How to Remove Lint from Clothes in the Washer

Lint can be quite annoying, especially when you wash your clothes. You might have to spend a lot of time to pick off these fibers.

So, it would be better if you know how to remove lint from clothes in the washer.

Washing clothes will be less annoying if you know the way to easily remove these fibers.

We will show you how to remove lint from clothes while you wash them.

In the case of removing lint from clothes, you must give some extra care to sensitive materials.

For example, the black pant that you wear regularly will be easier to handle compared to your expensive sweater.

In the following sections, you will find how to maintain your clothes, how to get rid of lint and save them from looking old and ugly.

3 Steps to Remove Lint from Clothes in the Washer

Steps to Remove Lint from Clothes in the Washer

Step 1: Sort out your clothes based on color and material

Before washing the clothes, it is a crucial step to separate them based on color and material. Always remember to clean different types of clothes separately.

For example, if you wash a towel and a sweater together, the fibers from each will end up clinging. Always wash similar type of fabrics together.

Some fabrics can easily attract lint. Even if they don’t shred lint themselves, lint will stick on those clothes.

A great tip is to wash some clothes inside out which can attract lint. On the other hand, clothes that already produce fiber, wash them normally.

Lint looks the worst in black clothes, so give some extra care while cleaning them.

Step 2: Use vinegar or liquid fabric softener to wash clothes

Suppose you just washed your clothes and dried them. But you see lint all over your clothes. It is a better idea to rewash them.

Don’t use any kind of detergent. Instead of detergent, use vinegar or liquid fabric softener. Add a cup of white vinegar and rinse with water.

If you use a washing machine, pour the liquid softener in the washing machine while the clothes are being washed.

We use vinegar so that the lint can be easily loosened from the clothes. The vinegar or the liquid softener also relaxes the fabrics.

Step 3: Dry the clothes in a dryer and remove lint

Place the clothes in a clothes dryer. Then take a clothes brush and remove the remaining lint from the clothes. You can also use a lint roller if you want.

Different Ways to Remove Lint from Clothes

Scotch Tape

Scotch tape can be a great tool to remove lint from your clothes. You have to fold the tape so that there are two sticky sides of the tape.

One side will be attached to your hand or fingers, and the other side will remove the lint.

It is an excellent method to get rid off lint from the black pant that you wear regularly. Because a small amount of fiber can easily be shown in black clothes.

If you need to remove lint from larger clothes, use other ways.

Dryer Sheet

It is the cheapest and easiest solution to getting rid of lint. You can use either a dry sheet or a damp one as well.

Rub the sheet over your pant or sweater until all the fibers are gone.

Lint Roller

Lint roller has become very popular over the years. You can buy a lint roller from any nearby superstore or drugstore.

You can either buy a small lint roller or a larger one based on your preference.

Before using the roller, place your sweater or pant on a plain surface and roll the lint over your cloth.

You might have to run multiple times to get rid of all the small fibers.

If the amount of lint is massive on your sweater, you can change the paper and take a new sticky paper.

how to remove lint from clothes in the washer

Disposable Razor

This method will give you the best result to get lint off a sweater. At first, place your sweater on a flat surface.

Hold one area and smoothly run the razor over the surface of the sweater. Don’t be too hard as it can damage the material. Be very careful and work with patience.

Anti-static Spray

Anti-static sprays are not only used to prevent sticking clothes with your body.

If you find lint after washing your cloth and don’t have enough time to rewash, you can use this spray.

Spray all over your pant or sweater and remove lint by using a dryer sheet or a lint roller.

These are the methods through which you can get rid of lint. To prevent lint from occurring again, you should wash your clothes less often.

You should change the habit of overwashing clothes which can easily damage the fabric of your cloth as well as help to shred lint.


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