How to Remove Great Stuff from Skin

Using great stuff or the foam insulation can help you to increase the strength of your house pillars.

They are easy to use and can make the pillar strength twice as strong in a very short period of time.

But while working with the solvent can cause you to get it on your skin. And removing them may seem impossible once it gets cured or dried off.

That is why it becomes a question to many of how to remove great stuff from skin and also without damaging the skin.

how to remove great stuff from skin


Getting the great stuff on your skin is a common issue of working with it. It can be removed very easily until it is wet or uncured.

But when it gets dried off or cured, it can cause you to rip your skin off. This means you can have severe skin injuries if you get great stuff on your skin.

So you need to be very careful about the application process of the great stuff on the area you are working with.

It also becomes important to know about the removal process of the foam insulation from the skin to make your skin stop from ripping off.

Check out the below section to find out the methods of removing both cured and uncured or in other words, wet and dried great stuff from your skin.

Make sure that you do not panic and try to pull off the great stuff from your skin as it may damage your skin and make you start bleeding.

How to Remove Great Stuff from Skin: Methods of Removal

The very important part of choosing the right method to remove the great stuff from your skin is that you need to check if the liquid is still wet or not.

That will define you when to start the work with. So make sure that you determine the state of the insulation first to go with the procedure to work along.

Method 1: Removing uncured great stuff from skin

Having uncured great stuff means to have wet foam insulation stuck to your skin. And removing them as soon as you find them is important to ensure your skin safety.

Removing them can also incorporate some steps to be followed. There can be three steps to follow.

Make sure that you read the below to find out those to remove the foam insulation at the right time.

First, you need to wipe off the area that you have the foam insulation on with a paper towel. And make sure to wipe off properly as it is still wet.

After that, you need to make the area cleaned using acetone and a cotton ball.

You can use raw acetone to work with or use the nail polish remover that comes along with acetone.

Rub off the area using the acetone and cotton ball. Then wash the area with mild hand-washing soap and warm water.

This will remove the leftover great stuff from your skin. Lastly, apply body lotion to moisturize the place as you have used acetone on it.

The lotion will bring back the softness of the skin and will add moisture to it.

Method 2: Removing cured great stuff from skin

Cured great stuff means of the dried off great stuff on your skin. Dried off great stuff can cause you to harm your skin and also can cause you to bleed.

So, be extra careful about the removal of the cured great stuff from the skin.

This will ensure you to have a safe skin along with the perfect installation of the great stuff on your house spaces.

But make sure that you follow the instructions of removing the cured great stuff properly to avoid any unwanted harm on your skin.

First, you need to get a pumice stone to rub off the foam from the skin. You can find those in the nearby stores.

So get one of those and rub as much as possible to get the foam away from your skin. Make sure that you do not rub too harsh, which can harm your skin.

Just gently rub off the infected area to remove the cured great stuff from the skin.

As you have rubbed the area and removed some of the great stuff from your skin, now you need to wash off the hands using mild hand-washing soap and warm water.

This will make the leftover foam to be soft. Which will make the removal easy in the further process.

Then get yourself a jar of petroleum jelly and apply that on the affected area. Make sure to apply a large number to make the skin smooth and soft.

Now, as you have applied enough amount of petroleum jelly on the skin, you need to cover the area with plastic wrap or plastic bag.

Leave the bag or wrap placed on for an hour or more. Give enough time to get the foam soft and become loose from the skin.

Then wash off the area with warm soapy water. Dip your skin in the warm soapy water for a while to get the foam to lose from the skin.

This will make the process more bearable on the skin. Wipe off the area with clean water and a towel.

If you see that there are some foam left on the skin, then repeat the petroleum jelly application on the skin and wrap it using a plastic wrap.

Leave for another two hours and wash off the skin using warm soapy water. Continue to repeat the process until all the foam gets removed off your skin.

These processes can help you to remove the great stuff from your skin easily. But for the removal process of the cured ones, you need to be very careful.

Using too hot water or rubbing the area hard can rip off your skin. But avoiding the situation is the best way out.

So wear gloves and other safety measures while you work with foam insulation great stuff to avoid such a scenario.

This will minimize the threat to your skin, along with making your valuable time used perfectly.


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