How to Remove Gum from Clothes – 3 Easy Steps to Follow

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Nothing can be more annoying than getting gum in your clothes. Chewing gum sticks stubbornly and often lead to damage to your clothes.

The good news is, there are a few ways of removing gum from clothes easily.

It is important to know how to remove gum from clothes so that you can protect your favorite shirt or dress from getting completely ruined.
how to remove gum from clothes

How to Remove Gum from Clothes

Step 1: Apply Gum Remover

If most of the gum is still stuck, scrape off the excess gum with a butter knife. You can apply an ice cube to harden the gum so that the clump is less sticky and easier to remove.

Working over a sink or laundry table, apply a gum remover made for clothing onto the gum stain.

Step 2: Blot

Use a clean cloth to blot off the gum stain.

For ground-in gum stains, wait 5 minutes and then blot with a clean cloth.

Step 3: Launder

Launder as usual in the washing machine or by hand.

More Ways to Remove Gum from Clothes

Let’s discuss more ways to remove gum from clothes using items you already have around the house.

Method 1

Soak a clean cloth or a cotton ball with cooking oil (vegetable, olive, or any cooking oil you have available).

Gently dab the gum with the oil-soaked cloth or cotton ball. Allow the oil to sit on the gum for a few minutes to loosen it.

You might not be able to remove the whole gum by only applying with a cotton ball. If there are some parts left, use a butter knife or an old toothbrush to scrape the gum.

Or you can use an old pair of scissors which has become dull over time. You can also use a spoon if the garment is made of georgette or silk.

Method 2

The first method is to use liquid detergent on the gum. Cover the area completely and gently rub with a toothbrush.

It will help to break down the gum into pieces and will be removed easily.

Method 3

The next method to remove gum from clothes is ironing the cloth.

You’ll have to follow this technique:

Take a piece of cupboard and place it on a flat surface. Now, place the piece of cloth in such a way that the gum touches the cardboard.

Now, turn on your iron. Gently start ironing the garment over the stained area. After a few strokes, check if the gum has been removed.

The high temperature will make the gum to stick with the cardboard.

If the method is not working, turn the iron to a higher level.

Method 4

If the piece of clothing is delicate, you can try using rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol can work well to remove gum.

Use only enough to saturate the stain.

Take a sponge and pour a few drops. Then rub the area with a clean cloth and use a knife to remove the gum.

Then throw the garment in the washing machine.

These are the methods that help remove gum from your clothes.

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