How to Remove Oil Stains from Clothes – Simple Solution

The oils used in the cooking purpose or any other substance can pose a significant threat to hamper the beauty of the clothes we have.

A simple drop of the oil can take away all the beauty of the clothes and make it look horrible.

And this pushes us to discover how to remove oil stains from clothes or any other fabrics that is loved by us.

how to remove oil stains from clothes

Removing the oils from the clothes can be done very quickly if you make sure that you follow the right instructions.

Following the right instruction can help you to remove the oil and also make the clothes look like new in no time.

Just know about the tricks and follow them properly. In the below section, the step by step process is described to solve your problem.

For this step by step process to work, you need to gather around some ingredients that can help you to remove the oil stains.

Those are baking soda, dishwashing soap, natural oxygen bleach and water. With these four ingredients, you can easily remove the stains in no time.

Now follow the steps to remove the stain.

How to Remove Oil Stains from Clothes

Apply Dishwashing Soap to the Satined Area

At first, apply a coat of dishwashing soap to the stained area of the cloth. Make sure that you place the fabric on a flat surface.

Use a brush to rub the stain with the soap.

Add Baking Soda to The Area

Next, add baking soda to the area. Rub off the stain with the brush. Continue adding the soda until it creates a paste on the area.

Let The Cloth Rest

After you have rubbed the area, now it is turn to let it rest for an hour to soak.

Soak In Bleach, Wash, and Dry

After resting the cloth for an hour, now you need to soak the cloth in oxygen bleach and warm water.

Let it rest and wash off the fabric after a few minutes. Lastly, dry off the cloth to get the desired outcome.

Follow the steps properly to get the best output of the process. You also may need to continue the process for a few times, if the stain in hard or old.


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