuff marks. You can use the tennis ball method if there are any scuff marks and you want to get rid of them easily without much elbow grease.

If there are only a few, light marks you can simply hold a tennis ball in your hand like you would an eraser and kneel down to rub it on the scuff mark until it disappears.

Method 8: DIY with a Walnut

Sometimes, a piece of walnut can do the trick just fine. It contains natural brown dyes and emollients. This both repairs and protects the wood.

Rub a walnut between your palms to warm up the oils and then rub it gently over the scratch. This will not only camouflage the scratch but also release the natural oils onto the wood surface.

You can apply a few drops of coconut oil or olive oil and wipe it gently with a soft cloth for a clean finish.

Method 9: Toothpaste

Sometimes the solution could be as simple as using a tube of regular toothpaste. You can use the toothpaste in place of the baking soda paste to achieve the same result for tough scuff marks.

Make sure not to use too much too often, as it can cause the wood color to fade and remove the oils.

Method 10: Hardwood Floor Cleaner

If you have exhausted all the DIY methods and you still are unable to figure out how to remove scuff marks from wood floors, then you can use dedicated hardwood floor cleaners meant for this purpose.

They could be a little more expensive, but hardwood floor cleaners are ideal for repairing stubborn scuff marks and giving your floors a polished and refinished look.

How to Prevent Scuff Marks on Wood Floors

As they always say, prevention is better than cure. If you make sure to prevent scratches on your wood floor, you don’t really have to keep worrying about scratches and cleaners. Here are some quick and easy tips on the maintenance of hardwood floors.

  • Use furniture pads to the legs of chairs, tables, and sofas. This will avoid scratches as you move them around on the floor.
  • Adhere to a cleaning routine — you have to gently sweep every day and vacuum every week to ensure that you do not leave room for dust and dirt to make scuff marks on the floor. Try a robot vacuum that empties itself to get regular vacuuming without much extra effort.
  • Train your pets to use their dedicated space for most of the day.
  • Clean up any spills immediately.

These are some quick and effective tips on how to remove scuff marks from wood floors, which you can try before you call in the professionals. Try them right away.

FAQs on how to remove scuff marks from wood floors

What causes scuff marks on hardwood floors?

Furniture legs, pets running about or kids playing with their toys on the wood floors are common causes for scuff marks.

Can you use magic eraser on hardwood floors?

Yes. All you need to do is rub the magic eraser directly over the scuff mark until it disappears and sweep up any eraser shavings once you are done.

Wood floors are attractive and cozy. However, they require good care and maintenance to ensure a long life.

If you are wondering how to remove scuff marks from wood floors some effective DIY tips include using an eraser or a tennis ball to rub over the scratches to remove them. Alternatively, you can use baking soda paste or toothpaste to remove tough marks.

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