How to Remove Paint from Hardwood Floors Without Sanding

Wiping the paint clean as soon as it falls on the hardwood floor is the easiest way to get rid of it. However, you may not be that lucky.

This article will guide you on how to remove paint from hardwood floors without sanding. We know how much you love your hardwood floors.

Fortunately for you, you won’t be needing to refurnish it. The suggestions given below should be enough for you to apply and get beneficiary results.

How to Remove Paint from Hardwood Floors Without Sanding

Step 1: Knowing your paint for a Better Application

Before you get scared of seeing the paints on your floor, you should check to see what sort of paint is the culprit.

To identify it, the can that the paint came with should have a label on it saying which sort of paint is it. If you still can’t identify it try looking it up on the internet.

Step 2: Soap and Water Mixture

If you are not sure what sort of paint is covering your hardwood floor.

Try using scrubbing the paint with soap and water first before taking a harsher approach towards it.

Because using something that might hamper your floor can take a huge toll on your money bag.

Step 3: Dish Soap Scrubbing

If regular soaps do not get the job done. We recommend you using a drop of Dish Soap on a paper towel or damp cloth.

Make sure the liquid gets to every part of the stain. Go back and forth with the rubbing on the stain for a minute or two.

Step 4: Use a Dry Cloth or Rag

The paint stain should be completely wet by now. The stain should be easily wiped off with wiping and scrubbing with a dry cloth or rag.

If the paint is still dry add more soapy water to the stain by using a paper towel or cloth.

Step 5: Mugging the Stains with a Dull Knife

Rake the remaining of the paint stain by using a Dull knife. Peel the stains by applying gentle pressure on the knife and make sure you angle it to your convenience.

If you do not have a dull knife use something stiff like your credit card.

Step 6: Try Removing the Paint with Paint Remover.

If the stain acts like a stubborn teenager that just won’t leave.

We prescribe you to use a paint remover that you can easily get from the nearest hardware or home improvement shop.

Use a cotton ball soaked with paint remover to dab it all over the paint stain, make sure the remover does not touch any other surface apart from the stained surface.

Leave the solvent for 15 minutes on the stain so that it can break off the stain. Use a dry rag or cloth to wipe away the stains.

The suggestions advised above should be sufficient enough for you to get rid of the paint stain.

Always remember rubbing it the right way is the key to a more fruitful result.

As you will go down the article, we will inform you of how to get rid of oil paints, old paints and water paints from your hardwood floor.

how to remove paint from hardwood floors without sanding

How Can I Remove Old Paints from Hardwood Floors?

Getting rid of Old Paints is a different ball game altogether. They are more willful and more difficult to get rid of.

One thing that we suggest is to never lose patience you will not like it if the floor gets harmed during the process.

Denature alcohol is the right agent for this kind of scenario. Dab denatured alcohol, which can be easily obtainable from most building supply store.

Apply the solution on a rag or a cloth.

Denatured alcohol will easily remove the stains without having much of an influence on the wooden floor.

Keep rubbing it tenderly until the stain is completely lifted off from the hardwood floor. Dry the floor completely by using a paper towel.

Make you get rid of the rag; you do not want that lying around in the house as it can affect health and whatnot.

Getting Oil Based Paint Off Hardwood floor

Having spilled an oil-based paint on your hardwood floor can be a real pain to your hands.

They are the toughest cookie to get rid of completely is one of the hardest things to do, mainly due to their heavy consistency.

Instead of using a sharp tool to get rid of oil-based paint, which has a chance to scratch the finish of your hardwood floor, try to make the paint loosen it up by using a hairdryer.

Maximize the heating option that you have in your hairdryer and hold it up above 3 inches from the paint stain for 10 to 20 seconds.

You will see that removing the paint gets easier as they moisten up. Avoid using a more powerful source of heating for example; A heating machine.

As they might jeopardize with the finish of your floor which may ruin it instead of helping it to get rid of the paint stains.

Ways to Remove Water Based Paint from Wood

If you are in luck and the paint did not get onto an undesired wood surface you can get rid of it by just using common household materials.

Get yourself a scraper or a butter knife and gently scrape away those paint stains. Make a solution by using ¼ cup of Lemon juice and ¾ cup rubbing alcohol.

Pour the mixture in a cloth and rub it on the stain. It will moisturize the stain.

Use a toothbrush to wipe away the paint stain until it gets completely removed.

Dab the area with a soft and dry cloth so that the floor does not get too wet during the whole process.

The suggestions stated above should help you with everything in terms of how to get rid off paint from a hardwood floor.

You can always bring in a professional if you do not want to get into the mess yourself.

However, a previously messy floor cleaned by your own two hands can be more satisfying then you can think.

Make sure you share this article with your friends and family who have a paint-stained hardwood floor.

Make sure to let us know if you have any suggestions on the comment section.


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