How to Remove Paint from Ceiling

Paint makes the house look more beautiful and also makes the house look like new. It is a common practice around the world to color houses with paints to get a new look.

Coloring the house with paints is a cheap and effective process. You can also paint your house by yourself to minimize the cost.

But while painting the house, you may get the colors on the ceiling. And removing them can be a difficult job.

That is why it is important to know how to remove paint from ceiling without damaging the ceilings and spending the least amount of money on them.

how to remove paint from ceiling

Removing the paints from the ceiling can be done easily with a damp cloth. You can easily wipe off the paints until it is wet.

If you wipe off the colors while being wet can help you to remove it easily.

But if you do not get the chance to remove the paints while being wet, then it means you need to go through another process to remove them.

Removing them may be difficult, but if you follow the accurate process, then you will be able to remove it with less hassle.

Check out the below section to find out the step by step process to attain your goal.

How to Remove Paint from Ceiling: 5 Steps to Scrape Them Off

Before you start with the process of removing the paints from the ceiling, make sure that you look for the type of color you were using for painting your walls.

And see if it is still wet or not. If the color is still wet, then you can remove it easily and do not need to go with the further process.

But dried off paints will require to have to follow the below instructions. So make sure to identify the state of the colors at first to minimize the hassle.

Step 1: Open windows and take safety measures

You need to get color removers to remove the paints from the ceiling. The removers create odd smells and fumes.

And opening the can of the remover will fill up the space that is congested. So you need to open up windows first to avoid any unhealthy environment in the space.

The unhealthy air can cause you to have dizziness, headache, or any type of discomfort.

Make sure that you wear enough safety measures before opening the can. That will ensure you to have a safe disclosure of the chemical.

Wear the safety goggles and gloves to protect yourself from the chemical.

Step 2: Apply a few drops of remover to remove the paints from the ceiling

Now you will be needing to have paint removers to remove the paints from the ceiling. You can buy the paint removers from your nearby stores.

Next, as you have bought the paint remover from the stores, now you need to add a few drops of the paint remover to a cloth and rub the painted ceiling using it.

Continue to do the rubbing until all the colors come off the ceiling. The cleaning of the paints will require to have multiple strokes.

This step will mostly make the paint come off. But if the colors still do not get off, then you can try up the remaining steps to remove the paint.

Step 3: Apply paint stripper

As you could not get the colors to come off by the previous step, now you need to get yourself a paint stripper.

You can buy the paint stripper from the nearby stores. They can be found in the nearby hardware stores or the super shops.

Buy one from the stores and use a brush to make a stroke of the stripper on the leftover colors on the ceiling.

Cover the whole place thoroughly and let the chemical sit for around 30 minutes.

Giving time to the chemical to sit will allow you to make the paints soft, and it will be easy for you to clean off.

Step 4: Scrape off the paint from the ceiling

After making the colors soft, now you need to take a putty knife to scrape off the paints from the ceiling.

Get one of the knife from the nearby stores and get started with the scrapping of the colors. The color stripper will make the colors scrape off easily.

The chemical will make the color to get a sticky texture. The texture can be molded and scraped easily, using the putty knife.

You can also use the kitchen knife to remove the colors. Just make sure to be careful while using the kitchen knife to scrape off the colors.

Wearing gloves is a must while doing this step with a kitchen knife.

Step 5: Repeat the two previous steps to clean off the colors properly

Lastly, as you have made the colors to scrape off at the first attempt, you need to continue the process for a few more steps.

Scrape off all the paints from the ceiling and clean the walls. You can use a solution of water and trisodium phosphate.

Add 1 tablespoon full of trisodium phosphate with 1 gallon of water. Mix them well and use a sponge to clean the colored area with the solution.

Do not rub the area hard with the solution. Rubbing will strip off the plaster of the ceiling.

So do the sponging until the color removes and stop right away when you find the area cleaned properly.

These steps will help you to remove the paints from the ceiling very easily. But you need to make sure that you do follow the steps properly.

Otherwise, you will end up having discolored ceilings or ruined walls.

As you take a good care of the wall and the ceilings of your house, you can make your house look fabulous in no time.

Make your home look fabulous with new colors painted on the walls and amaze the neighbors with the new look of your house.

So, do not wait for the carpenter to paint your home, rather paint it yourself to create unique patterns on the wall and make the home look more beautiful.


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