How to Remove Paint from Wood Floor – Follow These Easy Steps

Any paint spill should be removed from the wood floor as soon as it gets on the floor. If you keep it dry and think about removing the paint, later on, you will find it difficult to remove the paint. Here is how to remove paint from wood floor with a few products and tools.

how to remove paint from wood floor

How to Remove Paint from Wood Floor

Step 1

If the paint is water-based, take a paper towel and dip it in water. Add a few drops of liquid dish soap in the water so that it forms bubbles.

Step 2

Rub the towel dipped in soapy water against the painting for a few minutes. That is how the painting will get softer and will be easier to clean.

Step 3

Now get a dry rag and remove the leftover painting with it. It is better to use an old rag so that you can throw it away after removing the paint with it.

Step 4

If there is still some of the paintings left in the wood floor, you can try to scrape it with a knife. Make sure that you don’t scratch your floor. Use an old and dull knife rather than using a sharp one. It will prevent putting a scratch on the floor.

Step 5

If your paint is strong, then you can use a paint remover as well. Use a few drops of paint remover on the cotton ball and place it on the stain. Rub it against the paint stain gently and let the stain soak the paint remover.

Step 6

Let the paint remover sit for around 15 or 20 minutes. Depending on the amount of paint, you can keep the paint remover for longer. Now take another clean rag to wash off the paint remover. You can also use paper towels if you don’t want to ruin a piece of cloth.

Step 7

Another effective method of removing paint from the wood floor is to use alcohol pads. Press the alcohol pads on the paint and clean the paint with a rag as the last step.

Check these methods of cleaning paint from wood floor without sanding.



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