How to Remove Paint from Baseboards – 2 Super Easy Methods

It is very common to spread paint on your baseboard accidentally while painting walls. You can use some easy methods in case of small platters of painting.

But removing old paint will be harder. We are here to help you to show you how to remove paint from baseboards.

Walls that are framed by baseboards should look flawless. Because our eyes first catch the baseboard as it gives an extra dimension to the walls.

Even a small quantity of paint looks bad on these baseboards. If you are an owner of an old house, there might be small platters of painting in the baseboards.

You might want to apply a fresh coat of paint on it. But before doing that you must strip the older paint. You might wonder how to do it. Is it a difficult task?

If you know the correct way of removing paint, some tools will be enough to give a clean look to your baseboards.

You can apply heat and remove the color as well. Here are two step by step guides through which you will be able to get any paint off baseboards.

How to Remove Paint from Baseboards

How to Remove Paint from Baseboards by a Paint Stripper

Step 1: Buy a Paint Stripper

It is the most necessary tool for removing paint from baseboards. Because you can’t remove old colors without using chemical or heat.

These paint strippers are made with chemicals which will help to get rid of the pain quickly.

Step 2: Wear goggles and solvent resistant gloves

Before starting the process, you must prepare yourself. Put on some old clothes, because there will be stain all over your body.

Then wear safety goggles so that you don’t hurt your eyes. Collect all the tools you will need for this and prepare the work area.

Open the windows of the room you will be working on.

If it doesn’t have windows, turn on the fan because paint strippers contain volatile compounds and toxic fumes as well.

Keep your kids and pets away from the room you are working.

Step 3: Drape a drop cloth on the floor and other furniture

You should use a drop cloth before you start. If you can move some light-weighted furniture, it will be better.

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Move the furniture because it will help you to work comfortably.

Step 4: Apply paint stripper on the baseboard

Take a natural bristle paintbrush and apply the stripper gently on the baseboard.

Avoid using plastic paintbrushes because they might melt by reacting to the chemicals of the stripper.

You should always have a clear idea about the paint stripper before applying because there are different types of paint removers available in the market.

You will find some paint strippers which will soften the paint on baseboard within 20 to 30 minutes. They are made of strong chemicals.

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On the other hand, some of the paint removers will take several hours to start working. So, work according to the instruction given on the paint stripper’s manual.

Step 5: Peel away the paint with a scraper

Then you will need a hand scraper to remove the paint. Before jumping on this step, make sure that the mixture of paint stripper has appropriately set.

However, to get the best result, use a stainless-steel hand scraper to peel away the paint. An essential tip here is to pull the tool gently in a 45 degrees angle.

If you push the scraper too hard on the baseboard, it will ruin the quality of it. You will not like it if there are small holes in your baseboard.

So be very careful and be gentle at the same time. The paint might not go away after the first application in case of dried paint.

You won’t need any extra tool to get rid of dried paint from baseboards.

After peeling away the paint, just apply another layer of paint stripper and let it rest for 30 minutes or several hours.

Then again peel away the color from the baseboard in the same way. That is how you will be able to get any dried paint off your baseboard.

Now let’s learn how we can get paint off our baseboards using heat.

Removing Paint from Baseboards with Heat

Step 1: Take safety precautions.

Similar to the previous method, you must wear goggles and hand gloves to save yourself from any kind of accident.

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Don’t let your kids enter the room where you are working. Work carefully with the heat machine.

Step 2: Hold the heat machine over the baseboard.

Before turning on the heat machine, make sure to hold it in the right position. Hold the heat machine at least 6 or 9 inches above the baseboard.

Then you can switch on the heat machine. You can find electric paint remover in the market; you can use them as well.

Many people use a blowtorch to get rid of the paint.

But you should never use a blowtorch if the baseboard is made of wood because there will be a significant risk of catching fire.

So, it is always better to use a heat machine.

Step 3: Gently move the heat machine over the baseboard.

You should gently move the heat machine all over the baseboards where there are strains.

Don’t put too much heat in one area and less heat in another area. If you put too much heat in one particular area, it might burn the baseboard.

Too much heat can cause a fire as well. However, in case of fire, don’t panic. Even if the baseboard catches fire, it will not spread quickly.

You should always keep a bucket of water for emergency use. If a fire occurs, you can use water to stop it.

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It is better to be careful from the start so that you don’t face much hassle.

Step 4: Peel away the paint.

After applying heat, you will notice the paint has started to wrinkle and to make bubbles at different spots.

Immediately take a hand scraper and remove the paint. If you can’t be quick, work with small amounts.

You can also heat the baseboard with one hand and remove the paint with another. If you are not comfortable, then do the steps separately.

It will cause you some extra minutes, but the result will be the same.


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