How to Remove Paint from Baseboards – 2 Super Easy Methods

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When you’re looking for how to remove paint from baseboards, the dried paint will be harder than removing paint that is less than 3 days old.

Renovation time calls for paint splatters on baseboards. On the other hand, older homes tend to have peeling baseboard paint and splatters from various home improvement projects.

One of your options is using a paint eater to get paint off baseboards. Read on to find out the different methods that you can use to remove the paint and get a clean look for your baseboards again.

How to Remove Paint from Baseboards 3 easy methods

How to Remove Paint from Baseboards with a Paint Stripper

Step 1: Get a Paint Stripper

Use a good quality paint stripper that is made for trim surfaces. It will help you get rid of old layers of paint.

Step 2: Wear goggles and solvent resistant gloves

Before starting the process, you must prepare yourself. Put on some old clothes because the material can get on your body.

Then wear safety goggles so to protect your eyes. Collect all the tools you will need for this and prepare the work area.

Open the windows for good ventilation of the room you will be working in.

If it doesn’t have windows, turn on the ventilation fan.

Keep kids and pets away from the room you are working in.

Step 3: Prep the area

Use painter’s tape to mask around the baseboards and the areas you will be stripping the paint.

Use drop cloths to protect nearby floors and furniture.

Step 4: Apply paint stripper with a brush

First, do a test area.

Then, take a bristle paintbrush and apply the paint stripper on the baseboards.

After you’re done applying it, you can wait between 3-24 hours for the paint stripper to get to work. The formula is made to remain wet.

The time varies because of the number of layers of paint and the type of paint being removed.

Step 5: Remove the softened paint

Then you will need to remove the softened paint. You can use a scraper or a pressure washer.

Use the heat gun at a 45-degree angle.

Be careful to not push the scraper too hard on the baseboard, as it could create small holes in the baseboard.

Removing Paint from Baseboards with a Paint Eater

Another way to get paint off baseboards is by using a paint eater.

This tool works on wood trim to remove paint and prep the surface in just one step.

Removing Paint from Baseboards with a Heat Gun

Step 1: Prep and safety

You can use a scraper and a heat gun.

For small splatters, you can use a hairdryer instead of a heat gun.

Wear goggles and gloves for your safety.

Don’t let kids and pets in the area where you are working.

Step 2: Hold the heat over the baseboard.

Hold the heat gun 1-3 inches towards the baseboard at a 4. 5-degree angle.

Then switch on the heat gun.

Step 3: Scrape while the paint has softened

The heat gun will soften the paint quickly for easy stripping.

With a scraper, scrape the softened paint off.

It will also work to easily remove any sticky adhesives, old varnishes, and wallpaper from baseboards.

Note: You should always have a home fire extinguisher in the house for safety purposes. One is recommended for each level of the home, in the kitchen, and by other flame sources.

Tips to clean baseboards

How to Remove Latex Paint from Baseboards with a Paint Remover

A latex paint remover will help you get rid of the paint splatters easily.

It won’t harm the paint on the baseboard molding or its solid surface if used in 1-minute intervals.

Step 1: Mask

Use painter’s tape to mask out any areas you do not want to spray to get on.

Step 2: Spray

Spray the paint remover onto the surface and wait 1 minute.

If any of the spray gets on areas you do not, wipe it clean immediately.

Step 3: Wipe

Wipe off the spray with a damp, clean microfiber cloth.

You may have to gently rub to see the paint splatter come off.

If the splatter is old, spray it again and wait 1 minute. Then wipe again, and should come off.

Waiting longer can remove the stain from the baseboard trim.

However, you can refinish or rejuvenate the wood once you’re done with cleaning the paint stains.


You can easily remove paint from baseboards with the removal methods in this article.

You can choose to apply a fresh coat of paint on it if you’ve got painted baseboards. Before you can do that, you’ll have to remove the layer of the gloss coat of the old paint.

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